Saturday, February 1, 2020

"Remember These?" Part 2... Where Are They Now.....

Jeffery sent me on a mission with my morning coffee.

These are the ladies, in order, from the earlier post

After some google-fu the images below are what I came up.

Carmen Pope.  Very little information or images. Penthouse Pet 1978 and 1983

Link to some more photos at adult site **  xhampster <<  

Which I'm sure that some of you will remember.

Carol Imhof. Very little information. Playboy 1970
Link to some more photos at adult site **  xhampster <<  

Debra Harry

Barbara Eden

Barbara Hershey

Christy Canyon

Brinke Stevens

Catherine Bach


Saturday Morning Rush To Get The Donuts...

The Kids won't be happy....

Remember these?

Image result for carol imhof playboy plus

barbara eden

barbara hershey pqJ1tetnf6o8_400

christy canyon rhp4nco1_1280[1]

catherine bach 2H1rj28rmo1_1280[1]

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Good info: If you know and are good to go, forward this to someone who is not familiar with the basics of using a compass. This is about as simple as I've ever heard it explained.

The Legend of Baltimore Jack

 Baltimore Jack, a beloved Appalachian Trail legend, died in May 2016.

This story is about a guy who became sort of a legend on the Appalachian Trail among "through hikers". It is a pretty good read, but a little long. I thought I'd post it here. It is an interesting story that is a microcosm of some of the more eccentric types who take refuge in the back-country escaping from "whatever". If this sort of thing piques your interest, read the entire story by clicking HERE.

Starting the weekend early

Monday, January 27, 2020

I haven't had time lately to locate a worthy post about guns, tools, preps, or politics, but here is something to temporarily keep most of you occupied for a day or two..

Damn, If This Ain't Bahston....

 This is funny.....!!

h/t again to MultilingualMob

Nakers.... You Decide.

  I think Mark Dice sums up the situation over Alison Morris's on air comment:

"MSNBC has helped create the Cancel Culture we're living in, which has no regard for facts or reasonable explanations, so I can't say I feel sorry for you now that the mob is coming for you! Hows it feel to get a dose of your own medicine?"

I found a clip of the original and then slowed it to about .75 speed. You decide.

( For the record, if  she worked for FOX or OAN,  The leftist media would be playing the clip non- stop until she were fired.)

 Normal speed:

 Slowed to .75 speed


"Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine to 1980" This Dude Could Be President Some Day...

40 years ago,

H/t to MultilingualMob in a previous comment

Sunday, January 26, 2020

"In Remote Areas, How Do They Trim Trees Around High Tension Wires?" You Ask.

Almost 20 Years Ago This Was Released.... One of the first viral videos...

405 is a three-minute film released in June 2000. It was produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt on a US$300 budget, using significantly self-taught skills with personal computers. As the first short film to have become widely distributed on the Internet, 405 is also one of the first, if not the first, viral videos. It immediately became notable as an early example of the revolution in digital filmmaking and the use of broadband Internet as a channel to distribute media, and the results rival that of many major film and television production studios at the time.

Jeremy Hunt founded SCREAMING DEATH MONKEY << 

Bruce Banit started BanitFX

Hey Barkley, Check Out My New Ikea Wine Rack....

  Must have missed this page....

Make Sure To Put Down Your Coffee Before Proceding.....

  HAHAHAHAHHA<<<<  link

Check Out These Auctions in Chambersburg Pennsylvania. Small lathes, sanders, tools , all look in great shape.

 Last week, while searching for a used optical comparator, I happened up this gov surplus auction site.

Disclaimer.. I have no affiliation with or have done any business with them. If anyone has, please leave feedback in the comments.

That being said, I have been perusing it off and on.

This auction on Wednesday the 29th has some decent equipment for sale.

Here's some snippets and links below.

 After that go the MAIN SITE and you can search for all kinds of online surplus auctions in various states.   

Trust me when I say it's a time sink. Enjoy.


LINK HERE For below<<<