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 There are lots of rumors and lots of theories of what may or may not have occurred in Nashville Christmas morning in regards to the explosion in the vicinity of 2nd Avenue and Broadway. I have several ideas, but at this point they are all conjecture. I know parts of my county (app. 160 miles due south of Nashville) are still without AT&T cellular service. I saw this piece over at The Intrepid Reporter . There were also some pretty good comments. One, contained this link to an Amazon news site   that seems to show some sort of projectile shooting upward from the ground near the AT&T Tower and a second later is the the "big explosion".  I would be interested in reading any thoughts or ideas from our readers here at TFI.

Check out this link too. I found it over at WRSA in a comment. I have no way of knowing if this is authentic, but at this point, anything is possible.


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Friday, December 25, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale....




Trying to get this posted on time..


Beyond this point




Nice Try, Scumbag....











♪ ♫ ♫ A New Ditty, Right Up There With Bing Crosby and Burl Ives.. ♫♫




 sent in by Rich




Merry Christmas To One And All...


 On this day, December 25th in 2020, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!

and a heartfelt thank you!  Whether you lurk, and or comment, email or forward submissions, 

We appreciate you stopping by this corner of the web and enjoying the daily offerings. 

 It's nice to know that there so many like minded people spread across this great country and also 

across the globe.

 Let's Hope we will see the dark clouds of this past year be pushed aside as we move onward to 2021.



Thursday, December 24, 2020

Comparing Christmas At The Whitehouse...




 Sent in by reader Paul.






Merry Christmas From The Heart of Dixie!


She Pleads Her Case Well, With Facts....




 H/t to reader AV, thanks!!!





'Twas the night before Christmas.... a retelling...


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land

not much was happening, what was next planned?

The stockings were placed haphazardly, despair

Hoping St Nicholas would PLEASE bring us cheer

The children still masked, lay in their bed

while visions of freedom danced in their head

Mama had her vodka and I a night cap

Couldn't settle our brains we had already napped

Suddenly outside there arose such a clatter

I racked a shell and went to check on the matter

As I crept to the window, no, not in a flash

I moved the curtains and peeked past the sash

The moon on the piles of dirty plowed snow

enhanced the dystopian look we all know

My eyes fixed and widened with joy not fear

There was Santa, his sleigh and of course eight reindeer

The decked out driver was lively and quick

With his guns and his ammo holy shit St Nick?!?

He whistled and shouted and called out some names

F**k Clinton, F**k Cuomo, F**k Pelosi, F**k Schiff

F**k Harris and Biden and all the lefty shits!

Now lock away, lock away, lock away all!”



I rubbed my eyes and refocused my stare

The perps, In a cell, they were all right there

Santa's eyes twinkled the reindeer stood tight

Oh my God I thought, what an amazing sight

He continued out loud, listing tricks used to suppress,

No more masks, No more lockdowns, you will have redress!”

Quarantine ends,all the shops will now open!”

No more stolen elections, Santa has spoken!”

Shocked at the vision, I had to kneel on the floor

When suddenly there was a loud knock at the door

There he stood in his tac from his hat to his boots

I exclaimed kiddingly “Santa!, please don't shoot!”

His eyes they twinkled and his smile was merry

He said “Please fill my flask?”, “The missus only had sherry”

Of course he came in and I was shaking his hand

Then I grabbed the whiskey and heard the plan

He was gathering the criminals this Holy Eve

they were going to Gitmo,never to leave.

As fast as it started it ended right there

He was gone in an instant I know not where.

The Sun, in the morning , broke over cloud banks

and streamed through my window, I muttered “thanks”.

I cracked my eyes and thought  "was it all in my head?"

"That's it no more fruitcake and whiskey then bed."

I slogged to the bath, fed and petted the cat

for an instant it seemed like he smiled at that

Making some coffee, I turned to the tree

There was a large box of ammo sitting right there for me

The note said “Thanks for the whiskey, hang tight”

Good things are happening just out of sight”

I again rubbed my eyes, "there's no way this can be real"

Grabbing my coffee I let out an elated schoolgirl squeal

At the computer I wondered "What would the news reveal?"

Sure as shit, everything, all of it, was real

The world was abuzz with breaking headlines

Arrests were ongoing in these “Hopeful of Times”.

The future's uncertain, for eons It's been

We can only have hope that the right side will win

Regardless the outcome, as time marches us there

For now I can wish you:


 "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!"


Some of Santa's helpers to warm up the day

 Pictures of Miss Korina Bliss getting hot for santa

Pictures of Your Caitlynn celebrating a very naughty Christmas

Pictures of teen star Tegan Brady giving you the best xmas gift ever

RIP Leslie West...

  I remember hearing Nantucket Sleighride way back in the day and it has always been one of my favorite 

"Mountain" songs to have on a greatest hits list.


"Mississippi Queen, Do You Know What I Mean"? Mountain Guitarist Leslie West Passes at age 75


                                                                                VH1 Rock & Roll Seder

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Movies That Have Been Suggested For The Long Holiday Weekend...



  Has anyone seen Fatman or Songbird?




Nothing Is What It Seems. Smoke And Mirrors To Fuck Over The Consumer. Irish is Pissed. Here's My Rant.....


 Stay with it if you like.  

You really can't trust any motherfuckers out there any more. This just adds to the list from politicians all the way down to the bastards that screw you everyday.



Reader, commenter and submitter Nemo sent an email checking on us and wishing yours truly, and the boss, a Merry Christmas.  I responded in kind and said I was going to make a Prime Rib for the Christmas meal. I purchased a good name beef that I trusted as far as the information I have gotten in the past.

Many times I have had the Delmonico steaks from a "farm" called Cedar River. I love to cook them on the grill, just under medium rare, with only a little salt and pepper. They are delicious.  Friends have always raved about how good they are.They are advertised thus:

Doesn't that look mouthwatering?? You would pay extra for some really tasty Natural Beef from an idyllic farm named "Cedar River" correct?

One of the local restaurants has the sirloin and lists it as "Cedar" for a wee more than a small pot of gold.

Step by Step, Inch by Inch....*



 We leave 2020....




* unrelated other than the title. Enjoy a smile from days gone by...

This is getting ridiculous...










Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Helpful Winter Tips For Your Liberal Friends.... Please Pass Them On...



  I know most of them wouldn't understand how to perform most of these types of duties, so as caring Conservatives, you can offer a helping hand and do them for them.  They can sip their soy mochaccino lattes and watch.







Stardate.. 12/22/2020wtf... Irish's log..


 *Wets finger*, scrolls down to last Covid post to check date. 

Last post regarding the kung flu was on Saturday 12/19/2020wtf.

We left off with a positive diagnosis in the household with minimal symptoms. 

Sunday was spent doing chores around the house. The boss feels fine, I still had a cough but nothing

earth shattering. Non productive, dry.

 Slightly noticeable chest irritation. Nothing more that what would 

be considered a couple day cold.  Sunday afternoon I get an email from another employee who tested 

positive over the weekend.  fuuuuuck.

I called them and they sounded like crap, felt like crap, and had labored breathing but not concerned 

enough for a hospital visit.  According to our protocols we have to do contact tracing and advise other 

employees if we determine they are in the Close Contact (1) category.

During last week we had 13 people working from home. Monday we were closed and Thursday was 

the blizzard so limited staffing.

 The positive case was only there on Friday and started feeling "crappy" after lunch.

Due to the previous cases everyone returning on Tuesday (12/15)  were again reminded, firmly, to 

maintain 6 feet and mask at all times. 

This would keep us outside close contact criteria of "15 minutes cumulative in 24 hours under six feet".

Think about trying to maintain that in a manufacturing environment.  We have done the best we can 

but regardless of policy that ain't happening, I don't care who you are. We are told to write disciplinary 

actions to those that don't follow along. That would be everyone at one time or another each day.

 Okay, back to Sunday and case number 4. Myself and EHS manager have a conference call with 

employee and there are two possible close contacts (1) that "could" fit into the criteria.

"Possible".  To err on the side of caution we advise them to stay home and monitor.

EHS and myself discuss the fact that Monday morning, yesterday, will be a shit show at the start. 

It ended up being a bit rocky but not too bad once the rumors were kyboshed.

Everyone thinks they are a close contact when it comes to this.

They are also pissed because #hipaa. Information cannot be divulged unless of course you go to 

facebook where everyone already knows before management does.

 Sunday night I crash and again sleep through the night. Since there is a household case I take my temp

a couple times and monitor my symptoms. Nothing other than he random cough and feeling like I'm in 

my late 50's. Oh ya, I am.

  Yesterday , Monday, I'm up drinking my coffee texting with some of the crew when I think , fuck it,

 what if the boss had a false positive and all this is for naught?

 Neither of us have anything other than a cough (that is dimishing) and if we are negative then

we can enjoy Christmas like we planned.

 It's early I can run down street ( I took my truck since I ain't runnin' no where) and get in line at the 

local testing hole.

They open at 8:00am, first come, first serve. At 7:25am the line is 16 deep. Everyone is planning 

on hopefully having some semblance of a real Christmas like so many years ago in 2019.

I finally get in to register, and am told it will be about an hour and a half.

 Wait in your car.

 BTDT no problem.

Driving around the block, I grab a Dunkin's coffee and finish filing out info on the phone app.

Forty five mins later and way earlier than expected I get a text to go in. Shit, they are pumping them 


I sit in the waiting room for about five to ten minutes and get called.

"How do you feel?, what symptoms?"  etc.

Me: " Household contact, cough, non productive, kinda lethargic. Tested negative last week just wanted 

to make sure all is good and it's only a cold"

PA opens buffet menu, you can have the rapid and the PCR test. 

Me, at buffet, "I'll have both".

PA leaves, comes back with two kits.

"We do the rapid and while you wait I'll do the PCR."


*swabs nostrils*

"I'll be right back to do the other test"

tick tock

Less than five minutes goes buy. I'm still rubbing my watering eyes.

Door opens, "Uh we aren't gonna worry about the PCR test, the rapid is positive" steps back two feet.



Me " Are you positive?" kinda surprised because I have nothing more than a cough and I was hoping it 

would be negative so the boss could go get tested again just to see if there was a false positive.

In any other time of my career a hot shower and off to work would be the daily routine with 

current symptoms. I wouldn't think twice about it.

The PA kinda laughs at my "are you positive?" question and replies "Yes"

I thank her for what she does on a daily basis and said "I'm sure it's not easy sometimes"

She says " You have no idea how rude people can be"

I said " I can only imagine"

"The nurse will be in to brand your forehead with a large letter "C" then you can go."  (I made that up)

That was yesterday.

In the afternoon I reported the info to HR and, luckily, I was working from home last week during my 

negative test so now it's another 10-14 days depending on a new test.


Currently, the coffee is hot and tastes good. I feel fine, after what we would consider 6-7 days of


We spent some time  going down the daily list of who when why where what for last week and we have 

no idea of contact.

There were two Dr's visits earlier in the week unrelated to the kung-flu and obvious shopping trips for

food and Christmas.  Who knows? 

I'm working from home the best I can and have five days off starting tomorrow.

Maybe I'll pull out the old Monopoly game so I can practice for a Harris administration.



Close Contact

Someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period* starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.

* Individual exposures added together over a 24-hour period (e.g., three 5-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes). Data are limited, making it difficult to precisely define “close contact;” however, 15 cumulative minutes of exposure at a distance of 6 feet or less can be used as an operational definition for contact investigation. Factors to consider when defining close contact include proximity (closer distance likely increases exposure risk), the duration of exposure (longer exposure time likely increases exposure risk), whether the infected individual has symptoms (the period around onset of symptoms is associated with the highest levels of viral shedding), if the infected person was likely to generate respiratory aerosols (e.g., was coughing, singing, shouting), and other environmental factors (crowding, adequacy of ventilation, whether exposure was indoors or outdoors). Because the general public has not received training on proper selection and use of respiratory PPE, such as an N95, the determination of close contact should generally be made irrespective of whether the contact was wearing respiratory PPE.  At this time, differential determination of close contact for those using fabric face coverings is not recommended.











Sunday, December 20, 2020

Holy Shith... This is a new record by far...


First off,

All is well so far with the "cov-19". Thank you to those that left comments on the earlier post. 



 Regarding the stats,

I don't know who linked it where but FFF has over 45,000 hits.  Damn.





Thanks to everyone who took the time to post. It was good to learn what others are facing in various parts of the country. The bottom line is "keep your powder dry" and hang on to your ammo until you REALLY need it! Guns and Ammo: What are inventories like in your AO?

 I was in Rural King in Muscle Shoals, AL this past Thursday for a few items and thought I'd check out the gun department. There were four AR rifles (2 in .22 caliber and 2 in .223/5.56). I saw four .22 revolvers (2 Ruger Wranglers and 2 Heritage Arms ( 1 was the "Annie Oakley" edition and the other had a 16" barrel). I saw four other revolvers that were of that funky new style of double action.  They looked to be .38 Special. I didn't see any automatic pistols (might have had some, but I didn't see them). I didn't see any shotguns. I was looking around and the guy behind the counter asked if he could help me and I asked where the rifle and pistol ammo was located. He chuckled and replied that he did not have any pistol or rifle ammo. The only thing he had was shotgun shells. I wasn't shocked. This has been the norm for a few months before the election here in north Alabama. He did say that he occasionally receives a shipment of various calibers, but it is gone before he can put the price tags on it.  Basically, this is par for the course at any gun show around here. My son told me he had seen 4- one thousand round cases  of 9mm sell in a gun store in Hartselle for $770 per case a couple of weeks ago.  I also know a guy who had 3-1,000 round cases of .223/5.56 who turned down $2,500.00 for ONE case last week. I know that sounds crazy, but that is where we are.

Coronavirus: Gun sales are surging across U.S. - Los Angeles Times

Gun Shop Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

    It all boils down to the fact that what one has currently is probably all they will have for quite some time. I have heard from a reliable source that Federal and CCI ceased production as of December the 1st as a congratulatory election measure to Kabama Harris. Also, larger calibers (7mm Mag., .30-.06, 270, .243, .30-.30 etc.) will be tougher to find. There isn't any volume to be made/sold. If one is fortunate to come across any ammo at a decent price, I'd advise buying it.