Monday, October 20, 2014


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I Like The Cut Of This Guy's Jib...

Seeing Red and Freckles and Boots.... not much else....

submitted by reader Russ.

Can Anyone Offer Blog Help For The Malware Hits...

It seems like some readers are getting a Malware hit from The Feral Irishman with Avast.

I am running Avast, have just updated the program and definitions and I don't get any warnings?

Last night I ran a few scans from online sources including google and the site shows up clean.

Can any of the computer gurus out there let me know how to track where it's coming from?

Avast shows a Malware hit.

I deleted the  note for the malware info from Avast.

Meanwhile, in Venice

 Because there are no mosques in Venice, The Italian Government has allowed Muslims to pray in the streets.

So far 543 have drowned.

Yup... It's Monday ...

...after a week off.