Saturday, September 19, 2020

When You See It.....






 h/t to L in Portugal, thanks!



Please Feel Free To Enjoy This Schadenboner* Moment ( full clip of the RBG screamer posted earlier)

 If you chose to look up the tiktok account of the screamer, she identifies as a, you already probably knew this,


 * What does schadenboner mean?: Taking really, REALLY immense pleasure in the misfortune of some loathesome person-like creature.

Musical Interlude... ♫♫ I Want To Take You With Me...♫♫ Robin Trower

Over at EX's place he posted the great song "Bridge of Sighs" << 


Which reminded me of this song from the 2003  "Living out of Time" Album 


Robin Trower was supposed to play locally but they are rescheduling it.


Beautiful Sweater Weather Around These Parts...














As The Liberals Awake To The News Of RBG.. They Head Off To Starbucks....

Interested Forest Fire Damage.. Maybe A Professional Can Explain?


Mountainboy left this comment on an earlier post:

There is a side link on that site, showing burnt cabins/homes with zero forest burned around the building sites, I should have counted the cabins burned 7-8?, surrounding forest-zero. This gives rise to the question: Is the media and govt suppressing news that antifa is burning private property? Yo Feral, with your wide spread reader net can we get the true story behind this and if so, publicize the hell out of it. my damn phone kept going off when I was trying to study the site and so I don't trust my judgement on this yet. Please take a look, it might be something, maybe not. Stay safe. 

I went back and found this twitter post which I think MB is referencing:

This is drone footage captured during the Paradise CA fires from 2018?. Here is a link to the site. You can explore some very high resolution 360° drone images. LINK<<<  

Here is a quick video on how to navigate for best viewing once you get to the site imho:



I was starting to believe she really was the masterpiece of a very talented taxidermist


Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. I hope she got right with the Lord before she passed. Nonetheless, her time on Earth is through and a new SCOTUS will be appointed. Her last wish was "not to be replaced until a new president is installed". Ruth should have known that we cannot wait four years to replace her.  I hope President Trump fills her seat before her body is cold. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale... Enjoy....







Interlude post.. Supreme Court Fight .. Incoming!!

 RBG has passed away.

Addendum to the post below to clarify the cryptic..

  It was early am, I didn't have enough coffee, and I was still pissed from the day before.

Here is the cliff note- bullet points ( if you want a FFF, this is the only way I can get there)

First off, all due respect to my Conservative California readers.


Ok, here is the "libtardia" side of the title in the post below:

There is a Cali ( libtardia)  transplant now in  our " Live Free or Die State"

Scared shitless of teh Kovid, loves Kamala hates Trump

Gets tested for teh Kovid every few weeks.. <<<wtf??  sooner or later a false positive is only gonna happen. /they'll shit pants/ causes major issue for our four walls.

Decides we are NOT following mask policy to their liking. We have facial recognition temp taking and non contact every morning. Other than rectal I'm not quite sure how they can do anything else. Maybe this?

Said,  Califruitopia transplant  "my voice has to be heard!"  Goes up the corporate ladder 3-4 rungs, first shot, bypasses internal, with emails and complaints.

 Oh ya, they just gotta be heard by someone that doesn't have a fucking inkling of knowledge about what we do and where we are geographically and that the actual fucking cases around here are shall we say, minimal?

  That's my face to face with real libtardia. There are others in our organization but this one is dangerous.



noun1. The act or process of accepting

Now, the parties in TPTB suits are in a tizzy. WHAT??  OMG??  ELEVENTY!! 

They apply no logic, no common sense.

 ( Like back in the days of yore when the party that needs a binky would be told:

"If you don't feel safe, work from home. If you don't like that, there's the door. Oh ya, and here's your sign")

Now the beehive is stirred, they send our management emails, shit flows down hill, everyone in line gets a paddle on the ass and moral drops a little more because #onepersons feelings.

This is the mind set today. Risk management, don't trigger anyone, you can't hurt anyone's feelings, 50 plus employees must be made to act the way one employee feels they should based on policies written by corporate lawyers that are conflicting and vague.....  

I need another beer and gotta get to the FFF before you guys lynch me.......

be back soon.....














I Have Stared Libtardia And Acquiescence In The Face...


 So the word of today is:


Be back later.....

Thursday, September 17, 2020

I Agree....













"Watch It Before It Disappears"...


 That was the note I got in my inbox last night. It took me a while to track down the creator. The watermark in the corner is a bit blurred so I tried various searches that finally led me to "solsmemes". 

I couldn't find it on the twitter feed there so it may have been taken down or it was posted a while ago.

Please go visit there and enjoy some really good memes and links <<<<  

I do not claim ownership and did not create this. Share it if you like before it disappears.

This was the only way I could find to share it:

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dreading The Day... and it's only Tuesday...


 I take one day off and by the looks of things, at zero-dark-thirty-something a.m., this week is gonna be a long one. Too much to do, not enough hours in the day, and the sun setting earlier and earlier doesn't help. I know it happens every year but, lately, it seems to happen all of sudden.

More coffee...needed.


One last thing, I saw this yesterday as I traveled across state lines to the PROM.  (People's Republic of Massachusetts).  I see what he did there 😁.



I'll be around, stay safe out there.

Monday, September 14, 2020

I wasn't aware that Mexican police were trained social counselors.

 We were fortunate enough to catch some footage showing the policia assisting a young man in modifying his behavioral problem of stealing cars. Perhaps this method could help some of our troubled peoples in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, NYC, and other hotspots across our nation where behavior is in dire need of modification. Note that the dreaded "chokehold" wasn't even necessary. 

H/T to Rusty @ Lakeshore

Black Privilege: Ten Quick Examples: Hear Me Out


H/T to Ed in Moulton

I Won't Be Going To Jasper Anytime Soon

JASPER, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Jasper is stepping up it’s mask enforcement policy by issuing tickets for not wearing a mask.

“Everybody has been fairly compliant when we ask them," Jasper Pickers Owner Greg Faulkner said. “Most people have been very comfortable with that. We’ve had a few, they tell us that they have a medical condition and we just say 'okay, hope you stay safe."

“We make announcements periodically and ask everyone to make sure they stay six feet apart and wear masks,” Faulkner said.

But, Jasper Mayor David O' Mary said some people are not adhering to the mask mandate. He gave a weekly update on the city website and addressed it.

"We have had people that have been very defiant with our police officers about the mask order,“ Mayor O’ Mary said. “Defiant to the point of telling our officers to go fly a kite and paying our officers no attention.”

Mayor O' Mary said Jasper police will be ticketing those who refuse to wear a mask.

“The city of Jasper has no desire to put a hardship on you and cost you money, but if you do elect to be defiant of the law, then we will have no choice but to give you a citation," O' Mary said.

Mayor O' Mary said that citation could cost up to $500. He said police will only issue tickets if a person refuses after being asked first by the officer.

“In small town Alabama, people are still going to try and ignore it," resident Josh Nation said. “It’ll just depend on how serious they are about enforcing it.”

“I don’t think it is going to matter," Faulkner said. “I mean as much as everybody is wearing these everywhere, if they aren’t going to wear it then they aren’t going to wear it.”

The statewide mask mandate is set to be re-evaluated on October 2nd where it could be extended.