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One set of laws for THEE (.gov) and another for me (average Joe)


Certainly, incidents such as Hillary Clinton's recent violations of security protocol whereby she committed multiple felonies and then seeing her getting by with committing these crimes based on the FBI's recommendation to the DOJ of "not to prosecute"  rubs any hard working American the wrong way.  This is only one example of how the cancer of corruption has has infected our country. Had that been a private in the U.S. Army that did the very same thing Hillary was guilty of, the private would have more than likely face being court martialed and punished just as a civilian contractor would be arrested, charged, and prosecuted in the courts. There are many, many more examples of how .gov sticks to the average American or small business owner in the form of taxes, fines, fees, confiscation, imprisonment, and sometimes death.  In most cases, these overreaches begin with someone violating some made up code that is treated in almost every way as the LAW, but  many times, these "rules" are not legal laws. They are unconstitutional "administrative laws". This is where an agency has been given some authority by legislators to create guidelines to promote said agencies mission (i.e. EPA has EPA Regulations), The tragedy in this scenario is that the average "citizen" has almost zero recourse. Imagine if you will, that the federal, state, or local government enacts legislation that is grossly unreasonable or the legislation creates more problems than the original intent of it's creation. Citizens can naturally petition the courts, but they can vote out the persons who promoted/passed the undesirable legislation and elect persons that will repeal such legislation. Whereas an agency is composed of government workers. Many of these are going to be thirty year career employees. Some folks call these bureaucrats, but I almost always think of  them as bureauCATS. They draw large salaries with retirements and benefit packages at the taxpayers expense, hold positions of authority, are accountable to very few people, can control their employees to promote their will, and they do have the power to "make or break" the average Joe or small business owner on something as simple as "I didn't like that guy" or he has a large bank account/assets and our agency is under funded so will issue a fine. The higher ups in these agencies could and do abuse their power to promote their own agenda, help promote one business owner while crippling others, etc. There have been many instances where members of these agencies have taken kickbacks or extorted money from indiviuals (and those are just the ones we hear of). Certainly, if a citizen or a small or large business owner found themselves being treated unjustly they could petition the courts, lobby politicians, etc., but actually getting anything done would be near impossible and this business of agencies is not the way our form of government was designed to operate. When the EPA fines an individual or a private business, then the individual is the one who bears the burden to deal with the agency and face whatever punishment the agency metes out to them. Other than a few lines in a local paper or a small apot television and the rest of the country doesn't even notice until this type of thing hits them between the eyes. The point I am trying to make is that there are really only two parties in a situation such as this and those are the "violators" (private sector) and the "punishers" (.gov). So, I hope you can see the unfair aspect of this whole bureaucratic mess. It works practically the same in every agency from the DOJ, IRS, EPA, FDA, DOT, etc. However there is another type of injustice which brings me to the story I have attached. In this story, the federal government declines to prosecute the EPA worker responsible for that mine wastewater debacle  from August of 2015. This type of injustice, to some, is the most perverse form of governing our country has to offer. It is where there really is one set of laws for THEE and another for me. Read the story from FOX Here.

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Twins for Trump...  the following video was sent in by their proud Dad and reader Ted:

28 Year Old Jordanian National/Plane Intentionally Crashed Near Pratt-Whitney Facility Near Hartford CT/ Care to take a wild guess?

Though nothing is definite, I am going out on a limb here and take a stab at predicting the motivating factor behind this man intentionally crashing this plane.


If the flight instructor had not survived, would we ever have known the REAL truth about this crash? Probably not.

                                                                                                        An early story from CBS can be read HERE.

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Did you see the green fly land on her face early on in the debate?

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things.....

 Compiled and submitted by AFOI..
** I keep repeating this: "The world is stacked with piles of dry tinder.  These piles are interconnected.
And people everywhere are playing with matches."  Remember, for civilians, the biggest dangers are food and
water shortages, and disease... assuming, of course, you are not in the direct areas being fired upon.  IMHO
it's not IF there's a war, it's simply these four questions:
1. WHEN will it start?
2. WHERE will it start?
3. HOW BIG will it get?
4. HOW LONG will it last?
** A BIG LIE can only continue so long as the consequences can be hidden from the public.
** The incompetence, it burns.
** Understand who Killary's helper really is...
** From 2014.  The big issue is that liberals DO NOT associate their votes for policies and politicians with the consequences.  If
Killary gets in, and within a few years thanks to the influx of up to a million Muslims (mostly men!), churches and synagogues are
being attacked, women harrassed, etc., they STILL won't get it. 

Photo of Trump Reveals the Facts

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