Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Femme Fatale....

That Moment ... When All Of Hillary's Pay To Players Come Looking For Their Money.....

This IS Awesome... Alternate Title.. Fuck Shia LaBouf

"A bunch of autists on the internet just committed a meticulously planned nighttime operation against an enemy installation." -Anon

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♫♫ Strung Up From The Sky.... by Pelican ♫♫ Post Metal Instrumental... Thanks Pandora.....

This just caught my ear on the bunker sound system:

Pelican is a post-metal quartet from Des Plaines,[1] Illinois. Established in 2000, the band stems from their native post-metal scene and is known for their atmospheric and almost entirely instrumental style. They have released five studio albums and four EPs and gained television exposure.


Why You Should Never Trust A Mail Order Bikini Company....

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Scientist 1: "Hey guys! Lets build a network of satellites that can control the weather so that we don't have to deal with natural disasters anymore!"

Scientist 2: "I don't know... Something tells me this might not be such a good idea..."

 Scientist 1: "Aww, c'mon! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?"

(  I stole the above description from a comment by Corisparks over at youtube)
( check out the comments too LINK<< )

Was It Angel?

An unidentified woman left the road and struck a "semi-famous" local landmark this week. 

Below is what it looked like before the accident.

New Study Reveals What Neanderthals Ate and Whom They Kissed, etc.

A very interesting study of microbes reveal "knuckledraggers" were swapping spit with other hominoids at least 120,000 years ago. The study also reveals much about their diet and general health.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This Guy Is Nuts.. updated video .

The helmet is a nice touch, but at the speed of terminal velocity it is only for looks.

Monday, March 6, 2017

I'll See Your Kraft Mac and Cheese And Raise Ya............

A Few Things From Weekend Webz Surfing......


 The ZMAN  guest posts over at The Burning Platform.

Here's a couple of his posts for your perusal:

It’s All Fake

 The Destroyer of Worlds


 Moving on to some good ones found in the comments at Gateway Pundit ...



 ..and finally a short film that was also in the comments ( by CLS)  at GatewayPundit with the 

caption: "The GOP should watch this" :