Saturday, July 4, 2020

I can think of several more "entitlements" to add to this list (i.e. free education, healthcare, having $2,000 worth of visible tattoos , gold teeth, and other "bling", etc.)

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It is time to cut the purse strings of those who hate America and take every opportunity to loot, deface, and destroy what others have built while on the taxpayers dime.

H/T to Rusty @ Lakeshore

UPDATED: More Black Lives That Do Not Matter To The Leftist, MSM Mob, etc.: Birmingham, Alabama Mall Shooting Leaves 8 Year old boy dead and three wounded.

Mourning 8-year-old Royta Giles, killed in Galleria shooting 4th of July weekend

What piss poor reporting this was. The article states a witness heard a "man" so therefore I will deduce the shooter must have been a black man. The article cites a shooting incident that took place at the mall back in 2018 elaborating more on that shooting than the one that happened yesterday. Where is the outcry? There will be none or very little as this doesn't fit the narrative of the left. There will be some unity breakfasts, a vigil where balloons are released, a denouncement of violence by some black politicians,  maybe a candlelight vigil in some city park, and a downtown march of about twenty black and white people calling for an end to the violence, etc. It is sad this young boy had to die and others had to suffer so senselessly. I am sure Al Sharpton couldn't be reached for comment. There is no money to be made from this act of violence and nothing to see here. Move along. The pitiful account can be read HERE.    (LINK FIXED )

Montez Moses Miracle Coleman (Hoover City Jail)

Montez Moses Miracle-Coleman has been charged with capital murder and three accounts of assault. Police are seeking five more persons that were in the shootout near the food court at Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, AL (metro Birmingham). Police are seeking the males seen in these surveillance pictures below.

An 18-year-old is charged with capital murder in the Riverchase Galleria shooting that killed 8-year-old Royta Giles Jr. Other gunmen are sought and police are asking for the public's help. (Hoover Police)

An 18-year-old is charged with capital murder in the Riverchase Galleria shooting that killed 8-year-old Royta Giles Jr. Other gunmen are sought and police are asking for the public's help. (Hoover Police)

Time for a break from politics

and Now, Ladies And Gentlemen, Our National Anthem..

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Friday, July 3, 2020

Foreshadowing The Fourth, Friday Femme Fatale....

Just when we thought the NFL had reached to apex of self destruction, they make this dumbass announcement.

             "NFL Plans To Play Black National Anthem Before Week 1 Games"

3 years after Kaepernick took a knee, the NFL is back to business ...

I thought there was just one National Anthem. I have to agree with Ted Cruz on this one. Are there yellow, red, white, national anthems too? This is asinine. I dug out a three year old photo of Kappernick and crew kneeling so I could ask if they will stand for the "Black National Anthem". Probably so. I know most on here are not "sports ball enthusiasts" and sure not fans of the National Felon League.  Still, most of us see and agree that these players, like the NASCAR drivers of last week, are being played for political gain. Either they or ignorant, apathetic. or both.

For more on this "silliness", click HERE.

Family Fun Time..

You Don't See This Everyday: Myrtle Beach, SC

More on this story HERE


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Friggen' Guy Is Wrong More Often Than The Weatherman...

I Had To Look It Up....

and...... drum roll please......

Irish, The Younger Years....

Looking Back...

BLM, DemoRatz, Urban Rot, "can't have a damn thing nice": NOTHING TO SEE HERE. MOVE ALONG

One third of the city of Toledo's council members (4) and an attorney were arrested by the FBI for bribery and extortion charges Tuesday. Where is the outcry and the protests? The "useful idiots" are more concerned with yanking down a statue of some person who lived generations ago and who most of the "useful idiots" know nothing of than the sorry state of affairs in the 71st  largest city in the United States.  I really had to dig to find a photo of the four. CNN did not even headline this story. I wonder if it had something to do with the fact that all four council members were black and all four were democrats.


Read more HERE.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

157 Years Ago Today

With over 51,000 casualties, the three day battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battles of the war. One of my GG-granddaddy's was there and shot through the side. He lived and made it home to Alabama. Things will look much different in CW2. Plan accordingly. There will be a test.

Now THAT Is Some Piloting Skills...

I Have The Best Readers....

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Hi Irish!!
This is me and the "QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE" on her "shake  down" cruise  after I put a new transom on her and a new impeller in the water pump of the Merc.!!    

The "FLAG" always flies with me and the QUEEN!!


Feel The Bern.. I Was Wondering What Happened To Sanders...

and he's not wearing a mask...

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Go Trump! Make America Great Again! Fu(% 'Em

H/T to Rusty @ Lakeshore

For Those That Asked About The Header Picture..

Door County Coastal Byway in Wisconsin.

If you google DEER TRAIL DOOR COUNTY you can get the maps...

 More here>>> LINK<<<

Making Liberal Heads Explode

Forwarded by Mike .. good read..

   I’m so confused right now. I see signs all over saying black lives matter. I’m just trying to figure out which black lives matter. It can’t be the unborn black babies. It’s not black cops. They don’t seem to matter. It’s not my black conservative friends. They are told to shut up if they know what’s best for them by their black counterparts. It’s not black business owners. Their property does not mean anything. It’s not blacks who fought in the military. Their statues are destroyed by the black lives matter protesters with disdain. So which black lives matter again?
Black Lives Matter. Of course they do! Then when multiple black police officers and individuals were killed during the “peaceful protests”. I don’t see any outrage? Black individually owned businesses burned to the ground. Silence. Deadliest weekend in Chicago. NOTHING!!
I can’t keep up. I just can’t. I’m exhausted trying to figure out what we’re all supposed to do, believe, and be offended and outraged by next.
Two months ago, First Responders were all the rage. In fact, they were heroes. We gave them free coffee, meals, and cheers as they drove by. Today, we hate them and want them defunded because they can’t be trusted.
Two months ago, truck drivers were the heroes, as well, for keeping America moving and the grocery stores stocked. Today we block the roads with protesters, drag them out of the cabs and beat them half to death.
Nurses and Doctors are still cool, for now. But they may be unemployed. They too are heroes, unless of course they truly believe all lives matter. Then they’re filled with hate and are part of problem like so many others.
Just 45 days ago protests weren’t “essential” and were considered criminal, selfish and a murderous activity. Today they are gloriously critical and celebrated. All of the obvious criminal and murderous activities are simply ignored. If you protest about lock downs for freedom, you are selfish and you will spread a virus. If you protest, loot, and riot for social justice, you are a warrior and the virus fades to the background.
Trust the experts. No, not those experts. Don’t wear masks ... wear masks, but only good ones. Wait, don’t wear masks, wear anything as a mask. Never mind on the masks. Not sure, but if you don’t, you hate people because you could be an asymptomatic spreader. Wait. That's not a thing anymore?
For 3 months, NOTHING was more important than social distance. In fact, we gave up all of our liberties for it. We canceled schools, medical and dental procedures, canceled activities, closed businesses, eliminated every spring rite of passage from prom to graduation, denied people funerals, even at Arlington, and we wrecked the economy for it. Then came social justice, and social distance was no more. Now things are more cut and dried though. A thousand people at three memorials for someone they never even met. It's a matter of "respect". But you can only assemble 100 or less people.
I’m really confused now. Look at the data, NO, not that data. Do the math. No, you can’t do the math like that. Only the experts can understand the data and math. What do you mean other cities/states/governors are interpreting the data differently? Pools are safe in Indiana, but not Michigan? Playgrounds are safe in your town but not mine? Amusement parks are safe in Florida but not Ohio, nor Michigan.
If you are silent you are part of the problem. If you speak, you are part of the problem. If you have to ask, you don’t understand. If you don’t ask, you don’t care.
It’s all so predictable, tedious, and exhausting. Nothing adds up. It’s one gigantic Math life problem, with ever changing denominators that I’m sure the media and politicians are eagerly ready to solve for us...until the next "crisis".

Maybe add a side of bacon as well...

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Some Skynyrd Music For The People Of Mississippi And Across The Nation Who Are Being Subjugated (voluntarily or forcefully)

More on the Katyn Forest Massacres

Vasily Blokhin may be history's most prolific murderer. He is recorded as killing tens of thousands of people by his own hand. During the Soviet purge of the Polish Officer Corps and high ranking Non-Commissioned Officers along with land owners, lawyers, Polish intelligentsia, factory owners, saboteurs, priests, etc. Blokhin took part in the killing of over 300 people per night for twenty-eight days working with 30 man teams of Soviet NKVD execution squads by personally killing over 7,000 people just at Katyn.

 Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin

Read more HERE.

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