Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ALL YOU AMERICANS ARE FIRED!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well, that is the ones that still have jobs.

Osama's new administrative action will be printed as rule in the federal register. 

Allows for a huge expansion in alien work permits issued annually.





Up to 34 million "Green Cards" to be ordered ahead of osama's "ILLEGAL" illegal immigrant amnesty.

Read the story here. 

humpday Retro.....Bettie Page In The 1950's.....

Man Charged With Setting Fire to Houston mosque Was a Devout Attendee

Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, told investigators he had been attending the mosque five times a day, seven days a week, for the last five years to pray.

Read the rest of the story here.

♫♫ Seven Percent Solution.... Threshold ♫♫

Humpday Chores.....

"Red Pants" Clinton vs. "White Dog" Cruz .. In A Debate......

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

♫♫ Relaxing Background Music... Thanks Pandora ♫♫

We Can Only Hope

As 2019 approached President Cruz reflected on the accomplishments of his first two terms. He was satisfied that congress had finally repealed Obamacare, though it wasn’t necessarily their idea. Without a President willing to throw billions at the system, the health care experiment was upside down six months after his inauguration, unable to sustain itself. Many insurance companies jumped ship long ago, and the few remaining that were holding out for a monopoly went bankrupt. The Affordable Care Act and it’s $500 billion price tag was a disastrous failure, not only for the tax payer, but for the insurance industry as well.

President Cruz was thrilled, and frankly quite surprised, at the effectiveness of health insurance portability across state lines. Insurance company start ups and investors flocked to the new competitive markets, premiums and deductibles had already fallen by 62 percent and experts say if the competition continues, health insurance could cost as little as auto insurance by 2020. Cruz’s approval rating had spiked at 72% but may climb even higher as working Americans continue to benefit from this legislation.


Missing Persons.... APB


RIP Lemmy....

  My favorite song by Motorhead:


Seems Like "Youths" Aren't Just Causing Trouble At The Malls....

Over a thousand "youths" cause major issues at a Kentucky mall according to 


I guess the "youths" in Maryland wanted to try their hand at disrupting life for 
others with NO consequences.....


New England's First Snow....

G'Marnin' Girls......

The Tennessee River Overfloweth/ Muscle Shoals/Florence, Alabama

A great photograph of a scene few have ever witnessed. The flood gates of Wilson Dam have been opened                                                               and water is passing through at 300,000 gallons per second!

TVA opens floodgates on all nine mainstream dams along the Tennessee River.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Now That's Fuckin Funny Right There......

For The Train Buffs....


Added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2008, the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes, brings together two historic railway lines that cross the Swiss Alps through two passes. Opened in 1904, the Albula line in the north-western part of the property is 67 km long. It features an impressive set of structures including 42 tunnels and covered galleries and 144 viaducts and bridges. The 61 km Bernina pass line features 13 tunnels and galleries and 52 viaducts and bridges.



60's Marketing Still In The Memory Banks....

I saw this picture:

and the first word that came to mind was:

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Etowah County Receives Over 20" of Rain Christmas Eve/Day Noccalula Falls "Roars"

It has rained in the "Heart of Dixie" for several days and especially heavy Christmas Eve/Night. All 67 counties had roads closed yesterday and many places had roads along with water mains "cut" by raging water. Check out this video of Noccaluala Falls near Gadsden, Alabama


Saturday, December 26, 2015

They Lynyrd Skynyrd Band: T for Texas, T for Tennessee 1976


                       Stag Arms in a plea bargain has been put out of business, fined $600,000.00, and the owner                                                             banished from ever going back into the gun manufacturing business. 

                It is just how .gov rolls.       

            To read more about this victory for the "darkside" click HERE.

A Little Late

                              ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but a very good commercial. 

                                                                                                 Then there is the STORY behind the commercial.

Friday, December 25, 2015


I too would like wish everyone who reads, comments and Irish a very Merry Christmas during this time of the year when we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Christmastime was always a very special time growing up and still is even today. One of my grandmother's birthday fell on Christmas Eve and my large and extended family would congregate there and visit other kinfolks too. I still remember the smell of hardwood burning in the fireplace, fresh pumpkin pies being taken from the oven mixed with the smell of Cedar from the the decorations of boughs and Christmas trees. The house was decorated with Holly boughs with berries. There was mistletoe hanging above doorways that had been shot from the top of some tall oak with a shotgun. Who could forget the anticipation of opening presents?  We had and still do have too much food, too many gifts, and sometimes too much too drink, but thank goodness for little children who really seem to be the ones who enjoy the magic that comes along with Christmas in the form of Nativity Scenes,  Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf, and all the decorations and lights that are part of Christmas. As a side not, it is more difficult to get into the Christmas Spirit this year with uncannily warm temperatures this month, tornadoes day before yesterday, and yesterday it was 79F degrees.  I wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year! This video was always one of my favorite Christmas songs as young boy. 
Jeffery in Alabama

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas To You All.......

  Thank you to all who stop by, leave comments, submit ideas and enjoy the blog.

Coauthor Jeffery and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy this classic clip:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Veteran's Lament....This Post Is Going Viral...


follow the links above for more.

Which Is Worse?

 Trump saying Hillary got Schlonged?

or Clinton Using Monica as a Humidor?


♫♫ The Grinch Song..Original ♫♫


Hey, It's All Good, Nothing To See Here.....

 From April 2015:

When Americans look out at the world, we see a swarm of threats. China seems resurgent and ambitious. Russia is aggressive. Iran menaces our allies. Middle East nations we once relied on are collapsing in flames. Latin American leaders sound steadily more anti-Yankee. Terror groups capture territory and commit horrific atrocities. We fight Ebola with one hand while fending off Central American children with the other.
In fact, this world of threats is an illusion. The United States has no potent enemies. We are not only safe, but safer than any big power has been in all of modern history.
Geography is our greatest protector. Wide oceans separate us from potential aggressors. Our vast homeland is rich and productive. No other power on earth is blessed with this security.
Our other asset is the weakness of potential rivals. It will be generations before China is able to pose a serious challenge to the United States — and there is little evidence it wishes to do so. Russia is weak and in deep economic trouble — not always a friendly neighbor but no threat to the United States. Heart-rending violence in the Middle East has no serious implication for American security. As for domestic terrorism, the risk for Americans is modest: You have more chance of being struck by lightning on your birthday than of dying in a terror attack.


I need a pair of Mr Kinzer's glasses....


Ah ha! So That's The Reason... Hope She Lit A Match.....

Sent in by reader Jeff

and..... God Shook His Head and Went Back To The Drawing Board.....

Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 12-21-15 11:49 pm EST

Happy Solstice....Now the days get longer!

Jingle All The Way.......

What a Maroon.......

Little Thelma Has Been Hanging Out With Little Johnny........


Little Thelma comes home from first grade, and tells her father that they learned about the history of Valentine's Day.

"Since Valentine's Day is for a Christian saint and we're Jewish," she asks, "Will God get mad at me for giving someone a valentine?

Thelma's father thinks a bit then says "No, I don't think God would get mad.  Who do you want to give a valentine to?"

"The whole ISIS group," she says.

"Why them," her father asks in shock?

"Well," she says, "I thought that if a little American Jewish girl could have enough love to give them a valentine, they might start to think that maybe we're not all bad, and maybe start loving people a little bit. And if other kids saw what I did and then they sent valentines to them, they'd love everyone a lot. And then they'd start going all over the place telling everyone how much they loved them and how they didn't hate anyone anymore."

Her father's heart swells and he looks at his daughter with new found pride and he says:

The Future... Somewhere In Kenya....

You Don't See That Everyday.....

For Dog Lovers Everywhere

Lady bought this nice dog that doesn't bite, etc. She lives next door to a mosque and the iman complains. I am not sure I understand why. Notice that the camera is shaking because the photographer is laughing.

H/T to Bob in Cullman

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs on Things...

complied and submitted by AFOI
** Accidentally walk up behind someone and shoot them.  Uh huh.  This takes BALLS to say with a straight face.
** I hate to say this, I REALLY hate to say this, but... yes, please.  And here in the US too.  In Boston, in NYC, in DC, LA, SF,
Atlanta.  Do
I WANT to see people die - NO!  Emphatically NO.  But we won't get serious about this global threat until it comes home how
dangerous radical
Islam is.
** Yup.
** An absolute must-read, must-forward.  Two salient points: 1) WW III is coming regardless of what we do, and 2) the historical
of the results of "moderate" revolutions in the Middle East.


Saturday, December 19, 2015


Look no further for proof that the Republicrats and Democrans are one in the same. The GOP, lead by Tea Party traitor Ryan, voted to commit financial suicide this past week increasing our national debt to near twenty trillion dollars and wipe their asses on the very platform which they campaigned upon and that ultimately got them elected. Yep, these lower than snake-shit Judas' voted to go along with the 2,000 page plus 1.1 trillion dollar spending spree that will benefit foreign workers, refugees, etc. all the while confiscating/stealing from working individuals and businesses in the form of taxes, fees, permits, etc.  One would think that Harry Reid and Nancy Peolosi were still running the show. They may as well still be the speaker and majority leader, because the Republicrats shamelessly proved they are more loyal to the ideas and beliefs of tax and spend liberal-commies than they are to the very people who elected them. If these traitors to the Republic will behave like this now, imagine what they would treat the citizens of this country if there was an all out ban of firearms and the Second Amendment was to be suspended. Please note as part of this plan, we do not have the money to build a wall along our southern border, but we have allotted millions to care for refugees (a.k.a. mooslem terrorists) like the ones who killed innocent Americans in San Bernardino (and I'd be willing to bet we will see more of that). 

Here is a good article dealing with this treachery from dethguild

Friday Femme Fatale .... Better Late Than Never Edition......




It's Not The Guns.....

Friday, December 18, 2015

♫♫ I Believe In Father Christmas.....♫♫

from comments on youtube:
"Greg was asked how "I Believe in Father Christmas" came about on his Facebook profile.

 Here is what he posted." "I Believe in Father Christmas" was written by myself together Pete Sinfield. It started out with this little guitar riff which I had buzzing round in my head for weeks but no matter how I tried I just couldn't seem to develop it into a song. It actually started to drive me crazy and one day I found myself humming the tune to Jingle Bells over the riff. This is the sort if thing that happens to writers when they get a few steps away from total insanity. Anyway I told Pete about hearing this melody in my head and he said maybe it could be a Christmas song. I really don't like most of those good time Christmas party songs but after a while I began to reflect on what Christmas really meant to me as a kid and how this had somehow got lost in the commercial feeding frenzy that has taken priority in more recent years. Pete and I started to think about this and after a while we began to identify the core belief that children have about Christmas that really capsulises the magic and benevolent spirit of Christmas. Basically it was the belief that all children have in Father Christmas and in a more general sense about how the story of the nativity represents the concept of peace on earth good will to all men. I honestly can't remember whether it was Pete or myself who came out with the actual line but it was something we pretty much realised simultaneously. It was the magic key which unlocked the door to the song. I Believe in Father Christmas.

Seriously?... This Is What Our Government Has (d)Evolved To..... wtf.....

These are the people that are in "charge" of things?

 Why do they bother with these committes?

Nothing happens, nothing changes... she will probably get a promotion.

How is she even in the position she has?

We are sooooo fooked......

Sums Up The Current BS In The US.....

   Borrowed from THIS POST at AMERICAN and PROUD

Precious Snowflake Inherits Grandfather's Nazi Memorabilia.....

"Dear Abby:

I inherited some Natsee shit and I haven't been able to sleep at night because it's causing uncontrollable diarrhea and making me want to go out and kill puppies, because that's what Natsees do.  I'm so guilt-ridden because I've been so politically correct since birth but now the evil has permeated every fiber of my being to the point I can't conscientiously attend Black Lives Matter therapy anymore.  I was driving my Prius past the strip mall and Swastika-clad demons told me to sell some of this Natzee stuff and buy a new iPhone with the built-in vibrator..... but my gay lover wants a new XBox with the "Chase the Sheep" game in 3D.  I'm so confused and if I hurt someone's feelings, I'll kill myself.  What should I do?

Confused and Scared in California"

Dear Confused and Scared:

Do the world a favor:  Give your Natsee shit to re-enactors and kill yourself.


The above is a parody of THIS POST 
from Dale in OH via Jeffery. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

These Should Bump Up Today's Hits....

Zero To Mayhem in..... 3........2..........

Republicans Are Working Closely With Obama.....

Oh Hai.... You're Home Early Huh?.....

We Need To Build A Safe Haven For All The Precious Snowflakes Where There Is No Microaggression....

... maybe about 10-15 miles out in the dessert 

and then:

  ...just to be sure.

Hey Irish, You're Only Supposed To Have 4oz Of Meat Per Serving....

  Ya, Ok...  fuck that........



Three men died on Christmas Eve ....

.....and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. 'In honor of this holy season' Saint Peter said, 'You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.'

The Englishman fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. 'It's a candle', he said. 'You may pass through the pearly gates' Saint Peter said.

The Scotsman reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, 'They're bells.' Saint Peter said 'You may pass through the pearly gates'.

The Irishman started searching desperately through his pockets and finally pulled out a pair of women's panties. St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, 'And just what do those symbolize?' The Irishman replied, 'These are Carol's'


Subliminal Breakfast Suggestion....

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reader "Wildriver" Sends Along His Daily Accomplishment.....

.. with a note:

This is what I did this afternoon.

This tree has been dying and losing parts for years, and leaning out towards my cabin as well. It isn't leaning anywhere now, it is comfortably resting on the ground.

The stump measures 44"X66" and it was 55' to the first limb.

Needless to say, I have had my adrenaline rush for the day!!

Hope you are all enjoying a bit of sunshine, it has been smiling here all day.