Thursday, January 27, 2022

There's A Storm Coming... Saturday Nor'easter




 Typical media reporting....








  1. That's about right...Ohio Guy

  2. (In a deep respectable male voice)

    "The Weather Channel, America's most Trusted News Channel"

    Well compared to the rest of the Clown World Media, Yeah, I trust them a bit more. At least they are (Mostly) honest when they're predictions go awry.

    Their constant harping on Climate Change (or what you and I call WEATHER) is annoying.

    Pictures of Carthage harbor back in the early years well before WW1 and now show NO sea rise there in the Med. If the US STOPPED Reimbursing the Insurance Companies for Idiots that build "RIGHT near the Water" using my TAX DOLLARS and Fed Debt the "BILLON DOLLAR Storm Losses" they holler about would stop.

    Folks used to build crabbing shacks on the beach just like folks in Central America DO TODAY Because they KNEW a Storm would come by and trash it, so they would rebuild cheaply. Nobody in Central America hollers about "Climate Change" destroying their homes, it has always happened as Grandmother would tell you.

    Climate is what you expect, Weather is what you get.

    Men go mad in crowds but become sane one by one. Often the newly "Sane" are attacked by the Crowd as "Crazy".

    Too many "Mask Karen" videos to Prove this point.

    As Ole Remus says, "Stay away from crowds", RIP Remus, we miss you

  3. I wonder if the asshats from the last I95 fiasco learned anything? Around the Tug Hill secret bunker 0" - 60" of snow across a couple of days is not an unheard of event. It is time for snow caves, snow forts, snowshoes, snowmobiles.... snow, snow, snow! Get outside and suck up the good life!

  4. I like the "Moosonee" at the top of the picture...

  5. I wonder if the blond reporter girl will come on the next day and say to the weather dude "I thought you promised me 60 inches last ngiht".

  6. I just checked the Atlanta weather forecast, no precipitation till next Tuesday.

  7. It's not just a Nor'easter... they're anticipating a 'bomb cyclone'! Because that gives it more gravitas.

  8. Zero would apply to most of the country.

  9. Extremely light "dusting" this AM in SC. Translation: No milk, bread, eggs or grits in the store.


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