Monday, January 29, 2024

How Insane Is The Left With TDS, A Short Refresher....








From the front lines

I ran across this today

Texas Is Entitled to Use Military Force to Repel the Border Invasion

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
January 24, 2024

The Supreme Court’s decision this week to order Texas not to protect its border
with Mexico will go down in history as one of that Court’s most cowardly decisions which
could doom of our nation — if it is allowed to stand. That decision was not just about
razor wire — it was about the role of states in our federal system, and the betrayal of
the nation – first by a President, and now by two Republican-appointed Justices.
I ask you to invest the time to stay with me through this article — as we need to
spend some time together to think through the background for the crisis that is now
upon us — for it could be a truly existential threat to the nation.

Can't We All Just Get Along??








When You're Older And Come Home From The Pub After A Few Too Many Pints.....





 h/t to Bruce

You Probably Won't Be Allowed To Carry A Sword In Your Car, BUT You Could Carry This "Safety" Device...


 STINGER   seat belt cutter and window breaker <<







Sunday, January 28, 2024

The Lug Nut Gods Must Hate This Particular Vehicle. No Other Explanation....











Who, exactly, is he working for?




So Biden says he is “Willing to shut down the border” right now…..If the border deal passes (With Ukraine funding). 

(read that again….the security of this country hinges on him getting taxpayer money for Ukraine)


Why isn’t he willing to shut down the border RIGHT FUCKING NOW?

Why is he holding this COUNTRY, the United States, hostage, in order to make sure that Ukraine gets it’s funding…more free money from the United States taxpayer? Why is that more important to him , higher in priority, than the sovereignty of our country’s borders and the economic health of our citizens? (How much are they kicking back to him and his family?)







When The Red Pill Leads To Computational Errors That Shut Down The Brain....