Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Heil HOGG!!!

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Enjoy it before they take it down.

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Sounds about right (UPDATED)

Texas man who allegedly had weapons stockpile in Boston-area hotel says he                                                 was on a classified mission

This is interesting. However, I think there is a lot more to this story than is currently being reported. Click HERE for one of the "stories".

Sunday, March 25, 2018

So.. Trump Fucked A Pornstar... and?

Damn.. not bad.......

ME :

 Let's not forget. Trump wasn't in the oval office and banging interns and was impeached..........

Thousands MY ASS!

As I anticipated, when I turned on the "one-eyed-monster" this morning I was bombarded with "stories" of how successful the March For Our Lives protests had been all over the country. My local channels and their websites touted how "THOUSANDS" had marched for "sensible gun laws" blah, blah, blah. It was easy to see the propagandist used the old "zoom in close" trick to give the illusion that the rallies were much larger than they actually were. WBRC FOX6 reported at least 1,500 turned out for Birmingham's rally while the liberal mouthpiece al.com stated "at least 5,000 protesters were there. In truth there might have been 500 and that is being generous. How many of those were curious bystanders and small children I cannot say.  What I saw was at the Birmingham, Florence, and Montgomery Alabama rallies was mainly a bunch of black folks (their energies could be better utilized in their neighborhoods where black on black crime is rampant if they were sincere about helping "save lives"). I also saw the usual "wild-eyed liberals", some hippie college kids, small children carrying signs, some sodomites wearing rainbow motifs, a mish-mash of other minorities and some people who appeared to be homeless. I imagine a large portion of these were paid protesters.  Nationally, it was more of the same. The crowds in D.C. did appear to be very large as did the crowds in Cincinnati, but who knows? Those propagandist are very clever. This over hyped event was a well orchestrated effort showing fairly good funding, good networking between the commies (almost all of the signs/chants I've seen from coast to coast read and sounded the same and many mentioned registration, stricter gun laws, etc) and their hirelings who actually showed up carrying signs and chanting their "anti-gun" cheers. Verification that the MSM is fully committed to stamping out the Second Amendment can be found this morning by visiting any channel of any network, any website, or any newspaper, The "song" is the same. 

I would be interested (as I am certain others would too) in hearing feedback from readers in different parts of the country. Below are a few images from various rallies. Remember these that despise our country, our laws, and our Second Amendment for they are the true enemies of liberty and never, never, never give up your guns!

Was there a march near you?

What did you see?

How was it reported, etc.?