Wednesday, January 26, 2022




 The Department of Homeland Security is warning that violent domestic groups and racially motivated extremists may attack the electric sector. 


  1. if so, how are they going to brag about it online after the power goes out ? kind of hard to use the microwave with the power out, no hot pockets for them ? or maybe the feds are going to do it and blame the whatever front that just full of young agents ? who just might be bored and what to raise the ante up ? I gave up trusting anything they say a long time ago, like early 1970
    and they have just gotten worse at it since. we are to believe that jet fuel can melt steel and concrete yet keep passports intact enough to read them ?? right. shame one couldn't trace stock transactions that far back and see who did what and who got rich overnight ?

  2. Is this how the administration intends to shift blame for a failing electrical grid due to their energy policies favoring undependable solar and wind sources?

  3. The electric grid is also a good place to attack under a false flag, then blame it on domestic terrorists.

    One of the fastest ways for patriots to have the general population turn against them, despite any noble intentions on their part, is to mess up any of the local public infrastructure, especially the electric grid. There's plenty of other stuff to mess up without depriving locals of electricity. The thing to do is disable things in such a way that what ever you disable can be easily brought back into operation, but will not be obvious to people on the managerial level or to government. That would, of course, require recruiting people on the inside of public utility and other infrastructure operations with deep seated knowledge of how things actually work.

    For all of you snooping three letter agency types out there, I'm NOT advocating doing anything like that, just spitballin'. You guys are more likely to initiate actions against infrastructure than any of us, for population control dontcha know.


  4. Apparently these idiots think we've never read about the Reichstag fire. How obvious can you be?

    1. Well, with today's intellectually-challenged Great Unwashed Masses, you can be butt-stupid obvious and *still* not get it figured out by them...
      So there's no real challenge here.

  5. wouldn't want to be living in Florida with 20 million other hot people when the grid goes down. no one lived there in 1880 cuz of the heat and disease and can only live there today because of electricity. plan your escape to a free state well. there might be a reason no one lived there before 1900. my secret bunker on the Tug Hill Plateau is cool in the summer and warm in the winter w/o electron flow.

  6. So is CA still doing rolling blackouts? Gonna be hilarious to fit those in the narrative.

  7. Blue city, false flag. Red city civil war.

  8. Do you mean:

    The Department of Homeland Security is warning that THE FBI may attack the electric sector? And bring a few homeless people along in order to say it was White Supremacy?

  9. But they've completely ignored actual attacks on power transmission lines, pipe lines and railroads conducted by THAT RELIGION or marxist/socialist/communist jackwagons because those people are never a threat to anything.

  10. All the "media" knows to spew is bullshit. It's all fake gay bullshit. Ohio Guy

  11. BLM is going to attack the grid so you cisgender white Christian males can’t use your privilege and supremacy to spread COVID misinformation on Spotify. It’s all about Rogan!!!!! Whaaaa


  12. My guess is that TPTB are doing this not because they all of a sudden care but because they really do need a false flag. Sure there are still a few who believe in the Trump/Russia link but not as many as they're hoping. As such I think they've quickly found that they have far less support for interfering in Ukraine than hoped. By having a grid attack they can blame Russia and say they initiated the attack in order to force the US to back off. That can then be used to help justify sending major assets to Europe and getting into the warm stand-off with Russian forces. The fun part is TPTB don't even need to do much. With winter storms going through one or two transformers can get a power spike & the storms will do the rest. No one will ever know except the techs fixing the things; and they're easy to keep quiet. Considering our esteemed press has loudly reported that several tons of weaponry and gear has been sent & offloaded to Ukraine already I'd look for an attack within the month so people don't start asking too many questions about the quick war build up rather than diplomatic meets.

    Of course the knuckleheads in the Fed and Treasury have probably told the administration that the only way to drag ourselves out of the inflation abyss is to start a war economy.


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