Saturday, April 9, 2022

Always Try To Have Situational Awareness...


 Commuting everyday on the roadways becomes routine. The same old traffic, scenery, idiots.

You never know when shit is gonna go sideways. 

Yesterday , 11:00am on a Friday morning, this is the least of what you would be expecting

to happen...




A woman drove north in the southbound lanes of the Everett Turnpike on Friday in Nashua, leading to a serious, multi-vehicle crash, police said.

The woman, 83, of Merrimack, was taken to a hospital with serious injuries after the crash, which occurred just before 11 a.m. near Exit 4, police said.

Police said the woman was driving a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu when she collided head-on with a 2010 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

After the collision, one of the vehicles struck a Jeep Wrangler, forcing it to roll over off the highway, police said. According to investigators, two other sedans received more minor but disabling damage in the crash.

The woman was seriously hurt, while drivers of three of the other vehicles were transported to an out-of-state hospital for various injuries, police said.

The crash sparked the closure of three lanes on the highway for about three hours and led to significant traffic backups. By the evening commute, traffic was flowing again.


News story here<<

It looks like the driver of the Tacoma may have tried to avoid the crash but too late. The driver and or

passengers it that jeep are damn lucky to be alive.  One minute minding your own business then

life changes.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...... Better Late Than Never!


  Tonight's post brought to you by 

100 Seconds to Midnight



 First up, we can wish "Mrs. Robinson" a Happy Birthday.



and secondly, we have a photo sent in by "Ms. BW"


 For Mrs. Robinson's picture,

Multiply the number of chocolate frosted donuts X the number of whiskey glasses with 

the flag bottle.

Now add to that the number of racoons.

Now add the number of M&M Brownies....  


For Ms BW's picture, 


Add the number of the yellow locomotive to the hour of "breaking news"

then add the number of letters on the tuba.

Now, subtract 1


Make sure when you count the Black Lager Beer is picture number 1

Below the fold starts with picture number 3 


Update... there are some clues in the comments to help with the riddles.


Memes, We've Got Memes!!! ....






 Cleaning up some memes from the inbox.....

Share them as you see fit.


TFIF!! A Confession... I had some insider information regarding....


....The fortune cookie from last night.

Tonight being FFFF,

 not only do we have a Brand NEW submission for the audience, we also have another

 submission from Mrs. Robinson, who is celebrating her Birthday this month.

Enjoy the day... the Magic 8 Ball predicts....





Thursday, April 7, 2022

Oh Look, A Fortune.....








Did Any Of You Here In New England Get The Q Anon Post Card? I Did...



 I got this in the mail the other day and trashed it. Then I saw it was a huge mailing:



  Anyway, as noted, there was a QR link to the "True Story".  After I saw the news reporting

the volume of postcards sent out, I had to go see if I could find the "manifesto".

I was certain that someone one had posted it. After some time on reddit this was linked in a 

comment on a thread about the mailing.

Spoiler, I perused it and it's out there...  YMMV


Stay safe out there. Keep your tinfoil clean and ready.

Random "Back In Time" "Crack That Tank" 1943 WWII Training and "Metal Forming" 1959


Back a few decades in the time machine....








Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Of Rocks And Walls... From Mud To Gneiss....


 Thanks for the comments and the rabbit hole of local geology.  Blogbuddy Paul emailed these

based on the post from last night.


 An explanation and illustrations from Eric Sloane << (another rabbit warren to explore)

  It's amazing what the settlers did around New England. All by hand and horse and oxen.

I searched various terms of Schists and Gneiss and New England Geology and came across 

some interesting information including this post when I was researching Eric Sloane: 


If you enjoy a stroll through the woods in New England, you will likely find stone walls. A very short moment in each year is the harvest.  Mechanized now, the harvest was once a near-panicked and frantic race for many seasons.  Making hay is even a risky venture with New England weather.  I occasionally bird hunt in up-state New York amongst the cleanly-shorn fields where some of the migratory birds glean the errant grains from the ground. 



This is long list of the various "rocks" around here:

The USGS has a list of all the "Geologic Units" in Rockingham County <<< 

Another site describes in detail how the stone goes from Shale to Gneiss:

Tectonic forces transform dull mud to dazzling schist


Schist is a metamorphic rock, and it started out as a different kind of stone before it became so sparkly and awesome. In fact, schist was boring mud before metamorphic forces got to it. If you compress mud (underneath the weight of the ocean and a whole lot of other mud) you get shale. If shale gets buried deeply, compressed, and heated it will turn into slate, which is denser and harder than shale. If the heating and compression increase, the slate will become phyllite, which is a shiny version of slate. Phyllite has a subtle shine because the original clay minerals in the shale have transformed into small mica minerals. If phyllite remains in the geologic pressure cooker, the mica minerals grow larger until they are glitter-sized. Voila! We have schist.


My interest in exploring the plethora of rocks around here has been enhanced by yesterday's find

and the comments from the readers. Thanks!

One last rabbit warren for today....

Volcanoes of New Hampshire<<<< 




Monday, April 4, 2022

This Made Me LOL...








IS There A Dr. Of Geology In The House? - Updated


 Over the weekend, I dug this rock out of the yard and it caught my eye as to the porosity

and layering in the cross section.  To me I'm thinking maybe sedimentary rock? 

I rinsed it off and scrubbed it to get a better view.  There are glacial rocks and boulders

strewn all over New Hampshire. Back in the day, when the settlers cleared the land, they lined 

the boulders along lot lines or out of the way. There are hundreds and hundreds of rock 

walls running through the countryside. I found this one different only because there

is mostly granite around here. There are at least two ring dike volcanoes in NH as well. 

Just North of here. Some of that rubble may have been ablated and brought down this 

far as well. I 'll have to get more pictures of the other neat rocks that are about the property.



I will say it looks just like this image on the right hand side. It is an image of Gneiss 

AH Yes.. Home From Work...






and, It's Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day...








Sunday, April 3, 2022

Good thing we got rid of those pesky plastic straws.....


From Chemical and Engineering News:

As consumers turn to alternatives to single-use plastic, drinking straws made of plant-based materials like paper are coming into wider use, and many are marketed as biodegradable or even compostable. But an analysis of drinking straws available in the US detected 21 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)—called “forever chemicals” for their extreme resistance to environmental breakdown—in 36 out of 38 brands of plant-based straws tested.

University of Florida toxicologist John Bowden was fascinated by the durability of today’s paper straws compared with older ones that would break down quickly in a drink, and he wanted to know whether the new straws’ water resistance might come from PFAS (Chemosphere 2021, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2021.130238). So he and his colleagues tested them, as well as plant-based straws made of materials including poly(lactic acid), rice flour, and reeds. They extracted PFAS from the straws with methanol and measured PFAS levels in the extracts.


Link <<



 IF you haven't heard of PFAS yet, you will.

There is huge push now for remediation from water supplies and cleaning of where the PFAS

originate. There are also class action lawsuits in the works for those that may have been affected.

Map and info <<<


 Other info regarding PFAS...

 Firefighters <<< 

Firefighting foam<< 

"Forever" Chemicals<< 







 sent in by Grog.


When You Open Your Eyes And See What's In Plain Sight….




  It appears this card came out around 2016 based on an image search.