Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney Ad...This Company is A Few Towns Over From Me....


  1. Your company Gilchrist, and thousands of others like it, built from the ground up are the BACKBONE of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Not the muslim in the White House, not the likes of a union like the SEIU (spit) and most certainly NOT big gov't.

    I am not totally anti-union as I have been on both sides, through strikes, been attacked by teamsters but believe that a well run company that has excellent workers takes care of them and no union is needed. Sadly, not always the case

    I raise one more IPA (OK, maybe two or three and a GOOD ceegar) to you, Gilchist Metal, and all those who keep the America I grew up in and and love, running and still exceptional in spite of gov't atempts to kill small and mid size companies off through increasing taxation and too much gov't regulation.

    Here is a fine example of 'gubermint' overreach:

    I have worked for some very fine small companies and knew firsthand the hassles, worries and many, many sleepless nights those owners suffered through.

  2. That is the best stuff I have seen from Romney. Actually inspiring, and few political ads ever reach that.


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