Tuesday, January 25, 2022

More Monkey Business.... Updated..


  Talk about the beginning of a bad movie.

The macaques landed at JFK and were being transported to a lab in Florida by "sum dood" in a truck 

it seems.

 From what I can discern the macaques were in this trailer being towed by a pick up truck. 

No DOT hazmat labels or markings about the cargo can be seen in the images.

Check out the high tech shipping containers for the cargo.  

The dump truck hit the trailer as "sumdood" made a turn in front of it.

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious but, what the fuck? Regardless of whether this is the 

beginning of the end or just something that will turn into nothing, that seems so wrong.

Here you have known lab animals, that carry disease, being shipped like it's no big deal.

How many people came in contact with that cargo? At the airport, then at the crash scene.

I would love to see the protocol the CDC lab uses to unload when the cargo arrives.

 Reports say that the woman who came in close contact has symptoms of infection and 

has been treated. You can read more in depth HERE<<<<<

Also, for those playing along at home, here is the woman's facebook. She has been posting 

as of  5 hours ago according to the comments. I'm gonna spot check to see if her facebook 

gets "diappeared" at any point.

*** Updated..

Spending some time in the comments sections of the various social media posts following this

accident I found some other info. One of which may be the company that supplies the animals for

research.  On their site you can see a picture of how they are transported in the air and the measures

the staff take.




  1. Shady as fuck.
    Lab monkeys with an unknown sickness being transported in a trailer with no identification/markings/warning plates, by a Bubba in a pickup.

    The CDC warning people who had contact to keep monitoring themselves for flu symptoms?

    Yeah, nothing to see here, right?

    1. The women said when she ran to help the driver told her he was haulling chickens. She lifted the cloth and saw monkeys.
      My question is why did the driver lie? Did he not know what was in the crates, because he was told chickens? Or because he knew he was hauling them wrong?


    2. So now I've heard two different versions of this story.
      According to MSN the driver told her he was hauling cats.


  2. follow the money and then kill all the dumb fucks who thought this was a good idea. remember the fucks in "charge" want us dead. long past time we started to return the favor, just saying but you would have to be really stupid to handle or bring in wild monkeys from the shithole they came from. but these fucks never had any common sense anyway.
    there is a trail to follow, who fucking paid for this ? and where else are they doing dumb shit like this ?
    and how did they get them past customs ? seems like a small load, might be they flying them in to small airports out of sight ? and then they wonder why no one trusts them ??? way past time to bring back public hangings for these assholes

  3. Didn't Brad Pitt star in a movie with this plot?

  4. Something nobody seems to be wondering about is that the most direct route from NYC to Florida isn't through central PA. ??? They were way past turning south on I81, 95 would have been the most direct route but then they would go through areas not populated by us redneck trump voters. Paranoid??

    1. I thought the same thing. The route out and around would take them about 4 hours longer. Maybe someone that does trucking will chime in and explain. I do know that a lot of people avoid the I95 corridor when driving to Florida from the Northeast.

    2. There was probably other cargo routed to states on the way to FL that took the driver on a more westerly route.


    3. Consider this: If I wanted to travel from NYC to somewhere other than Florida (such as perhaps Fort Detrick, MD) and avoid the worst traffic and populated areas, I'd head west on I-80 then turn south.

  5. That wouldn't be a hazmat load. The size, way they are packed would keep them from being a hazmat load. Hazcom standars and avalible to look up. You can even get a app on your phone.

  6. Just wait a freaking minute......they arrive in NY at JFK and are going to Florida? What kind of chinese navigation system is this guy using? You don't get to Florida by going 200 miles west from JFK? Something stinks about this out loud.

    1. Why weren't they flown to MIA (MIAMI)??

    2. Seems like a story made incomprehensible by incompetent reporting - lots of questions unasked, a variety of answers available to the basic who, what, when, where, and why.

  7. this is an OUTRAGE!!! PETA must up in arms screaming bloody mur...der... wait, doesn't fit the narrative. PETA as absent as a feminist at a stoning

  8. Good god …aint no stank there. (HUGE sarcasim)
    Where are the illustious feds?

  9. Danville is NOT on the way to FL from JFK. Was the driver lost, stoned, or just stoopid?

  10. OK, some new info... It seems like the driver & passenger were from FL, but headed to the midwest.


  11. I live about a mile from the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and know a few of the people who work there. Everything about the monkey crash is suspect.

  12. The aircraft show in the photo has the stripe colors of Kalitta cargo company.


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