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OMG E!!eventy!! He Liked Twitter Comments...





 It's too bad he didn't have the conviction to stand up to this. So he "liked" some tweets that

are considered wrong think. It seems the dem goonsquad had the goods on him.

This is how "they" stay in power.



Guanci drops out of mayor's race after Twitter revelations


BEVERLY — Mayoral candidate Paul Guanci said Tuesday that he is dropping out of the race after revelations surfaced that he liked derogatory Twitter comments regarding race, gender, immigration and election denial.

Guanci deleted his Twitter account before he announced his candidacy last week, but screenshots of the account were provided to The Salem News. In an interview on Tuesday morning, Guanci said he was “embarrassed and truly sorry for liking or commenting on immature, insensitive and inappropriate comments.” Later in the day he called a reporter to say he was withdrawing from the mayor’s race.

“It would be irresponsible of me to even consider running for mayor now,” Guanci said.

He acknowledged liking at least three of the tweets that were provided to The Salem News. One showed a “Vets Before Illegals” sign with the comment, “If you’re a lazy bum, and you prefer stealing other people’s money rather than working for your own, then you’ll be right at home in the democrat party.”

Another said, “81 million votes, my ass!,” in reference to President Joe Biden’s winning total in the 2020 election, to which Guanci commented, “Agreed. Not even close.” The third comment that Guanci acknowledged liking was by a Twitter account called American Soldier for Christ and referenced “unelected Nazi psycho Klaus Schwab,” who is chairman of the World Economic Forum. The tweet said “It’s time for Patriots to roll hard on this fool.”

The shared screenshots also showed Guanci liking several other comments, although he said he does not remember liking those tweets and suggested it may have been done by someone who hacked into his Twitter account. One of those comments said, “You want to be a transgender, so be it ... Stay the (expletive) away from my kids.”

Another alleged that money was missing from a charity associated with Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, who is Black, and said, “check those POPEYES CHICKEN receipts ...”. The screenshots also show that Guanci liked tweets that called Biden a pedophile and blamed the Jan. 6 attacks on former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and the FBI.

Guanci, 58, announced last week that he would run for mayor against incumbent Mayor Mike Cahill. Guanci served for 20 years on the City Council, including 16 as council president, before deciding not to run for reelection in 2021.

Guanci said he deleted his Twitter account, @PaulGuanci, when he decided to enter the mayor’s race. All of the tweets provided to The Salem News were posted in January, February and March of this year.

In an interview with The Salem News, Guanci said he got “caught up” in world and national political issues after he stepped down from the City Council and expressed his frustration and anxiety through the “sometimes toxic world of Twitter.”

“It really changed my whole mindset,” he said. “I’m not that person.”

Guanci, who owns Super Sub on Cabot Street, said he became upset that national politics was affecting his business, his employees and his family.

“I can’t apologize for my politics and religious beliefs and being upset about the way things have been in the country the past few years,” he said.

Guanci said the divisive tweets that he liked go against the nonpartisan, cooperative style that he emphasized in his years running City Council meetings. He was first elected to the council in 1999 and was the leading vote-getter among councilor-at-large candidates in eight elections, which automatically made him council president for those two-year terms.

“I hope that I can be judged on my 20 years of serving the residents of Beverly on the City Council and the 40 years I have served the Beverly business community,” he said. “My charitable and volunteer philanthropy and commitment to the city has kept me going all these years. I understand there is some unrepairable damage done, but hopefully I will be judged on my past and future merits.”

 Reported by Paul Leghton

Regarding Bud Light and Current Events....












Raise Your Hand If You Have Marburg For May On Your "WTF is Next" Bingo Card


 I listened to the audio book "The Hot Zone" a non fiction account of the origins of Ebola and Marburg

and other hemorrhagic diseases and an outbreak at a lab in Virginia back in 1989.

 If you haven't read or listened to it I recommend it.

Which leads to this news story.



For the first time, the world is seeing two simultaneous outbreaks of the Marburg virus – one in Equatorial Guinea, the other in Tanzania. The Marburg virus is just as deadly as Ebola, to which it is closely related, but it has been extremely rare until now.

The situation with the Marburg virus entered uncharted territory on March 21, when Tanzania announced an outbreak of the disease in addition to the one in Equatorial Guinea, on the other side of the African continent.

Five people have died out of eight confirmed cases as of April 6, according to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), which issued a health alert warning that doctors in the US should “be aware of the potential for imported cases”, even if the risk of the disease reaching the US is low.

The situation in Equatorial Guinea currently seems the most worrying. The World Health Organisation (WHO) issued an alert on February 25 after the discovery of several suspected deaths from Marburg in two villages in the north of the country in early January.

Since the first cases appeared, there have been 15 confirmed cases of Marburg in Equatorial Guinea. According to a report by the country’s health ministry, eleven of those patients died just days after symptoms of the disease appeared – vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea and high fever.



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Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Namaste...











Meanwhile, In An Ivory Suburb, An Indoctrinated Indoctrinator Proudly Wears Her Stupidity....



 A Friend of Irish's was behind enemy lines in a Starbucks ( yes, I gave him shit ) located in

Massachusetts Town.

He had the pleasure of listening to a libtard.


Said town is South of Bawston with these demographics:

Estimated median household income in 2019: $120,000

Estimated median house or condo value in 2019: $580,000

This "teacher" was talking loud enough that FOI knew her occupation and she was bitching about the kids

and couldn't wait to go on vacation. What caught his eye was T-shirt.

I bet if any of that list ACTUALLY happened, she would Martha's Vineyard the new incumbents or

try to self extricate.......

You can unpack the rest for yourself :)

"Lion" It's What's For Lunch....









Meanwhile in CT, Guy looks like a contractor and never grabbed a weapon, went into battle unprepared..



Four people assaulted a man in his driveway in Rocky Hill during an attempted robbery Monday evening and police are trying to identify them. Police believe it happened when they were trying to steal the resident's vehicle.

Police received a 911 call from the home on Valley View Drive just after 7 p.m. Monday and were told that someone was trying to steal the car and the homeowner approached him, police said.

The video police released shows the homeowner approach the person who opened the car door a struggle between the two.


LINK to Ring Cam video







TFIF!! Alright, which one of you ordered this on EBAY>?



 Big Country?


  HERE <<<   

Inquiring minds want to know.

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On Tonight's Episode Of FAFO... It all makes sense now...

"This brand has been in decline" she say. So she wants to attract new drinkers... and FAFO.





 Here's the video if the link goes bye-bye





Has Anyone Been Down The Rabbit Hole Of The Restrict Act aka Patriot ACT 2.0?









Easter Smonday...







Enjoy Your Easter Celebration .. updated ..






 Don't drink the tranny fluid....

 and, for those that wear the tinfoil hat randomly, check out this RESUME.


Link doesn’t work    Search theses words, 

Foxbusiness  CEO  Anheuser Busch whitworth  




One Year To Go Until We Are Cast Into Darkness... least for 3 1/2 minutes if we can make it through the next year.



The eclipse on April 8, 2024, will be New Hampshire’s first total solar eclipse since 1959.


The totality path will cross northern Vermont (including Burlington), southern Canada (including Montreal), northern New Hampshire and a large swath of northern Maine.

New Hampshire communities along the path include Lancaster, Stark, Northumberland, Milan, Dummer, Errol, Dixville Notch and Pittsburg.

Totality will last about 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

The peak in New Hampshire will be about 3:30 p.m. For the rest of the state, the sun will be obscured by 95% or more at the peak.

Who Had Exploding Refrigerators For April?-- updated and updated again..

 No, these are not in a field with tannerite. They are being used in homes.

 Check this out:

"I just thought it was an earthquake, big explosion," said Lenore Satterthwaite after she says her refrigerator exploded. "I was on the computer. I thought it was an earthquake it was so loud and I came in and the doors were on the floor and the holes in the wall."

Satterthwaite has dozens of pictures and videos to show the destruction throughout her home after she says her less-than-a-year-old Frigidaire refrigerator exploded. In the pictures, you can see the outside shell of the appliance is still in its place, with everything inside of it scattered all over her kitchen. The force was so great, it damaged her stove, walls, and furniture.


and here <<

and here <<< 

and a possible Explanation <<<

 From the comments Anon mentions R1234yf refrigerant.  Here is the SDS << 



Made by Dupont Honeywell....  <<<

CHINA: Honeywell has won the latest round in a continuing series of court battles between refrigerant manufacturers over the automotive air conditioning gas R1234yf.

In the latest episode, at the end of last month, the Supreme People’s Court in China upheld the earlier findings of the Beijing IP Court and the China National Intellectual Property Administration that the claims in Honeywell’s application patent (No. 201210530088.9), which cover the use of HFO-1234yf in automotive air conditioning systems, are valid. The court also dismissed Arkema’s challenge to these claims in China.

Extremely flammable

 R600a  is extremely flammable.   

I just looked at the fridge we have in the kitchen and it's using R600a. Irish

This is all just a PSA FYI.  When I saw the news story it caught my attention. That's all.