Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ace Has A Great Post If You Haven't Read It Already....

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Backlash: Black Killer of White Reporters Sent Manifesto Declaring that Murders were a Response to Charleston 







If You're Having An "Off" Day.....

Might Not Be A Good Idea To Hit The Drive-Thru If You Are Stoned AND Drunk....

Back on June 25th, Artists In Utrecht Netherlands Celebrated George Orwell's Birthday In a Clever Way...

Sent in by reader John in this email:

A group of Dutch artists celebrated George Orwell's birthday on June 25th by putting party hats on surveillance cameras around the city of Utrecht.
I can't think of a better thing to start as a tradition, especially coming so close to the 4th of July.


From the link is this description:

On tuesday the 25th of June, to celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of Utrecht were decorated with colorful party hats!
George Orwell is best known for his book ‘1984’, in which he describes a dystopian future society where the populace is constantly watched by the surveillance state of Big Brother.
By putting these happy party hats on the surveillance cameras we don’t just celebrate Orwell’s birthday. By making these inconspicuous cameras that we ignore in our daily lives catch the eye again we also create awareness of how many cameras really watch us nowadays, and that the surveillance state described by Orwell is getting closer and closer to reality.


Why Does "Social Media" WorK So Hard To Scrub These Scumbags From The Internet?

  If you want to find anything on the shooter from this mornings murders you will find

that Twitter , Linkdin, Facebook etc, have all been scrubbed clean.

Reader Matt, grabbed THIS TWITTER from the shooter earlier.

Thank God we are in post racial America thanks to our leader.

Breaking News.... Reporter and Camera Man Assassinated on Live TV..

  WEASEL ZIPPERS has updates.

Before this disappears or the anti gun narrative starts here is a  possible still of the killer from the camera.

Marisa Arriaga Amazing Softball Trick Shot

♫♫ Funking Up Humpday Morning...♫♫

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald Trump Can Add This Guy to A Cabinet Post.....

The father of one of the men who stopped a possible terrorist attack on a French train on Friday has delivered a strong message about political correctness.
Emanuel Skarlatos, the father of National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, called MSNBC and discussed the heroic actions of his son and four other men who took down the gunman, and finished the conversation by asking, ‘Can I just say one quick thing?’
‘It’s better to die like a lion that be slaughtered like sheep. And this terrorist coward deserved what he got, and the PC crowd needs to recognize terrorism for what it is. And I thank you very much for having me on,’ the father told host Tamron Hall.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mid Morning Stretch.....

Joe Biden Meets Secretly With Elizabeth Warren To Discuss Hillary....

  It was probably went like this......

The real story is HERE

You Would Think There Would Have To Be Way More Due Diligence Before SWAT Was Allowed..

... to barge in.

A Worcester family is demanding answers after the State Police and a Worcester SWAT team raided their house by mistake.
Bryant Alequin, 23, said he was getting ready for work early Wednesday morning when someone charged up their stairwell and kicked in their front door.
"It was 5:30 in the morning, they came in the house, they didn't want to disclose any information," said Alequin. "It was traumatizing."
Alequin said the officers told him to shut up when he asked about his wife and children, who were also in the apartment. What made it worse was the police had raided the wrong house.