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From The "WTF is That?" Files.... Does anyone have an edumacated guess?

My Buddy found this on the local beach today.

 Fossil Chicken? Minature alien drone? or 
Some type of vertebra?


What the media would have you believe about the "CornVirus".

From the 1971 movie Omega Man starring Charlton Heston

♫♫ She Makes It Look Easy ♫♫

Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea

This is a pretty good interview with out drama or hype. Well worth the 36 minutes to watch.

Here is an article from Feb 6 20 with Professor Kim Woo-ju  LINK<<<

aaaand, I shouldn't have come back inside to check out the news.... Shit's Getting Real..

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Governor Gina Raimondo said. “That risk is called New York City.”

From HERE<<<

Rhode Island police began stopping cars with New York plates Friday. On Saturday, the National Guard will help them conduct house-to-house searches to find people who traveled from New York and demand 14 days of self-quarantine.
“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Governor Gina Raimondo said. “That risk is called New York City.”
New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., on Friday reporting a total of 44,000 cases.
Rhode Island has just over 200, and it has begun an aggressive campaign to keep the virus out and New Yorkers contained, over objections from civil liberties advocates.
Raimondo, a Democrat, said she had consulted lawyers and said while she couldn’t close the border, she felt confident she could enforce a quarantine.

Seaside Retreat

Many New Yorkers have summer houses in Rhode Island, especially in tony Newport, and the governor said the authorities would be checking there.
“Yesterday I announced and today I reiterated: Anyone coming to Rhode Island in any way from New York must be quarantined,” the governor said. “By order. Will be enforced. Enforceable by law.”
Raimondo signed an executive order Thursday that applies to anyone who has been in New York during the past two weeks and through at least April 25. It doesn’t apply to public health, public safety, or health-care workers.

National Guard members will be stationed at the T.F. Green airport, Amtrak train stations and at bus stops. The citizen-soldiers will be following up with people at local residences. The maximum penalty for not complying: a fine of $500 and 90 days in prison.
The local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union blasted the new rules, objecting to the collection of motorists’ contact information in particular.

“While the Governor may have the power to suspend some state laws and regulations to address this medical emergency, she cannot suspend the Constitution,” Rhode Island ACLU executive director Steven Brown said in a statement. “Under the Fourth Amendment, having a New York state license plate simply does not, and cannot, constitute ‘probable cause’ to allow police to stop a car and interrogate the driver, no matter how laudable the goal of the stop may be.”

Police Stops

Just before 1 p.m. Friday, state police were set up on Interstate 95 northbound, at the rest stop closest to the Connecticut border. A mile or two before that, motorists could see signs ordering all New York passenger vehicles to pull over at the rest stop.
One trooper could be seen there, checking license plates as cars went by. At the stop itself, a number of officers were assembled around a tent, ready to question vehicle occupants.

Along the same issue, although they aren't going door to door...yet.

 Massachusetts is telling travelers to self-quarantine <<

Sunrise, Coffee and a Train....

Took the coffee outside this morning. 
It's a warm 32°.
The birds are singing. 
A car passes by.
The neighbor's rooster is greeting the sunrise.
The low drone of a freight train slowly passing is in the distance.
For the moment, all is well.

Take a few moments and allow your mind to escape the BULLL$H!T of the "CornVirus" and all of the negative "baggage" attached to it.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Way Thing's Are Going, Seems Legit...

No Shit, huh?

"LIve Free Or Die" In Your House

Hmmm, lets see, how many days is it from March 26, 2020 - May 4, 2020

Oh, only 39 days....

Governor Chris Sununu issued a stay at home order on Thursday, March 26, for New Hampshire residents, in effect until May 4th.  He ordered all non-essential businesses to close, starting at midnight Friday, March 27. The moves are part of the state's broader efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus in New Hampshire.
This page will be updated as we learn more about the governor's order.
Below are answers to some common questions about the new guidelines and what they mean for people in the state.

LINK << 

  I think I might make it.....the state liquor stores are open.

Kick the gorilla’s ass.... Morning Coffee Surf

What Are We Learning?

I’ve seen this movie before. You have too. It’s easy to forget but there’s a ready aid to recollection. Deliberately keep the events of the day at arm’s length. Perspective reminds us that most “momentous” events are forgotten immediately, the rest are forgotten gradually. Only a fraction leave a mark.


John P.A. Ioannidis Weighs in on COVID-19 Response

Are you old enough to remember the EF Hutton (a financial company) advertising “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen” back in the late '70s/early '80s?

In the world of medical science and epidemiology, when John P.A. Ioannidis talks, I listen.  Dr. Ioannidis has been mentioned many times in this column when the topic of junk science comes up (the first, I think and a recent example).  He's the author of what’s widely quoted as one of the most downloaded papers in history, “Why Most Published Research Findings are False 2,” in which he presents data that as much as 70% of published science is wrong.


Why the consumer supply chain is disrupted at present

The Last Refuge recently published an article analyzing why we're experiencing shortages of certain goods, and why the consumer supply chain is disrupted.  It's one of the best explanations I've yet read on the subject.  Here's an excerpt.

MORE HERE and do follow the link to CTH comments 

ALSO NOTE.. Be aware of your surroundings <<  


Words that have come out of our mouth as well as, in our formative years, those of others numerous times throughout our life.
Yes, His Imperial Majesty knows that he’s been saying that a lot already during the Chinese Lung Crud pandemic and we make no apologies for it. Moreover, we’re evidently going to find it necessary to do so a lot more before this nonsense is over, if the continued avalanche of “OMG WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” panic mongering all over the media, social and otherwise is anything to go by.
So be it. Those four words are important in this crisis, in any crisis, and we’re here to tell you why.


We're Not China, We're Not Italy  <<<<

Under that post was this comment.

The media characterization — “EEEEEK! Social distancing, keep everything closed because otherwise Grandma will get infected” — is propaganda.
The purpose of all of these extraordinarily expensive shutdowns is to SLOW DOWN the rate of infection.
Not to keep Grandma from getting infected.
Keep that in mind when listening to the idiot media about “weighing economics” against Grandma’s life, and similar rot.
The numbers of people expected to get infected is the same under the “flatter curve” as it is under the quick, high curve, and a tested vaccine will not be available soon enough to prevent that.
The point of SLOWING DOWN the rate of infection primarily is to not “overwhelm” the medical system, and secondarily to have time to get treatments lined up.
But this is only expected to “save” some portion of the relatively small number of people who get a severe respiratory reaction from COVID-19.
The purpose of not overwhelming medical system, rather, is to make sure that it is available for everything else.
So when weighing the economics versus the “spread”, it isn’t about saving Grandma.
Some same portion of Grandmas and everyone else is going to get infected. It’s only a question of “when”.
And they probably will be fine, like 99% (or more) of people who get infected. The rest will not be fine, just like they are not fine getting the flu, and just like the tens of thousands of feeble or elderly who die from pneumonia every year, and we don’t devastate the economy or destroy the United States or constitutional rights because of that.
Sorry, I know it’s better propaganda to make people think that they are going to “save Grandma from COVID-19”. It’s a twist on a standard propaganda theme: if just one life is saved…
The truth is that we must limit the economic havoc so that it is not a Pyrrhic “victory” and remember that the “shutdowns” are solely in order to make sure that people with other health issues or accidents have medical care providers available.
So it’s important to understand that just as soon as the medical system “can handle” the numbers of severely impacted COVID-19 patients coming in, have their masks, have their ventilators, have their beds… everything MUST start up again.
It is simply not about “saving Grandma”.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID 19, the Elephant, and the House Cat

Image result for image Elephant cat together  

 This is very eye opening piece about the "COVID-19 Virus" and the hype surrounding it. The pop-up ads are a little annoying, but they can be navigated. So, why all the hype? The media and .GOV says "look here". What should we really be seeing or where should we be looking? This article states at the time of it's writing there had been 276 deaths in the United States from COVID 19. Compared to other illnesses such as tuberculosis, this number of deaths is very, very low. I know it isn't comparing apples to apples medically, but how many have died in car accidents, drug overdoses, black on black crime in the cities? All of these and more are social ills. Where is the outrage fear mongering,  draconian measures such as quarantine, and all the hype? Let not your heart be troubled. These thing too will pass away.

Image result for domestic cat

Read the article HERE.

H/T to Irish

I Wonder Who Her Handlers Are?

sent in by RK.

Monday, March 23, 2020

CNN Headline: Maria Svarbova finds beauty in socialist-era swimming pools

It is the typical "artsy-fartsy" sugar-coated story showing some ladies in swimsuits in old pools, etc. (click bait) . The real story here is these pools were built during the socialist/communist times in eastern Europe particularly Czechoslovakia. etc. The artist also talks about groups practicing mass gymnastics so and so forth. Below is one of the pictures and here is the link if anyone is interested. Link to the original story.

What the author failed to mention is the fact that the pools and other social amenities might be nice for a short time when they were built but such programs always fail miserably. I wonder why she did not include socialist built swimming pools such as these that was built by some National Socialists just a few years prior to the ones in the story.

Image result for europa europa swimming pool

I forget where this was filmed, but it was a nazi era pool (Europa, Europa 1990)

Image result for Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee

Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee in Berlin, German was built in 1938 for the Liebstandarte Adolf Hilter (Hitler's personal bodyguard detachment that later became an elite Waffen SS fighting regiment 1. LSSAH). It is still in use today.

                                                                      Oh, and here are some mass gymnastics.

It Appears China Is Getting Back To Work...fwiw

New data of #COVID-19 effects on the significant decline of nitrogen dioxide over China, now again increasing as lockdown is over.


 The new data analysis by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite reveals significant changes in the air pollution across China. Data analysis between late December and mid-March shows a significant decline in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions during China’s national lockdown in January and February, followed by an increase of air pollution once the national lockdown is canceled as life and industrial activity is returning back. We can see the very high values of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions before the lockdown, much lower values during quarantine and again higher values after it was canceled. This decline of emissions is a factual effect of the nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

♫♫ Please Enjoy This Music While The World Slowly Spins Out Of Control ♫♫

Tannerite Failure/Microwave to the face: I hope the lucky bastard ran out and bought some lottery tickets!

                                                                                         H/T to Bob from Kentucky

Missed It By That Much...

Is It Me?

  Do I watch every commercial and notice the subtle and sometimes not so subtle agenda? Yes.

Do you?

This commercial below was aired earlier.

 I grew up with Life Cereal. I remember the tag-line and "Mikey".

 Fast forward to 2020, I was surprised ( not really) to see this:


How To Handle Quarantine, should make you smile.

The COVID Tracking Project...Italy Death Rate...Evidence over hysteria..

  Coffee surfing this morning... Again, FYI, YMMV, FWIW, WYSIWYG

One of my readers emailed a link to the article by Aaron Ginn below. When I went to the Author's twitter page I found this link:

Up To Date Tracking

The COVID Tracking Project collects information from 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and 5 other US territories to provide the most comprehensive testing data we can collect for the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. We attempt to include positive and negative results, pending tests, and total people tested for each state or district currently reporting that data.



I was scrolling through the data and then went back to the sites home page.

At the bottom, I see they link to some enemedia sites:


You can choose to dissect this article if you like. From what I can tell it was on Medium then taken down. Zerohedge has it posted:

Written by AARON GINN <<<  : (twitter )

The following article is a systematic overview of COVID-19 driven by data from medical professionals and academic articles that will help you understand what is going on (sources include CDC, WHO, NIH, NHS, University of Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, NEJM, JAMA, and several others). I’m quite experienced at understanding virality, how things grow, and data. In my vocation, I’m most known for popularizing the “growth hacking movement” in Silicon Valley that specializes in driving rapid and viral adoption of technology products. Data is data. Our focus here isn’t treatments but numbers. You don’t need a special degree to understand what the data says and doesn’t say. Numbers are universal.
I hope you walk away with a more informed perspective on how you can help and fight back against the hysteria that is driving our country into a dark place. You can help us focus our scarce resources on those who are most vulnerable, who need our help.
Note: The following graphs and numbers are as of mid-March 2020. Things are moving quickly, so I update this article twice a day. Most graphs are as of March 20th, 2020.


An article about Italy that I found in the comments: 


Why have so many coronavirus patients died in Italy?

The country's high death toll is due to an ageing population, overstretched health system and the way fatalities are reported

The coronavirus pandemic is exacting a heavy toll on Italy, with hospitals overwhelmed and a nationwide lockdown imposed. But experts are also concerned about a seemingly high death rate, with the number of fatalities outstripping the total reported in China.
Of the 47,000 people confirmed coronavirus patients in Italy, 4,032 so far have died - with a record increase of 627 in the last 24 hours.
By contrast China has almost twice as many cases, 81,250, but 3,253 fatalities. 
In very crude terms, this means that around eight per cent of confirmed coronavirus patients have died in Italy, compared to four per cent in China. By this measure Germany, which has so far identified 13,000 cases and 42 deaths, has a fatality rate of just 0.3 per cent
So why the disparity?  



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