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Was The Colorado Shooting Staged?

You can read this and decide for yourself.... 

  >His behavior doesn't add up. <

His behavior already reveals stark inconsistencies that question the mainstream explanation of events. For example, he opened fire on innocent people but then calmly surrendered to police without resistance. This is not consistent with the idea of "killing everyone." Furthermore, he then admitted to police that his apartment was booby-trapped with explosives. If you were really an evil-minded Joker trying to kill people (including cops), why would you warn them about the booby trap in advance? It doesn't add up. 

Thanks to cmblake

Men Who Throw Like Obama....

Men Throwing Rocks With The Other Hand from Juan Etchegaray on Vimeo.

Meanwhile in Texas?

Meanwhile in Russia.... Watch The Whole Thing..

Good Morning To Bob at The Drawn Cutlass

..... he keeps me in line. 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

G..nite.... wirecutter edition

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WHOA... New York is Coming Around?

Ladies and Gentlemen.. The President and First Lady! ain't they just presidential?

Romney Ad...This Company is A Few Towns Over From Me....

Here's Some Perspective..Obama Was Channelling Fauxcahontus


After experiencing the discomfort and embarrassment of a colonoscopy in Alabama, I decided to have my next one carried out while visiting friends in San Francisco, where the beautiful nurses are allegedly much more gentle and accommodating. As I lay naked on my side on the table, the gorgeous nurse began my procedure. "Don't worry, at this stage of the procedure it's quite normal to get an erection," the nurse told me. "I haven't got an erection," I replied. "No, but I have," replied the nurse. Don't get a colonoscopy in San Francisco

Hitler Finds Out He Didn't Build The Nazi Party...

I threw this together at lunch on a tip from Angymike. I'm sure there are many ways to change this.

Man's Best Friend and Protector.....



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wirecutter is taking a break.......

Kenny commented recently on one of my posts:

Hey, I killed it this afternoon. Man, I've got so much shit going on in my life with family and III stuff that it was getting to be a real chore. I was having to force myself to go post something, you know? When it gets to that point, it's time to piss on the fire, call in the dogs and head for the Big House.

Ken, we all hope this is only a short term hiatus and you will be back back with all your snark and anti Obama, anti Fed rants...oh ya and Milfy Mondays.

Stay Safe Blogbuddy!



Straight up tonight.....

Knuckledraggin is gone?

Hey Wirecutter, 

Alot of people are missing you. 


♫♫Rush - Something for Nothing... very apropos given the recent comments by Obama.... ♫♫

Neil Peart is a genius. This was written back in the '70's.

On a side note my  favorite masterpiece is "2112" a concept song that Neil acknowledges
Ayn Rands book Anthem and he credits her genius ideas. If you have never heard
it you should check it out

Rush...Something For Nothing.

Waiting for the winds of change
To sweep the clouds away
Waiting for the rainbow's end
To cast it's gold your way
Countless ways
You pass the days

Waiting for someone to call
And turn your world around
Looking for an answer
To the question you have found
Looking for
An open door

You don't get something for nothing
You can't have freedom for free
You won't get wise
With the sleep still in your eyes
No matter what your dreams might be

What you own is your own kingdom
What you do is your own glory
What you love is your own power
What you live is your own story
In your head is the answer
Let it guide you along
Let your heart be the anchor
And the beat of your own song

You don't get something for nothing
You can't have freedom for free
You won't get wise
With the sleep still in your eyes
No matter what your dreams might be

I'm Never Using Fossil Fuels Again*.. This HAS to Stop..

Melting of Arctic sea ice threatens local habitats and is due to oil drilling, industrial fishing and militarization. On part of its global awareness campaign ‘Save The Arctic’, Greenpeace teamed up with actor Jude Law and rock band Radiohead to create this heart touching video. In search of food, a homeless polar bear roams in the street of London.



A Blind Irish Guy......

...... walks into a bar with his dog. He grab's the dog by the tail start's swinging him around his head round and round,

 The Bartender say's "what the fuck are you doing?????"

Irish guy say's "Oh just lookin around."

2012..... People Are Awesome....

I'm Still PISSED... Please Share These....

I just did a quick google search of "you didn't build that" . This meme needs to be spread far and wide....

These are from various sites that the search hit:

Okay,  We'll Give him the first one......

Hey Barackhole.....

You and your Goonie Goo Goo Wife haven't worked an honest day in your life. Now you have the audacity to say the following:

"If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

How dare you, how dare you belittle all the hard work that millions of small business owners have put into their own PRIVATE businesses?

I have decided since you feel that everyone else built my shop I will forward you my landlord's address so you can pay the rent. The quarterlies are due, you can pay those. How about the machine leases?
Can I send you my payroll tax liability for the month? How about my stock and tooling bill? I'll throw in the gas bill, insurance bill , workman's comp bill, electric bill, freight bill, water bill, registration and inspection bills and on and on and on....

I'll send these all along to you so you can have everyone that helped me build this business help to pay them, how's that sound? 

This is what I built ...NOT YOU!

Modern Day Ben Hur.......

via dashi's

Jonah Falcon.....Must Not Be Irish

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A man famous for having one of the largest penises on record told CBS San Francisco that he was recently frisked by TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport after they suspected he was hiding something in his pants.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

G-nite......Rule 5 NSFW

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If you find this offensive, please pass it along to someone who will appreciate it…………

That Feeling.... I've Had It Too..... *UPDATED

It appears to be an Austrailian Possum.. this girl is from Sydney Australia according to her twitter page.  Here is a picture of an Australian Possum:

WHOA!..Somebody Benefitted From Playing GTA!

Dukes Of Hazzard 2020

..when all the green policies have been implemented....

She Won't Drown At The Beach On This Scorcher of A Day....

NSFW if you click the pic....

Amish Kids Flash Mob At Walmart in Florida...

300 Plus kids at a Walmart in Florida.

Uncharted Meteor Stike In Oklahoma? Near Westville

Are any of my readers near Westville OK?  Check this out:

I found this link in the side bar over at  "ACEOFSPADES"

Mystery Google Earth Coordinates:
36° 1'22.58"N, 94°42'4.24"W
Paste these coordinates into the Google Earth search field or hit satellite view in Google Maps. Hint: Um, crater? Answer: I can't be sure, of course, but it looks like an uncharted impact crater about .3 mile wide. Any impact crater-ologists around?
Added: If it is an undiscovered crater, it must be called "Ace of Spades." Or "Brewer-o-Crater," but I think simply "Ace of Spades" sounds better. 

That does look like a crater and there is no information that I can find on the webz about it.

Don't Mess With Women and Their Money.....

Jay G. Needs To Upgrade His Dodge....

My blogfather Over at MArooned should step up to the Diesel Dodge Earthf#$@er 

Remember This Day?

Monday, July 16, 2012

G-nite....Rule 5 NSFW

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Monday Night Handbras.....KNSFW

A handbra (also hand bra or hand-bra) is a photographic pose in which a female model's breast's are covered with her own hands or with someone else's.

Scrap Metal Art...... Amazing...!!

Scrap Metal Art Work is a collectable metal art form that was created in Thailand and is unique to this country. Sculptures are made from used steel parts from Cars, Bikes & many other forms of scrap metal. Each item is painstakingly constructed by very talented local Thai artists with a lot of patience, imagination and dedication to their work. The finished product is a highly polished and exquisitely detailed piece of art that is simply stunning & unique.

 via don't panic

Remember Bearack The Democrat Bear?

When he was waiting patiently for his handouts promised by TheOne?

We'll it looks like he has fallen on tough times with all this Hope and Change....

The Best Way To Deal With Somali Pirates...

...but we don't have the balls.....

When My Computer Freezes......

Dragon's Breath 12ga. Rounds.....

Fire And Brimstone Approach....

 By Craig Andresen on April 19, 2012

It’s going to be an ugly campaign. We all know it and we’re ready for it but it’s going to the ugliest and nastiest and dirtiest campaign in history. Regardless of whom the GOP nominee turns out to be, why NOT take the early lead? If the GOP Nominee takes this advice, it will send a clear message to the Republican establishment that conservatives aren’t going to do business as usual any more. It would shake the establishment and pull together conservative voters. Even if the establishment candidate, Romney, becomes the nominee and adopts this measure, HE would pull together the conservative vote.

Here is a little something else this would do…It would shake the Obama campaign to its core.
As soon as the 1,144 delegates are in hand, WHOEVER garners them either at the convention or before…put this into motion.
Rather than a leisurely march toward a VP nominee or a surprise VP announcement like we got in 2008, vet the possible VPs NOW and stand ready to announce the running mate in a nationally televised press conference the day after the delegates are in hand.

Make the VP choice…Allen West.


The Irish Mirror....

After living in the remote countryside of Ireland all his life, an old
Irishman decided it was time to visit Dublin .
In one of the stores, he picks up a mirror and looks into it.
Not ever having seen a mirror before, he remarked at the image
staring back at him.
'How 'bout that! he exclaims, 'Here's a picture of my Fadder.'
He bought the mirror thinking it was a picture of his dad, but on the
way home he remembered his wife didn't like his father, so he hung it in
the shed, and every morning before leaving to go fishing, he would go
there and look at it.
His wife began to get suspicious of his many trips to the shed.
So, one day after her husband left, she went to the shed and found the
As she looked into the glass, she fumed, 'So that's the ugly bitch
he's running around with.'
H/T to Phyllis

I Would Like To Thank Everyone Else...

Thank you to all the people that have given me the entrepreneurial spirit to open the businesses that I have worked on in my life. I know now, according to President Ladies Tee, that I didn't have anything to do with the hard work and long hours and blood , sweat and tears that I put into those businesses. It was everyone else that made them successful or not. It was everyone else that laid awake at night worrying sometimes. It was everyone else that paid the taxes. It was everyone else that helped struggling employees. It was everyone else that answered that alarm company at 2:00 a.m. when the alarm went off. It was everyone else that signed their life away on leases and loans for equipment. It was everyone else that went without pay when things were slow. It was everyone else that had to deal with lawyers and the courts when the two of the businesses closed. It was everyone else that worked 7 days awake when necessary. It was everyone else that answered the phone when customers were pissed. It was everyone else that turned around and went back to make sure the doors were locked at night. It was everyone else that sat for 6 hours at the IRS audit. It was everyone else that made the businesses what they were... Me I guess I must have been along for the ride....................

So to everyone else I raise my glass, THANK YOU!!

This rant came from comments made by "SHITHEAD"

Obama - 'If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen'

and to you, Obama,   I say.....


Donated Clothes Go To Help The Poor In Other Countries.....

Monday Morning Made Me Laugh... ( I got this in a text)

Yipppee! It's Monday.... Said No One Ever....