Sunday, March 19, 2023

From Across The Pond, It Appears They Are All Compromised As Well....


 Another Red Pill moment....


 If you don't watch they whole video or want to come back and watch it later. At least watch and listen to the first 5 minutes of MP Andrew Bridgen's speech and how they react. His speech presents a lot of data regarding the adverse effects.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

So, It's Not The Electrons? Just Sorcery.


This was an interesting dive into the subject of electricity.....



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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Shocked I say! I am absolutely shocked

 EXCLUSIVE: ATF Gains Financial Information on Potential Gun Buyers for Warrantless Tracking, Documents Show

Hat tip to reader Bob in E-town who saw this over at THE EPOCH TIMES and sent it to me. I believe the Executive Order signed this week by LJB (lyin' joe brandon) only compliments what the aye tea eff is doing already. The rationale used to explain some of this BS is unbelievable, but no one in Congress wants to question it. It reminds me of the recent hype surrounding a Bill that was introduced in Alabama to stop "exhibition driving". Really? Do the do-gooders in Montgomery really believe another "law" is going to stop these young people from doing "donuts", burnouts, drag-racing, etc.? We already have laws against reckless driving, reckless endangerment, attempting to elude (which can be a felony), so on and so forth. My point being there are more than ample laws on the books to deter these younguns' from showing off in their powerful machines, but the law on the books does not stop them. Maybe if police officers would arrest them (rather than racing these hoods in police cars as they have been doing in Birmingham)


and the courts would impose stiff sentences, then, impound or confiscate their cars, these errant drivers might slow down or even stop. I think the real reason there was so much hype surrounding this street legislation is due to the fact that many older people in communities where this is happening have pressured their state senators and representatives into doing something. So, these professional politicians get on the news with their proposed bill and say, "look at me. I am fighting to end street racing'. It is all grandstanding for their constituents. 

Like laws pertaining to reckless driving, this country already has enough gun laws on the books. This kind of hype and what LJB did this week is grandstanding to some degree, but always remember TPTB know that in order to ban and eventually confiscate firearms in this country, they have to do it incrementally and that is the ultimate goal. We can discuss the warrantless gathering of information and other over reaches at another time.

Read the entire story HERE.

Warming Up On This End Of Winter Day... Toggle It To Full Screen To Hear It Better.....



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The Old Hayburner Doesn't LIke When The Snow Slides Off The Barn Roof... updated



 A more detailed explaination. This is a heavy wet snow here today. Luckily it's been sliding off the roof as the depth reaches 4-5".  ( I bet we will have 10" plus by the time it's done. )  If you look at the far left corner of the barn the snow had just slid off and he came running out and is now standing in the paddock , lower right corner of video.  I didn't catch the avalanche. Just heard it as I walked into this room. 


 As you can see from this picture, taken just now, the roof cleared itself, again.

and, here is is , out it the paddock. When it slows down later , I'll be busy digging out the stall doors with the tractor.




"It's Snowin' and Windy Out, Time For Some Lunch and A Quick Surf Of Today's Current Shenanigans".... I says to myself....


 and... That escalated quickly....




and, A Larger Hard Drive For The Folder..










Don't Hold Back ......












Saturday, March 11, 2023

Spanning The Interwebz To Bring You The Constant Variety Of Memes. Todays Buffet From "A"rmegeddon to "Z"elensky


and ... mostly stuff in between...

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Regarding SVB... Maybe, just maybe, going woke shouldn't be a priority....


 The SVB Diversity pamphlet <<< 



Jay Ersapah (she/her)

Jay is a CFA Charterholder and the Head of Financial Risk and Model Risk Management at Silicon Valley Bank. She has had a diverse career across multiple risk and finance disciplines, in investment, commercial banking, and consultancy for global organisations such as Deloitte, Citigroup, and Barclays. She has helped establish and is the lead for the LGBTQ+ network at Silicon Valley Bank; where she works closely with Stonewall to create and promote a culture where all can bring their authentic selves to work.

At the intersection of a variety of minority groups, Jay joins Diversity Role Model with the aim of merging her passions about education and the LGBT+ community. She has been an active mentor for a variety of non-for-profit organisations in the education sector aimed at students from less-advantaged backgrounds (e.g. Migrant Leaders, Upreach, and Urban Synergy).

“You can’t be what you can’t see” is a motto that has always resonated with her, and she is keen to support DRM in leveraging the power of storytelling to ensure that children are supported in their journeys to adulthood, with support and understanding.





Hidden Camera, Jan 6th Trials, Pelosi's Daughter...


This came out a few weeks ago but I missed it. There are no words as to the depravity.





 That is a clip from the longer version HERE and the story explaining the circumstances.



Thursday, March 9, 2023

Most of us here know better than to believe anything .gov or their partners in crime (aka MSM) say.

The headlines to this story read Newly Released Surveillance Footage Challenges Official Jan. 6 Narrative. This story can be read HERE . H/T to Bob in E-town for sending it via THE EPOCH TIMES

Instead the headlines should have read For all of those on the fence that believe the government of The United States has the best interest of the American People at heart, you need to pull your head out of your ass and take a closer look at the liars and thieves who occupy Washington D.C. and what they are doing to our country.

To add insult to injury, this turtle headed SOB is joining other GOP Senators (aka "RHINOS", Quislings, traitors to the Republic, etc.) calling bullshit on Tucker Carlson and Tucker's exposure of this story a "whitewash". Mitch basically said exposing the truth can be dangerous when it conflicts with the "official" story. I suppose he and the other professional politicians of the "uniparty" are afraid of being exposed as the snakes they are.

Read more HERE.

Deo Vindice


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

LIke Byedums Classified Docs... These Memes Keep Unearthing Themselves In My Inbox....





So Many Questions...


 How did this individual even get on a plane?

How did he get to LA originally?

Why is he just out in the general public as a ticking time piece?

What liberal ass judge will release him?

John Q. public has questions....


 Just whistled right by the TSA...


 What did he do?  <<<<

What else has he done? <<<<

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Surfacing For Air And A Recharge.. Dumping Some Memes....






♫♪♫ Some Tues For Your Bluesday?...♫♪♫




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Public Service Announcement


I thought I would pass along a little information I recently discovered. While searching YouTube for an instructional video on "how to" hoola-hoop for my five year old granddaughter, I ran across several risque videos pertaining to the subject. I had to watch this one six or seven times before deeming it "unsuitable" for small children. I know a lot of the readers here at TFI are around my age and have grands or small children so, I thought I'd post this video here to show what we are up against. Click HERE or "watch on YouTube" in the block. 

Monday, February 27, 2023

But few know the true story of the root causes of the “Mortgage Meltdown”.



The 2008 Financial Crisis was a seminal moment in American history. After a century of unchecked American economic dominance, the nation “came within 24 hours of melting down to the pre-industrial age”, as one of the world’s most respected CEOs put it a few weeks later.

The U.S. financial system had frozen due to a cash panic among banks. Short-term loans to small businesses and even cash withdrawals from ATMs were hours from completely halting.

Thanks only to the Federal Reserve’s last-minute injection of trillions into key institutions was the system rescued.

 But few know the true story of the root causes of the “Mortgage Meltdown”. Buckle up, because the truth is as interesting as it is painful.


READ THE REST and see the who's who of Democrats. <<<<


 h/t to Dave in PA who linked it in this post. By the way, stop over there and see the quick video.




Saturday, February 25, 2023

♫♪♫ Liquify.. ♫♪♫ Thanks to Phil for the suggestion.


  Check this stuff out...



 If you enjoyed that, there are a few more "albums".   Here's another, the rest are on Youtube.





Interesting Discovery At The Arizona Election Hearings.. Do take the time to listen. Updated


It seems that Arizona is a mass of swamp creatures....


  I do hope this woman has excellent security protection. She's gonna need it after this.


As noted on the description, scroll the video to the 6:43 mark.  Eye opening, if true.

This runs deep, really deep.

 The video quality isn't that good. Push play and just listen.




 Here is the video.. scroll to the 6 hour 43 minute mark.

I'm not sure why some of the you guys are getting ads and have issues with 

IOWNTHEWORLDREPORT... I have no issues with either site.




 Just wow.


Ready For Summer???










Meanwhile In Montana, Important Legislative Debate.....