Friday, April 8, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...... Better Late Than Never!


  Tonight's post brought to you by 

100 Seconds to Midnight



 First up, we can wish "Mrs. Robinson" a Happy Birthday.



and secondly, we have a photo sent in by "Ms. BW"


 For Mrs. Robinson's picture,

Multiply the number of chocolate frosted donuts X the number of whiskey glasses with 

the flag bottle.

Now add to that the number of racoons.

Now add the number of M&M Brownies....  


For Ms BW's picture, 


Add the number of the yellow locomotive to the hour of "breaking news"

then add the number of letters on the tuba.

Now, subtract 1


Make sure when you count the Black Lager Beer is picture number 1

Below the fold starts with picture number 3 


Update... there are some clues in the comments to help with the riddles.






Stay safe and enjoy the weekend. !!

For those that jumped right in, Check your math on Ms BW's picture. I made a slight 

change to the riddle after I fucked up the position.  Sorry , sue me later.



  1. Nice best part of the day on 8, nice looking older lady on 13 (I know we can't see her face, but only an older woman has that kind of class), 54, 85, nice 50s on 56, nice rock collection on 58, nice fleshy on 62, (and curves) 183, nice every 16 year old's dream on (!) 69, nice off balance on 70, nice undercarriage on 73, nice allure on 109, nice belly dancer on 110, nice curtains on 118, nice motion of the ocean on 251

    1. You _counted_ them all? SECURITY!!

    2. Glad you enjoyed. Anonymous, edutcher has a great memory, I think.

  2. Another classic! Love the old pics of the ladies from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. And Lucy Li at #257!

    Thanks Irish!

  3. Yet another outstanding production!
    I literally LOL'd at Granny!
    I dunno where they got that picture but it is the spittin' image of her.

    1. Someone had to nudge me to get it done!! Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs. R you have a very shapely posterior, like a brick you know what, (to not be too vulgar). Mr R is a lucky man. Ms BW nice of you wet that T shirt to show us your assets. Thanks to both of you ladies.

    Irish, I almost had a heart attack when #245 came up. Yeeeooozzzaaa.

    When you did the meme dump earlier I thought maybe this week would have fewer. Foolish me. You saved the really good ones for FFF.

    Another outstanding collage of beautiful pulchritudinous wimmenz. Neither God nor man has made finer art than the naked human female form. We're lucky that a web master indulges us with outstanding examples of them every Friday.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


    1. Nemo, that is Ms BW. Now go find Mrs. Robinson. It's her birthday and she's forever....

  5. 12 - No doubt
    25 - Ron was a lefty? My childhood was a lie. (He's left handed - get it?)
    27 - GenII Bronc
    32 - Nice 74
    35 - I remember Starsky and Hutch, before they were syndicated.
    46 - Ooo. Peek a boo.
    49 - A4 Skyhawk I remember the Blue Angels using them.
    57 - Would ya look at that. Typical oil slick under a Harley.
    58 - Wish that was my favorite trout spot.
    72 - Oh, to be a snake in the grass.
    76 - Morgan
    95 - My POTN
    103 - Ha cha cha chaaaaaa.
    159 - I'm too old to attract cougars. Hot moms on the other hand......
    161 - I will have to say, that was a trippy film. Roger definitely had some serious issues. Great musician, weird dude.
    163 - I do like this view.
    205 - Grilled cheese with sliced tomatoes. Call me a heretic, but Velveeta is a must.
    211 - 78 LTD
    223 - Marsha loks perturbed.
    225 - POTN Alternate
    231 - A song to go along with this one:

    Quite a few bikes tonight. Missing the Goldwing, Boss?

    As for our math problems - a few issues.
    For Mrs R: Do we count all the brownies, or just the ones in the foreground? I made the assumption that just the front four. I did manage to figure it out.
    For MsBW: There was the "Breaking" news of Twitter employees barricading themselves into their offices. That was 14 hours ago. Then you had the SNL skit of Breaking News at 11, but the clock says 3:30PST. While the "3" answer was nice enough for a POTN Alt spot, I don't believe that is her. 14 sure as hell wasn't it, so it has to be the 11. Not just another brick in the wall, either.

    Great way to round out a chest cold Friday.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. I think I'll have you peruse the post before I list it. I didn't catch the twitter time so yes it's the SNL 11:00.

      For the brownies, correct 4. I was trying to make is someone easy but I know you're a glutton for punishment.

      As far as the Goldwing, I miss it but not enough to ride again. re: today's post. To many people around here.

      Be safe Leigh, I concur on POTN. Although there are a few others :)

  6. #8--she should be angry at the stupid. It's "where Tweety and Sylvester were".
    People who didn't make it to junior high shouldn't make memes.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. It was still funny though, correct? Thanks for stopping by Budd.

  7. Long time lurker; rare commenter.
    ~This series is quite possibly your best yet, Lad.

    1. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for lurking on the blog. I appreciate the comment.

  8. I'm not doing the math, excellent selection as usual, Sir. Young can get fucked by a giraffe. FJB and his sycophants.

    1. There's some hints now in the comments. Thanks Grog for being a loyal fan.

  9. Nice Harley’s! Thank you for including them.

  10. Pic 103, Jimmy Durante. My dad said he met him in a KC bar one night in the 60's. He'd played a show and wanted to kick back afterward. Said he was a real nice guy and they even traded buying a round for each other. (My dad bought first) And, yes, his nose was just as big as it looked. Since I was about 1 year old then I just took him at his word.

    1. That's a cool memory for you from your Dad. I'm sure some of the "stars" back in the day actually appreciated their fans.

  11. #71. Lindsey Buckingham along with pre Blimp Stevie Nicks?

    1. one of my favorites, and maybe one of the most under rated albums ever...before nose candy stole her voice

  12. Another great week. Too lazy to do the math for the specified pics. Or maybe the math was racist and I am a victim...

    1. Thank you Bob. Math is racist. Can you believe that someone actually thinks that is a true statement AND can say that, out loud, with a straight face?

  13. Damn, that 78-79 Bronco with the LTD paint job had me mourning the 78.5 in cream and brown that I took my drivers test in... dad took the air pump off and oversized the fuel filler so it could still drink regular that the 351M liked (and you could get everywhere). Only problems I recall: 11mpg uphill and down, fuel tank rusted and got swapped for larger, got vapor locked twice when above 8,000 feet and the damn electric window in the tailgate was a constant hassle. Hauled 8 adults and 6 kids to a Badger football game in the mid 80's - dad sold it for $1000 in 1990.
    Mike the EE.

  14. Happy Birthday Mrs. R and a wish for many to come. Irish as always your dedication to the craft is outstanding!

  15. Morning coffee, and an excellent FFF post.
    Thanks Irish!

  16. Two words: F*ck Yeah!

    Rock out with yer cock out, Irish! You never disappoint. Thank you, brother!

  17. To many to research with things to do today including some college baseball. Was hoping it was 227 but they both will work for me any day of the week in my dreams. That tweety bird one got me as well.

  18. ps That glass in the last one. I need one. Great beer as well.

  19. It looks like Ron was drawing a bead on somebody out the window of the plane. It looked like the blonde approved.

  20. Damn you Irish. It's Saturday morning. I have a hangover. I don't feel like doing maffs.

    But I did it. I found both. Mrs BW has nice fun sacks. I love wet tops on boobies. Mrs. R has nice ASSets.

    Otherwise a magnificent collection, as always. Was also a treat to see the loverly Morgan Fairchild in the mix. She's a good Texas girl.

  21. #20 - If you're going to do it, put the emergency brake on, put the car in reverse, and open a book... I also do this a left-turn lights, the ones that have in-pavement sensors. If the car stopped at the light is over the line and not on the sensor, which some idiots do, I will stop before the sensor and just wait... I won't wait if a car pulls in behind me, but as long as I can I'm going to make those stupid people wait. The longest I've ever been able to keep some dumbass stuck at a light is about 5.5 minutes...

    #71 - Stevie Nicks, a looooong time ago.

    #97 - interesting book...

    #205 - yes, one of each.

    Wow, you saved the best for last!!!


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