Saturday, September 29, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

Cuckold Deep State Bitch Boy Flake Sides With DemoRatz, Repeats "Let The FBI Investigate" Mantra No Senate Vote Today

                                                                            I say turn Kavanaugh loose on him.

He was after all born in Snowflake AZ

Alyssa Milano Can Be The Poster Child For The Left's Hatred.... UPDATED

  If you hadn't heard about or seen this, here is an interesting analysis of what went

 on with Alyssa Milano at the hearings circus yesterday.

  This is all speculation by Thomas Wictor on Twitter but his break down of the 

events are interesting indeed. You won't see the media reporting any of this.

 Here is how he describes her in this image,

 This is an expression of pure hate...and determination.

  click the picture for the link:

Update.. Thomas Wictor was suspended from Twitter for the post he did about Alyssa

Click the pic for the archived link... the screen will take a while to load..3-5 minutes so give it time if you like.

click the picture for the link:


Despicable : Senator Doug Jones of Alabama wanted to be one of the first demorats to go on record saying he'd vote NO for Kavanaugh

How low do you have to be to ignore the wants and needs of the majority of your constituents and then release a bullshit story claiming that you are doing it for fear of sending the wrong message to "our boys and girls"?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Yet another claim: "GANG RAPE" / This is getting out of hand and morphing into the childhood story "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf"


In this latest Kavanaugh episode of "who hit John" Julie Swetnick has come forward to announce that she was drugged and gang raped by a "train" of boys. Although she is not saying that Kavanaugh raped her she is stating that she Brett Kavanaugh waiting his turn in line at multiple parties where these gang rapes took place. This all gets more bizarre and illustrates just how low the demorat's carnival barkers, Mark Cohen and Michael Avenatti, will go in their attempts to keep Brett Kavanaugh from being appointed to the SCOTUS and damage Trump's image. In light of these (and other) recent allegations there are questions I keep asking myself that obviously the Marxist media is intentionally ignoring. One is, if Julie Swetnick was raped and drugged at a party as she states, then why would she continue to go back to similar parties where many of the same people were present knowing she might be drugged and raped as according to her "many girls were having trains ran on them by these young boys".  With statements such as these I have to ask myself if it these gang rapes took place as she has explained and if she continued to go back over and over, was it  gang-bangs or orgies? Why would one wait so long to report this? If she knew girls at other parties during the same time frame of 1982 were being raped and she was not impaired, why didn't she call the authorities and attempt to stop this. Why would she only tell her husband and three close friends years later?  I smell ratshit.  Their stories are constantly changing.  I have doubts that anything is as Swetnick or Ford has claimed.  There simply isn't any legal proof and they both have killed their credibility by being biased liberals who hate all conservatives and with their inconsistent stories.  

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