Saturday, January 29, 2022



"Don't Sink Your Wooden Ships"

"Teach Your Children to Not Be Liberals"

"Suite: Gave My Self Black and Blue Eyes" 


"Vax-Needle and the Damage Done"

"Old (foolish) Man"

"Living, Down By The River"


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How The Great Lakes Were Formed....








♫♪♫ In A Memory...Imago ♫♪♫







Covfefe Randoms.....







Maybe Phil can help answer that one...



  Some Elizabeth Montgomery memories.......




I Sense Some Nervousness.....



‘Fringe minority’ in truck convoy with ‘unacceptable views’ don’t represent Canadians: Trudeau







Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....



 Let's dive right in........


"Mercy Sakes Alive, It Looks Like We've Got Us A Convoy"


  They have raised almost 8,000,000.00 <<<<<



"She's coming on, boys," ..... "She's coming on strong."








Own a Fast Reset Trigger for your AR? You better watch this

I haven't heard any more about this story and today is the 28th. I saw this first over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away

The Fight Back Is Getting Warmer....



After seeing that meme ^^ a few days ago, I just read and saw this








  This never gets old ...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Remember The Woman That Was In Touch With The Monkeys? -Updated



  It seems her facebook page where she was posting is pretty well cleaned up.


Strange. There are only 3 posts and lots missing from what I saw the other day. 


IF you had checked it out the other day you will seen it's damn sparce.



Update... As of now 6am 1/27 there is a new post and the typical back and forth arguing in 

the comments section. Maybe she just took everything down herself. Who knows?. 

The only reason I choose to follow this is, many times in the past there are cases where 

something out of the ordinary happens and suddenly social media of the involved is wiped clean.

According To Chief Nosewetter An Alert Has Been Issued For A Loose Budweiser Clydesdale....




 There has been an alert issued for a missing Budweiser Clydesdale horse that escaped it's stall and has been recorded strolling down the city streets. People have been alerted not to be confused by the rather odd tack it's wearing probably trying not to be recognized as one of the famous animals. Handlers are concerned that if it slips on the slick city streets and breaks a leg or worse falls on someone it'll have to be put down. Citizens are warned to stay away.. especially if it gets hungry..


 Exclusive video sent in to TFI....






 The Department of Homeland Security is warning that violent domestic groups and racially motivated extremists may attack the electric sector. 

Whoopsie Daisy..... ♫♪♫ He Sold His Rights For A Pot Of Gold ♫♪♫


“I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” he continued. “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

However, the demands were short lived as Young has quickly deleted the letter.

 Young likely realized that he has no grounds to make the demands. Rogan has an exclusive deal with Spotify and Young sold 50% of the rights to his music to a British investment company a year ago.





Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Making Fun Of Libtards.... UPDATED for Igor and others...

 The crazy van lady in DC. With some enhancement....

She showed up unhinged at the Anti - Mandate Rally in DC

Interesting Testimony Regarding Medical Exemptions For Masks And Vax In CA....








Choices To Make...




Poll Maker








Chief Nosewetter Offers An Outline For A Great Novel...


 Let me offer my take on our current situation. 

Has anyone thought about the revealing of the damage caused by the jab has been part of the plan all along? Some of these anti-vax people on the web stink of controlled opposition to me. The goal of this evil cult has always been forming a global government.

 When the body count increases people will revolt against their governments. Possibly to the point of bringing down all the world's governments. Add to that a limited war with Russia? 

Our depleted "woke" weakened military may be ripe for a fall. These dark cult members will retreat to their underground bukers and ride it out for a year or two. Then re-emerging and offering the survivors their world government solution after culling the population. 






More Monkey Business.... Updated..


  Talk about the beginning of a bad movie.

The macaques landed at JFK and were being transported to a lab in Florida by "sum dood" in a truck 

it seems.

 From what I can discern the macaques were in this trailer being towed by a pick up truck. 

No DOT hazmat labels or markings about the cargo can be seen in the images.

Check out the high tech shipping containers for the cargo.  

The dump truck hit the trailer as "sumdood" made a turn in front of it.

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious but, what the fuck? Regardless of whether this is the 

beginning of the end or just something that will turn into nothing, that seems so wrong.

Here you have known lab animals, that carry disease, being shipped like it's no big deal.

How many people came in contact with that cargo? At the airport, then at the crash scene.

I would love to see the protocol the CDC lab uses to unload when the cargo arrives.

 Reports say that the woman who came in close contact has symptoms of infection and 

has been treated. You can read more in depth HERE<<<<<

Also, for those playing along at home, here is the woman's facebook. She has been posting 

as of  5 hours ago according to the comments. I'm gonna spot check to see if her facebook 

gets "diappeared" at any point.

*** Updated..

Spending some time in the comments sections of the various social media posts following this

accident I found some other info. One of which may be the company that supplies the animals for

research.  On their site you can see a picture of how they are transported in the air and the measures

the staff take.



Monday, January 24, 2022

Speaking of Monkeys....

DANVILLE, Pa. — Three monkeys that had been lost along the interstate in Montour County are all accounted for, all of them now dead. 

A public health risk assessment was conducted by several organizations including the CDC. 

They confirm the escaped monkeys were humanely euthanized. 

The monkeys escaped after a truck carrying about 100 of them collided with a dump truck Friday afternoon along Route 54 just off Interstate 80 near Danville.

"We're rural Pennsylvania. We hear about like cows getting out and you know pigs and trucks like that wrecking, but Monkeys it's not a common everyday thing," said Jessica Wright, Danville.

According to a CDC spokesperson, the monkeys were en route to a CDC-approved quarantine facility after landing Friday morning in New York. They are originally from Mauritius, a country in eastern Africa.

The crash happened around 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, that's when the three monkeys got free in the Danville area.

Police say the driver who was transporting the monkeys was charged in the crash.

Originally, state police told us four monkeys were on the loose.

As of Saturday afternoon, some people were still worried.

"Little monkeys, we got bears, we have coyotes, we have deer, you know all the time. A little 3-pound monkey doesn't scare me, but why are they so concerned about it is what concerns me," said Howie Lerch, Valley Township.

Friday night Newswatch 16 spoke with Michelle Fallon of Danville, who saw the entire accident. She jumped into action; helping both drivers and the loads they were carrying.

"I walk up back on the hill and this guy tells me, 'Oh, he's hauling cats. I said, 'oh.' So I go over to look in the crate and there's this green cloth over it. So I peel it back, I stick my finger in there and go 'kitty, kitty.' It pops its head up and it's a monkey," Fallon said.

Fallon was contacted Saturday by the CDC and was told to monitor herself for any cold-like symptoms. 

She shared the letter from the CDC with Newswatch 16; it reads in part that, "the surviving monkeys will be quarantined and will be monitored for infectious diseases for at least 31 days before their release."


Didn't we see this movie?