Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Feral Irishman.. After Dark... Shark Fishing in Greece..

♫♫ Pink Floyd - You've Got To Be Crazy (Early version of Dogs) ♫♫


You gotta be crazy, you gotta be mean
You gotta keep your kids and your car clean
You gotta keep climbing, you gotta keep fit
You gotta keep smiling, you gotta eat shit

You gotta be small to be a big shot

You gotta eat meat to stay at the top
You gotta be trusted, gotta tell lies
You gotta be able to narrow your eyes

You gotta beleive they've gotta beleive you

You gotta appear easy to see through
Gotta be sure you look good on the TV
Gotta resemble a human being

You gotta keep one eye over your shoulder

Gonna get harder as you get older
Gotta fly south and hide in the sand
Gotta forget that you're gonna get cancer

And when you loose control

You'll reap the harvest you have sown
And as the fear grows
The bad blood slows and turns to stone

And it's too late to loose the weight

You used to need to throw around
So have a good drown
As you go down
Dragged down by the stone

Gotta be sure, you gotta be quick

Gotta divide the tame from the sick
Gotta keep some of us docile and fit
You gotta keep everyone burying this shit

You gotta get you started early

Processed by the time you're thirty
Work like fuck 'till you're sixty five
And then your time's your own until you die

I gotta admit to a lot of confusion

Pain in the head is the child of collusion
Gotta resist the creeping malaise
You gotta beleive in the way you get out of the maze

But you, you just keep on pretending

You can tell a sucker from a friend
But you still raise the knife to
Stranger, lover, friend and foe alike

Who was born in a house full of pain

Who was sent out to play on his own
Who was raised on a diet of shame
Who was trained not to spit in the fan
Who was told what to do by the man
Who was broken by trained personnel
Who was fitted with bridle and bit
Who was given a seat in the stand
Who was forcing his way to the rails
Who was offered a place on the board
Who was only a stranger at home
Who was ground down in the end
Who was found dead on the phone
Who was dragged down by the stone 

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Now That I've Had My Whiskey, TIme To Bust Out The Legos....

Irish..A Saturday Evening in The Early Years.....

Hey!! Guess Who This is......


click the picture to see who it is


Try This Political Quiz... See Who You Side With...

I found this over at SILICON GRAYBEARD'S and BOREPATCH

Here is the link to see which candidate you agree with...


 Screenshot of my results....

Dog Has Lunch Idea....

Here Is A List Of Countries We SEND Money To....Foreign Aid


Ya , This was my reaction too.....

Saturday Sunrise Somewhere.....

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Feral Irishman... After Dark..TGIF!

Somehow Caturday Is a Blur.....

Unimpressed Husky....

I Gotta Lay off The Internet.. I'm Seeing Things...


John McCLane Is Back.......

Hitler's Pissed....

borrowed from grouchy old cripple

Someone's FUBAR

.....Although baker Vogel had full insurance for the drive, small print says it would be invalid if he was exceeding the speed limit.

Will I Be Reelected?

Regrets in 33 Days....

Dear "Obama Media Group", Where are you when this is obviously RAAACIST!?

Click the whip:


Thursday, October 4, 2012

G nite.....

Blood and Guts FX Used inThe Walking Dead

Irish Philosphy

Loca, The Irish Pug....

Submitted by reader montanasmama

I Hope He Bankrupts Those Feckers....

Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman is suing NBC over the network’s botched editing of his 911 tape, Page Six can exclusively reveal. 


That wasn't a debate so much as Mitt Romney just took Obama for a cross country drive strapped to the roof of his car.

Tweet of the day found at Dailytimewaster

Squirrel Has A GREAT Lunch Suggestion....

"Paint Me Like Your Sthan Franthisco Boyths....

pssst....."I'll keel you if you lose"

It's Been Gray and Rainy For The Past Few Days..

Thursday Morning.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guys...Hypnotize Yourself To Forget That Debate....

Bearack Obama Prepares for The Debate ....

...he wants to see if his handouts will continue.

I Wonder If Chris Matthews Will Math Debate..

...when his hero is on stage for the big debate?

Navajo Blanket is Worth WHAT?

Really Cool NYPD Officer.......

watch to the end....

DAMN!.. Wirecutter Got Trucknutz!

Irish... If I Traded In My Endmills for Charcoal...

h/t to firehand

Mmmmmm... Food Pr0n...

Holy Hot Humpday Handbra Hotties Holding Handfuls...