Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Language warning.......

                                                             (image courtesy of Robb Allen)

Dear Mo#$erF*&king D*&chb@g,
I can’t believe what you just did, I was driving west on East Rd. in Atkinson NH to help plow out my brother in law and you choose to pass.. !!TO FUCKING PASS!! a Chevy Tahoe on  a blind corner. It’s not bad enough that you had a 2500 pickup truck with an 8’ plow, add in ¼ mile visability and 2-3 inches of snow on the roads and you choose to fucking pass at 30-40 miles per hour????

I was here at the number 13 heading west:

I hope you fucking get hurt, If I had the chance to turn around and get you I would have ripped your stupid fucking head off.
Most speeds are at 15-20 MPH there aren’t that many people out and you try and kill me, is your rush and your life and someone elses that important??
I think I left the imprint of my middle finger on the inside of the windshield of my truck  you FUCKING FUCK!!!

I have to wonder if I could tell the judge that I was in dire fear of my life after I seriously hurt  you for being so stupid.