Saturday, March 10, 2018

Huffman High School Shooting Last Week Leaves One Dead And One Wounded: MSM Practically Ignores The Story

When 17 year old Courtlin Arrington was shot in killed inside Huffman High School last week the local media had very extensive coverage playing on the usual "buzz" phrases associated with guns, school shootings, kids, etc., but they did not pose the "tough" questions that might have offered some real insight as to how and why this shooting occurred. This shooting comes one day after Alabama governor Kay Ivey called for a special commission to make "schools safer". Naturally, all the local leftist politicians (aka "race hustlers") used this tragedy as a stage to spew their anti-gun mantras and whine that more "funding" was needed to prevent such tragedies, etc. Birmingham City Councilor  LaShunda "Mama" Scales received about twenty minutes of free airtime via local channel WBRC Fox 6 during their extended coverage of the event. "Mama" Scales used her time to blast everything from machineguns, to bumpfire stocks, to saying the school lacked funding and resources, etc. At one point she was so overacting in her attempt to appear angry that  spittle was flying from her mouth. It was the quintessential commie-libtard-demokrat spill we have all seen over and over again and according to them it is only the gun that is at fault.

Here are some observations I noticed that the media all but ignored:

Huffman High looks like a small four-year college. If there is a shortage of monies, I'd say it was from mismanagement. 

Huffman High had three resource officers (cops) on campus. 

Huffman High has metal detectors, but they were not being used that day. 

Huffman High has an extensive video surveillance system. 

Huffman High has signs declaring it to be a "GUN FREE ZONE". 

Where did the kid get the gun?

Where are his parents or guardians?

There are other things, but the fact of the matter is this tragedy occurred because of the lack of personal responsibility and accountability. The other wounded student was the shooter who was only charged yesterday with manslaughter and "certain person forbidden to possess a pistol". I am not certain wat that means, but sounds like he has been in trouble before with the law while using a pistol and if so, why was he allowed to be in school?

In the last two days there was the candlelight vigils, crisis counselors on campus, the balloon release at the flagpole, and I am sure there will be anti-violence rallies/marches, and unity breakfasts in the coming days to honor Courtlin, but her memory will fade from most as another similar event will be repeated and the cycle will repeat itself. 

I believe the MSM intentionally shied from this story because it only re-enforces the fact that our country has social and mental problems and not a gun problem. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018


I Remember My First Time....

 It was pretty much the same response.....

CCR: Before You Accuse Me

This exactly what Trump needs to say to the FBI, the MSM, the Klintons, ALL the demokratz, libtards, snowflakes, commies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,most here "get the picture".