Saturday, October 1, 2022

More on the execution of a Tupelo, MS store clerk and the legality of defending oneself with a firearm

 A few weeks ago, after the Memphis jogger attack, rape, and murder of an elementary school teacher, I put up a post that contained a video showing the security camera footage of a perpetrator executing a complying store clerk. It was one of the coldest things I have ever seen. Here is some information from the Armed Attorneys containing some info and a sanitized version showing the "teen" shooting the unarmed clerk on his knees. The clerk was doing everything in his power to appease the "young person" and he still killed the clerk in cold blood. I had much rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. I carry everywhere except where there are metal detectors and do my best to avoid those. 

Here is the original execution video. YouTube requires age verification to watch since I first saw it. Be warned. It is rough.

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Leigh from NY cooked up a feast of a supper Friday night!

 Bacon Wrapped/Cherry Wood smoked Pheasant with Rice Pilaf, garden salad, washed down with ample amounts of Hazy Hug Beer. He said, "life is good". It looks to be. I know this meal was enjoyed by all who partook. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

"I'm sick of these black bastards" North Carolina sheriff allegedly said

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is looking into charges of obstruction of justice by the Columbus County sheriff and deputies under his command a spokesperson for the statewide law enforcement agency said Wednesday.

Read the entire story HERE.


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How did human ancestors get confused into thinking there were only two genders?

 They didn't have Tumblr and Reddit to guide them, and instead had to rely on biological reality.

EDIT - Deleted as “hate speech”, restored on appeal. Hate speech against whom? Mythical cavemen? ๐Ÿ˜‚

It must have been terrible; imagine believing that there is only male and female! One wonders how they got by without the enlightened and productive gender-obsessed supermen that have taken our modern society to the pinnacle of happiness and harmony.

No wonder those moronic cavemen only had fire and leopard skin pants; they didn't have any non-binary, agendered or transfemme people around to point out that reality is bigoted.

If only they had had gender studies instead of stone tools and the wheel, we would now be living in a biology-free utopia, where heteronormativity was ruthlessly stamped out as the hate crime it so clearly is.

Thank goodness that nowadays we have a legion of mentally ill teenagers who can't leave the house for fear of being misgendered and an army of virtue-signalling social justice warriors to tell us how bigoted we all are for not having a personality disorder and refusing to sleep with men in dresses who insist that their penises are in fact vaginas. Thank heavens that the writings of a bunch of paedophiles in the 1960s have been embraced as better than scientific fact, and that we can keep children young and ripe for abuse with puberty blockers and hormone treatment.

I'm so grateful to live in such an enlightened time, and look forward to the tyranny of reality finally being replaced by whatever nonsense the most vocal minority group is screeching for that month. Goodbye morality! Goodbye common sense! Goodbye man and woman! To the dustbin of history with you!

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Monday, September 26, 2022

"Group of teens", "police said about a hundred teens", "young people", etc. ransacked a Philadelphia WAWA store


                                                  You know the "code words" used by the media and who really is responsible.



Not only does Philly have a "yute" problem, but hey have an awful excuse for a DA. Read more HERE.

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