Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....


   First off... Please make sure your system is up to date and operating properly..

We DON'T want any issues.



 All set??




Go See If They're Out There.....





   Tell' em to grab a beer...   








Thursday, March 11, 2021

Sitting here.....


 Having a cold beer on a thursday night. The week has been a long one and there is still one more day.

 I'm playing my "Airbag" channel on Pandora and rocking in the light of the monitor when 

suddenly... I .... realized...  I will be unsupervised for the next 3 days...




Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Mornin".. The Wee Hours Of....


Scrolling on farcebook marketplace, you do get some good local deals, I happened across this old girl:

MID 1960's Snowbird Snowblower for my southern friends.

I have a childhood memory of one of those. It was the Blizzard of 1969. I was just over 6 years

 old when that storm hit. The car was buried almost up to the roof. We could walk up the drift against

 the shed and jump off the far side. At that time all we had was shovels.  Then my Dad's brother 

showed up with a fairly recent model of that snowbird snowblower.

 It still took forever but it made it easier.

No one lost any limbs either.  Searching around google to see if there was any info on them landed me

at this site linked just below.

  For you old farts that love old equipment. Check out the array of antique snowblowers.

I bet some pets and limbs went missing rather religiously during the winter months.

 Lawyers and OSHA would have a field day.

Vintage snowblowers.   <<<< check out some of those designs.

Those were machines made for men. Not the coffee holder, hand grip warmer, let go of the controls and it shuts off immediately one's of today. Back then those things were like little Killdozers. You put it in gear and off it went. With or without you in tow.

 Here's some ads for Ariens, notice Dad snowblowing in a tie.

 Check out this craftsman version. Looks like someone had a sheet metal shop and they were bored.

Link here <<<<

If you're not done yet, just google vintage snowblowers.  See you around noon. It's a deep rabbit hole.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Skeletons of WW2 Era Nuns Tortured and Killed By Russian Soldiers Recovered: (Another By-Gone Episode Of Communism In Action: Some Fools Never Learn)

 Poland's Institute of National Remembrance previously discovered three of the murdered nuns in Olsztyn.

Read the article HERE.

Below is a comment from the same story I read on FOX News. It puts things in the proper light.

Seeing what was coming, my grandfather fled Poland in the 1930's and came to America. As I read this article, I am weeping as I think of what those who could not flee went thru. 'Tragic' doesn't cover it. But there's perhaps an even more important reminder here. In 1917, the Communists came to power in Russia. Their appeal to the people was based on 1) Resentment of the rich 2) Promises to provide for the needs of the masses, and 3) Elimination of the influence of God/Christianity in society. Sound familiar? It is horrifying to me that Socialism has been embraced by so many in this country. Bernie was almost the Democratic nominee for President, twice. His appeal to the people is IDENTICAL to the 3 positions noted above. Please wake up, America. Socialism always results in oppression, suppression of free thought, poverty, murder, and loss of freedom. All in exchange for empty promises. NOT a good deal!"