Saturday, May 11, 2019

Thanks For The Concern, I Was Only Kidding...

 So far so good. I added a row of lights for LED bulbs and a quad box outlet for #whatever.

I was joking about the +/-.  I should have added a disclaimer.


Morning Projects....

 Now that I've stopped dreaming about being a gazzilionaire I'm off to add some light fixtures in the attic. .

 Given the knowledge that our electrical grid is old and outdated , you'll know if I fuck up the positive and negative.

And Now A Word From Our Esteemed Democrap Leaders....

Lofty Goals and All BUT , Mine Would Be Different.....

This image from Drudge got me thinking.....

(link to article here )

 Just sitting here with my morning coffee wondering what I would be focusing on with an extra

PER. YEAR.  to spend. ( read that again I'll wait )

First would be a private ISLAND and a boat with crew:

 Then, a private retreat up NORTH 

Some nice transportation

Oh ya, and some body guards:

Ya, I know what you're saying, "that's rather immature and shallow Irish" but hey, I would still have  upwards of 900,000,000 or so to spend in the first year alone.

My real lofty goal would be to fund ways to expose all the corruption in local govenments here
in New England. In parellel I would fund all good conservative politicians and conservative lawyers. ( ya we need them ) All in an effort to drive the liberals out of New England. All, legally of course.  I would fund and or invest in the best private research for heart disease, cancer, alzheimers etc. All cause so much pain and suffering here on our planet.

We might get back to the moon and maybe someday to Mars but my shortsightedness tells me that amount of annual money would be best spent fixing where we are. 

Especially when we only have 12 years left:


Friday, May 10, 2019


Someone started Happy Hour Early.......

Three Cheers For The Students/Faculty/Parents Who Got Up And Walked Away From The Political Rally Disguised As A Memorial

Reader Leigh in Whitehall summed it up pretty well when he emailed me this comment:  " I saw where the kids of that school are beginning to see the blood dancers for what they really are: morbid opportunists. They don't give a damn about the children or anyone else's safety - only their own agenda. Standing on corpses to soapbox from, is standard operating procedure. People are getting sick of it."

It makes me proud to see young people seeing through the cloud of smoke and mirror politics using guns as the problem. Two freaks who openly loathe Christians and Donald Trump decide to claim their thirty seconds of fame and the media and liberal politicians cream their britches thinking this is an anti-gunner's wet dream. Shame on them and credit to the kids for exposing them for what they are, Charlatans. PS: watch the  nine minute video following this one for the real shit show.

H/T to Bob in KY and Leigh in Whitehall.

The Good Ol' Days....

Thursday, May 9, 2019

FOR THE CHOP IT: Worker chops off his own penis and testicles using ultra-sharp ceramic knife and ice-cold water in bid to ‘become a nullo’

Trent James from Washington DC identifies as "non binary" and claims to still enjoy sex with his boyfriend even after the grisly castration. Read all about it HERE.


The Luck Of The Irish Finally Stops To Visit....

 It's not to often I get a little additional luck in my direction. So this was a total surprise.

Last week I had posted a link to Bulkmunitions Spring Giveaway and then forgot about it.

You know, life gets in the way, "I'll never win" yada yada yada....

Well, to say the least, I was shocked to get an email from Jamie saying I had won!

Thanks to all of you who entered by clicking the link I had posted. I promise to be thankful 

when I'm at the range :) 


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bath salts? Full On zombie? Terrorist attack by a crazed goat humper?

The truth is we will probably never know with any degree of certainty due to the proliferation of fake new what caused a machete wielding man to go on the attack today at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama today. I got a text alert from a local news affiliate stating that a gunman had wounded one and maybe more on the this campus today. Not long after the crazed man stepped off a bus and headed towards the campus proper he was promptly "lit up" by what one witness described as "25-30" gunshots. The witness said the man was "down, but his eyes were still open". 


Image result for image of bloody African with machete

Read the entire story HERE.

Substitute American for Australian


H/T to Bob in Kentucky

So, That's Where They Get The Wool For Kilts...

A cheeky farmer is winding up American tourists by spray-painting her sheep tartan – and claiming it’s caused by the animals drinking popular Scottish soft drink, Irn-Bru.
Owner Maxine Scott, 62, used her skills with a spray-can to brighten up ewes April and Daisy.
Scott puts up a sign pretending that the sheep turn bright orange naturally and that their fleeces are then used to make tartan wool for kilts and blankets.


h/t to Leigh and Tony