Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Insanity Continues

                                                                        Yemeni Terrorists Posing As Refugees

                                                 Yemeni Loyalist Posing as Alabama Business Owner/Operators  
                                    Huge EBT Fraud Ring Sending Money to Yemen Uncovered in Alabama

Birmingham, AL: A huge EBT fraud ring led by the Jefferson County District Attorney's task force, involving eleven convenience stores in the Birmingham area resulted in seventeen arrests. 

Dogs Are Catching On......

h/t to Terry in Fla.

New Video Technology Reveals The Truth About Cats....

Radical Islam and Boston.....

The Greater Boston area has become a safe haven for Islamic terrorists.
Muslim extremism has taken root in fertile soil, spreading through an elaborate network of radicalized mosques and Islamic cultural centers. The result is a clear and present danger to public safety. The state’s elites, however, have deliberately turned a blind eye. Paralyzed by political correctness and multicultural liberalism, Massachusetts’ political and media class have enabled the enemy to grow within. We have a radical Islam problem — yet, no one dares to speak its name.
Hopefully, the recent ISIL-inspired terrorist attack will change this. [The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is known as ISIL, ISIS and the Islamic State.]
On Tuesday, local law enforcement and FBI agents shot and killed Usaama Rahim at a CVS Pharmacy parking lot in Roslindale, a neighborhood outside of Boston. He had been under 24-hour surveillance; he was part of a larger ISIL terrorist plot. When confronted by the FBI, Rahim pulled out a military-style knife and lunged at several officers. They fired two shots, hitting him in the torso and abdomen. He died upon arrival at a local hospital. Later that day, Boston police arrested David Wright in the town of Everett, and FBI personnel raided a home in Warwick, Rhode Island.


Alinsky tactics and the Communist Manifesto

Some thoughts sent is by blogbuddy LH:

I was unaware of a second million biker rally, scheduled for this year.
Now Waco is starting to make sense....
The narrative of the biker attack was established before the smoke even cleared.
Straight forward Alinsky tactics - http://www.bestofbeck.com/wp/activism/saul-alinskys-12-rules-for-radicals
Now they are strong arming witnesses and everyone they arrested.
Someone screwed up in an official capacity, and now the cover-up begins.
Too much of the truth has escaped before the official punch line was established.

Obama and the Bear - this could be an allegory for our foreign policy.
The pResident is too busy navel gazing to know that the Russian Bear has us in a corner.
Oh but never mind that, look how fabulous Bruce looks with his new titties and slinky lingerie......


This man was a hero, and one of my idols, when I was a kid.
To me THIS is Bruce Jenner:

Now it's this:

 Again, WTF?
WTF, indeed!

I guess I missed the episode of Family Guy that predicted Jenner was actually a woman.
Seems Al Bundy did too....

What does this have to do with the rise of Communism? I read a quote one time, and for the life of me I can't seem to find it, that explained why America would resist the fall into Communism. To paraphrase my recollection - America won't accept Communism due to the integrity of its institutions and the morality of its people.
Yeah, well - they don't have to contend with THAT anymore, now do they?

Debauchery and immorality are the norm now, and not the exception. Men that are born women...pedophiles.... incest....etc, etc,etc...
How much longer before someone "self-identifies" as a different species? What if I wanted to "become" a dolphin? Will the ADA protect me because my employer doesn't provide me with a pool full of spring water and organic fish to eat? Will they force them to pay for my new dorsal fin?
Sorry Billy, granma had to die because her cancer surgery was less important than George's species reassignment procedure - you know, diversity and all.

The system is corrupt, the state no longer fears the people, and financial institutions are pulling the strings of the state. Need some proof? Try this one on for size: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-01/hacked-emails-expose-george-soros-ukraine-puppet-master
Why is this evil POS meddling in the affairs of nation states? He is NOT a government, he is not a nation, or even a representative of a nation. He made his initial fortune on the graves of the Holocaust, and now is trying to pitch the world into chaos for his own ends. Most every left wing organization in this country has ties back Soros, you may have to dig real deep, but his influence is there.

Now read this list.
How far have we traveled down this road?

This is all progressing the way Khrushschev predicted:

“Your children will live under Communism…
You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally wake-up and find that you already have Communism.  We won’t have to fight you, we’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

Nikita Khrushschev, Premier of the Soviet Union 1958 to 1964, in a recorded conversation with Ezra Taft Benson; President Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture in 1959.

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.
-Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948

The rantings of a mad man.......but it could be lifted from any of Elizabeth Warren's speeches.

This country is surely and truly fucked.
I weep for the future of my children.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Humpday Hot And Humid.................

WOW... just wow....... Not sure if you could time it any closer...

DAMN! This Girl Must Be On Moochelle's Diet and Supplement Program....

Original below the fold:

I'm Somebody!! I Made A List!!

 Coauthor Jeffery forwarded me this link from Brock's Place.



From the Washington Post:


MSNBC correspondent Jeremy Lancaster sat down with government official Darrin Cornia to discuss recent rumors that have been in circulation in regard to registered motorcycle owners being placed on a classified FBI gang list.
Darrin Cornia who currently holds a position within the National Security Branch of the government agreed to complete transparency prior to the interview with MSNBC’s Jeremy Lancaster and did remain direct and seemingly forthright throughout his conversation with Lancaster.

After a few moments of introduction, Lancaster bluntly asked the following question,” Mr. Cornia, if I were to make the statement, all registered motorcycle owners are currently showing on a classified FBI gang list, would the statement be true or false?
Cornia responded by saying, “That would be a true statement, the FBI has been collecting and compiling Department of Motor Vehicles and Drivers License Division records for the purpose of adding those that own motorcycles to a classified gang list since 1994.
Lancaster asked Cornia to explain the reasoning behind the list which seems inappropriately broad, to Cornia answered the question with the following statement, “It’s nothing more than collecting and utilizing data. We may not like to admit it, but the truth of the matter is that those that own and operate motorcycles are 67% more likely to be involved in illegal or criminal activity than those that do not own or operate a motorcycle.”

Well I guess I will have to come up with a name for my little motorcycle gang of one, me.

I kinda like "Misanthropic Machinist" . It's got a nice ring to it.

Why Patriots Can Win

We patriots can win because :
  • Government is largely fixed installations. Patton: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.”  If our government forces war upon us, it will learn that fixed installations are very vulnerable in any insurgency.  Buildings will burn down, electric grids will fail, government will look impotent from the first stage of insurgency. Click here for the rest of this encouraging read.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Texas Tyranny: Waco Judge Agrees to Let Most Bikers Go, If They Sign a Contract Vowing Not to Sue for Unlawful Arrest

“It appears the public defenders office in McLennan County is involved in this scurrilous activity,” said Paul Looney, a Houston attorney with Looney & Conrad, P.C. “I’ve never seen anything like the lawlessness that the authorities have perpetrated on these people and now to add insult to injury they are trying to cover their own tracks in exchange for bond.”  Read the entire story here.

H/T to Bob in Kentucky

8 of the Best (and worst) Beverages to Drink While Dieting

                                                                                    From the Country Outfitter

Sunday, May 31, 2015

III%er and Blogger Needs Help In Clayton NM, Northwest Texas, West Oklahoma...

  Fellow blogger "Bean Burner"'s son was intentionally hit by a Chevy pick-up. White or
light colored.

From his post >LINK<

This is a copy of a post from my facebook page from the radio station where I DJ in the mornings. The victim is my son. Please help me get the word out so we can catch the sorry son of a bitch that did this. Please get word out to Angel and cmblake for sure. I am their neighbor so the perpetrator may be hiding in their area.

Quick update on the hit and run early Saturday morning, with a little more detail for people that are sharing this outside the immediate area.  The incident occurred on West Avenue in Clayton, New Mexico.  The person(s) responsible accelerated to a fairly high rate of speed before leaving the road purposefully to strike a person on foot. The vehicle was pursued east to Texline Texas before getting away.  It is believed they may be hiding somewhere near Amarillo, Dumas, or Dalhart, Texas. The vehicle is definitely a Chevrolet pickup. There is a good chance of fairly significant damage to the front end. A lot of the grill was broken off and left at the scene. The truck is white or light colored, believed to be anywhere from late 90s model to mid 2000s. It is likely that the driver has ties to the Clayton area. Anyone with information is being asked to please contact the Clayton, NM police department.  Again, this was a purposeful, extremely violent act and the perpetrator needs to be held accountable.

Link O'rama....

 Complied and submitted by AFOI

** The West has a choice.  And PC is going to get us all killed.  Related:


** But... but... but BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!  Republican WAR ON WOMEN!

** Ignoring the crocodile.

** How DARE Hungary not want to be invaded.