Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lately, It Seems That Every Day That Ends In "Y" Is Summed Up In This 33 Seconds....








A Reader Sends A PSA For Those In Derry NH. A Fake Republican Running In Derry Special Election?? Updated


 Paraphrased email


This was on Granite Grok and it might be worth a post to this story as a PSA for your readers here in NH.

There's also some related links with screen grabs in the article that are worth a read as well

Here's Neils campaign page.

Thanks for the heads up. Please do your research before voting. Irish 
ETA  .. From the link in the middle of the GG post above.

 There’s a lot more of this. We have received extensive screen grabs of social media interactions that lead us to conclude these two things. Neil is a Democrat plant and has not converted to the Republican Party. And Mark Connors and Jim Morgan are coordinating a massive head-fake by convincing voters to register as independents who can then vote for the Democrat Wetherbee in the Republican Primary.

The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest

 This posting courtesy of   BEACHESOFNORMANDY


U.S. soldiers climbing up a hillside in the Hürtgen Forest (Photo: U.S. Army)
U.S. soldiers climbing up a hillside in the Hürtgen Forest (Photo: U.S. Army)

After the breakout from Normandy, the Allies raced through France and the end of World War II seemed to be close. Capturing Berlin by Christmas seemed a real possibility. There was a general feeling that the Germans were already beaten and they were no longer able to put up a significant fight. This complacency on the Allies' side led to several mistakes: Operation Market Garden, the attempt to cut through the Netherlands before winter set in; the Battle of the Bulge, when the Allies failed to anticipate a strong German counterattack – and the Battle of Hürtgen Forest.
Germany's western border was protected by the Siegfried Line, an extensive network of bunkers, minefields and "dragon's teeth" tank barriers. The Allies’ first attempt to break through this line was at the German city of Aachen, were the outnumbered defenders quickly started to put up a surprisingly tenacious defense against the U.S. First Army led by General Courtney Hodges.

U.S. soldiers during the street fighting in Aachen (Photo: U.S. Army)
U.S. soldiers during the street fighting in Aachen (Photo: U.S. Army)

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Zoomie*, Is This You Recording>?





  * Hopefully Zoomie still lurks here.

The Power of the Internets and WWW..... Six nations. Six musicians. And one angry cat.


 The amazing stuff you find in the recesses of rabbit holes.....


 Via KSL<<

AROUND THE WORLD – Music is a language that everyone can understand.

Another sound that we all know when we hear it: angry cats.

One talented musician, David Scott from South Africa, turned the angry meow of his cat into a nice little tune. And then others joined Scott (known as "The Kiffness") to turn a man and his cat into a septet.

A Brazilian violinist, Amanda Barbalho provided a plucky addition.

Then Kryštov Hron from the Czech Republic jumped on with a ukulele.

Then a Russian, an American, and Ukrainian added their harmony.

My personal favorite is the unexpected but fitting addition of drums from a German artist.

 How does an angry cat, an ethereal low whistle, drums and more instruments sound so good together?





Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

 We will do this a little different this week. It is late and I was not having any luck with the survey/voting widget. I will number some of the more popular beauties from past posts and readers can vote accordingly. I will tally them up before next Wednesday and post this weeks winner. I am almost positive I have left off someone's favorite. If so, please list them and I will try and get them up at a later date.


 Venice Film Festival 2021: 17 Fabulous Moments From Years Past | Vogue

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jo Chi Min fires the first salvo against seven Southern states using biological warfare by denying them monoclonal antibodies

The move will threaten other states, but the blatant disdain displayed against "Red States" with Republican governors could not be more obvious. As the writer in on article stated "this is the equivalent of giving blankets contaminated with Smallpox to native Americans". Jobama's handlers should realize the first CW began over much less. I hope I get to see Washington's reaction when these states decide to stop remitting federal income taxes.

Sioux Indian with smallpox 1901 - photo - The Atkinson Center 

Nation Short On Supply Of Key Covid Treatment—Desperate States Told To Reduce Requests

Biden cutting off COVID medication to southern states