Saturday, April 6, 2024

You Can Tell A Lot About These Two In This Short Clip....











Mass vs New Hampshire...







♫♪♫ His grandkids gonna have to come to terms that this is no longer their grandpa this OUR grandpa*... ♫♪♫

 * fitting comment posted on the first video.

  Last night, while putting together the post for FFFF I was listening to some music. On the rotation

Snuff, by Slipknot came on. For me, it's a powerful song that digs deep into emotion. It's always one

that gets the volume turned up. I broke away from the blog and hit youtube to find the live version.

As that was playing I saw this one on the sidebar as related. Damn.. what a treat. So down the 

rabbit hole I went. 

Here is a cover of ♫♪Snuff♫♪ and some others... enjoy. 

Push play, be drawn in......




Enjoying these may depend on your mood at the time of choosing to listening to them.









Thursday, April 4, 2024

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Enigma Answer-- From Earlier Today....


Congratulations for making here!

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There were two basic types of propulsion. The first was the alcohol powered G7a combustion steam engine which provided three preset speeds – 44 knots at 5,000m; 40 knots at 7,500m; 30 knots at 12,500m. However the maximum setting of 44 knots frequently overloaded the engine and this setting was banned until the problem was solved in the middle of the war. Alcohol fuel and compressed air powered the torpedo’s four-cylinder engine, which in turn spun two counter rotating hollow drive shafts, one inside of the other. The drive shafts turned two six bladed propellers, which spun in opposite directions so as not to create torque which would distort the torpedo’s course. Spent exhaust gases were expelled at the tail end of the torpedo. Although very reliable and possessing good range, the G7a left a visible trail of bubbles on its way to its target. This could warn targets of the impending attack and allow them time to evade. Because of this, it was used mainly for long-range or night attacks. 


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What Name Would You Chose For This Lad?






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From The Insomnia Files Of The Overnight... What Is It....



 No cheating, no reverse image search, no scrolling down.




 I will offer an answer here:

 On what day in 1781 did William Herschel view Uranus?

IF you search back to that day on this blog your will find the answer in a post.




Seems Legit...


 From the inbox:

From Olivia Grace

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Please kindly click the reply and get back to me.  
Best regards,
Mrs. Olivia Grace.





Monday, April 1, 2024

A man has got to do what a man has got to do.


The babysitter did not show. His wife had already left for work and daylight was fast approaching. That is when a friend of mine made the command decision to take his three month old son with him to the turkey woods where he scored big time this morning! Great job Spencer!

Some Memes and Stuff...





Every Day Is April Fool's Day It Seems. Here's An April Fool....




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Sunday, March 31, 2024

From the Front

Happy Easter To All!!










Quick Action By Someones Guardian Angel..... UPDATES...






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