Saturday, September 3, 2022

Mentions in Brandon's Speech

Has anyone noticed how quiet the MSM has been on this topic? Except for a few "even ____________ has been critical of President Biden's speech"  referencing some minor sound byte made by one of the leftist talking heads representing one of the networks,  all have been mum. Even "fair and balanced" FOX has been very low key in regards to reporting this national embarrassment too. Imagine if Donald Trump had conducted himself in a similar manner while sitting in the Oval Office.


Thursday, September 1, 2022

Sounds legit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

 Russian oil executive who criticized war in Ukraine is dead after reportedly falling out of a hospital window in Moscow.

For more details regarding this and two other suspicious high profile deaths click HERE.

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Amazing Huge Ball & Butterfly Valve Production


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Meanwhile in New Hampshire...

  May be pardoned and given a job with the Biden admin...



A Manchester woman will spend more than 20 years in state prison after being convicted of attempted murder.

The Hillsborough County Attorney's Office said Jimi Denise Bryant pleaded guilty Wednesday and was sentenced to 22 to 50 years behind bars.

In August of 2020, authorities said Bryant tried to strangle her roommate from behind in their Manchester apartment. The victim broke free and ran outside. Bryant followed and caught the victim in the courtyard of the apartment complex. Police said she used two kitchen knives to stab the victim 42 times in the face and body.

The victim survived the attack after being rushed to Elliot Hospital. Police said Bryant was wearing what they described as an "adult sized onesie" at the time of the attempted murder.

Authorities said the incident happened over a "love triangle gone wrong." Court documents said Bryant hired the victim as a nanny, then accused the victim of getting into a sexual relationship with her boyfriend... ( Read That Again )

Attorney Thomas J. Craig prosecuted the case. He said in a statement, "Ms. Bryant committed a horrendous and violent act which demanded a serious penalty. This sentence provides justice for the victim in this case. With this plea there will be no appeal."




Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Screaming Eagles


General Maxwell D. Taylor, commanding officer of the 101st 

This year's summer marks the 80th anniversary of the activation of a celebrated American Army division. The 101st Airborne Division came into existence on August 16, 1942, and the "Screaming Eagles" quickly soared to legendary status. With a proud service history in World War II, Vietnam, and more recently Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations, they are a shining example of American military excellence.
The history of the 101st arguably began in World War I, when the 101st Infantry Division was set up. Its headquarters was organized 9 days before the end of the war, so the unit didn't see action, and was reconstituted in the Organized Reserves in 1921. The division was stationed in Wisconsin at this time, and reached back to the state's Civil War history for its identity. The Screaming Eagle, which appears on the division unit patch today, was adopted during this period. It refers to a real bald eagle named Old Abe (Read our earlier article: Old Abe, the original Screaming Eagle), who was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment. The black shield on which the eagle is depicted in the unit patch is also a Civil War reference, to the Iron Brigade, another unit with Wisconsin connections whose soldiers wore black hats.

Read the entire story Here.

This is from: Beaches of Normandy Tours

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Does Anyone Have a Decent Dash Cam, Front and Rear Facing?


 The shit I see on the daily commute is crazy.  I would like to protect myself in the off chance

something happens and I have to fight the insurance company.

I have read reviews and watch comparison videos on youtube.

Some items are battery vs capacitor.

SD card vs cloud.

Length of looping before over writing. 

Phone app. I kinda like that idea.

GPS, parking sensing, speed recording etc.

I just wanted to see what the fans are using if anything at all and what kind of luck you've had.


Helping Cederq with a Stumper...


 Does anyone recognize this item?  It looks like an old hitch of some kind.

 I sent it to Cederq yesterday



Monday, August 29, 2022

Are You Starting To See This?..


 This comment, that I grabbed a screenshot of, says a lot. 

I have seen some of the rhetoric back and forth and experienced it over the weekend.

One person I was talking to was all in on DeSantis and hoped Trump wouldn't run.

No one, at least for now, is pushing the RINO segment of the triad.


Thoughts on this statement? Who is behind the fracturing?

Can't we all just get along on the right side of the aisle?