Saturday, October 13, 2012

Train vs. Tornado...whoa

The Feral Irishman After Dark... Random Hotties..

Zombie Combat Zone.... Surrey BC

Hero Dog Rescues His Friends...

Detroit in Ruins... Must see...

I found this over at MrB's  In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT

Saturday Afternoon Still in the Mountains....

Mt. Washington This Morning.....

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft (1,917 m), famous for dangerously erratic weather. For 76 years, until 2010, a weather observatory on the summit held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth's surface, 231 mph (372 km/h) (or 103 m/s), on the afternoon of April 12, 1934. [4] Before European settlers arrived, the mountain was known as Agiocochook, or "Home of the Great Spirit". [5] The mountain is located in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, in the township of Sargent's Purchase, Coos County, New Hampshire. While nearly the whole mountain is in the White Mountain National Forest, an area of 59 acres (0.24 km2) surrounding and including the summit is occupied by Mount Washington State Park.

♫♫Late Night Sound Check...Acoustic ♫♫

Hey, Uncle Joe Biden......

Friday, October 12, 2012

Going for Steak....

Tonight is steak night at the Red Parka Pub here in North Conway.

We played golf at Lake Kezer Country Club then stopped for a beer at a

place called Ebenezer's Pub in Lovell Maine which was voted

 the Best Beer Bar in The World. They had a shitload of beers and some great appetizers.

It's amazing that it's in the middle of nowhere.

The temp is dropping rapidly and we had to drive the first snow squalls of the season.

Mt Washington, which is only a few miles north is covered it snow.  Winter is knocking

at the back door.

Drunken Philosophy.....

One of the guys this week came up with a new term as we were sitting around the poker table and drinking:

Irresponsible Satisfaction:

A label or explanation for when a society destroys it's own economic viability by the 
demand of it's consumers for more sophisticated products whose manufacturing costs increase and subsequently force companies to under pay their employees to keep prices down and profits up.

Ya, I know it's deep but he wanted me to post it...

Disclaimer,  Mr. Gran Marnier and Cigars were involved.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Golfing Today....

was a little like this without the thunder and lightning. Just a good steady rain.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Feral Irishman After Dark.....Cowgirls...

mASSachusetts is full of idiots...

They drag out Kennedy 3.0 to run for office and he is ahead in the polls. People in this state are

just plain zombies. They will vote D or Kennedy with no thought at all. WTF??

Any way.. over a ACES I saw this post that he just put up:

The following information is, as far as I know, exclusive to the HQ and is based on communications with sources inside the Bielat campaign.
The headlines show Kennedy leading Bielat in the polls with ~55% of the vote, but ... and this is a big but ... new polling data from last week shows that lead to be as soft as little Joe Kennedy's hands that have never done an honest day's work in their life.
This is far different than Barney Frank's base of support that proved to be solid all the way through the 2010 race, and there has been a net 12% swing in support to Bielat since candidates announced early this year.
According to campaign sources, 11% of voters in the district, including 1 in 3 Elizabeth Warren voters, remain undecided. And of poll respondents who say they plan to vote for Kennedy, only 50% say that decision is definite compared to ~85% for Warren (and a like number for Brown).

I would love to see Bielat win.

Deer Season is in the sights....

Hunters need to be extra careful when stalking their prey during the whitetail hunting season.

Even thought the excitement can raise your adrenaline levels you must be absolutely certain of

your target before firing.

Always use care and caution when deciding on your approach.....

The Annual Golf Outing Is Upon Us.....

I will be heading up north to the White Mountains for the yearly golf/ beer tasting/ steak eating long weekend. We have been doing a "guys" weekend for over 25 years and It has been something we all look forward to.

I'm not sure about internet access up there so I'm sure the posting will be sporadic at best. Maybe I can snag one of the guys smart phones or something. I'll see what happens when we get up there. Hopefully I'll be able to check in and do a little surfing on my blogroll :)

Needless to say, I've preloaded a few of my After Dark posts over the next 5 days so keep the guys entertained whilst I'm away.

Hold the fort down.

For the record this is kinda how some of us play....

Is This Something To Be Worried About?

A single mysterious computer program that placed orders — and then subsequently canceled them — made up 4 percent of all quote traffic in the U.S. stock market last week, according to the top tracker of high-frequency trading activity. The motive of the algorithm is still unclear.
The program placed orders in 25-millisecond bursts involving about 500 stocks, according to Nanex, a market data firm. The algorithm never executed a single trade, and it abruptly ended at about 10:30 a.m. Friday. 

This is not my area of expertise so I really don't understand all the nuances of the stock market. I really don't trust what goes on with the financial industry. This story though is quite eye opening.
Is is insiders? Is it outsiders? Was it a test?  

I do believe the market is being manipulated for sure. There is no way it can be so strong with all the news that I read and hear. I know that the returns for any investment at the banking level is basically zero so people are still trying to invest to gain some return on their money. I just don't trust any of it at all.

Maybe one of my smarter readers can weigh in with a more intelligent answer or thought on this?

Monday, October 8, 2012

G-nite for another Milfy Monday

♫♫Set The Turntable Back To The Late '60s......♫♫

Paddy Murphy Arrives in America....

Clean Irish JokesPaddy Murphy arrived at Boston's Logon airport and wandered about the terminal with tears streaming down his cheeks.  

A Texan asked him if he was homesick. 

'No, 'replied the Irishman.' It's worse, I have I've lost all me luggage.'
'That's terrible, how did that happen?' 

'The cork fell out of me bottle.'  Said Paddy.

Irish...The Early Years

h/t to AngryMike..his blog is kinda NSFW so it's a must see ;)

Jeez...They Hit Everything But The Lottery....

Dog.."Leave Me Home Alone Will Ya?"

GEEBUS! WTF??? seriously.... W...T....F?

Puppy Track and Field....

It's MILFY Monday!...

The ONCE Great America...Did you see 60 Minutes Last Night?

If you're concerned about the decline of American economic power and the rise of China, then there is no better case study than Huawei. Chances are you've never heard of this Chinese technology giant, but in the space of 25 years it's become the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world; everything from smart phones to switchers and routers that form the backbone of the global communications network. It's an industry the U.S. invented and once dominated, but no more. 

(CBS News) U.S. companies have largely left the telecommunications business to foreigners, but can we trust the Chinese to build and maintain the critical data infrastructure that government and industry rely on without spying on us? Steve Kroft investigates.


J3.... Good Morning, This Post is for You!!

Blog buddy J3 commented on THIS post..

I really don't think you would want to see the result of that type of purchase J3!!

Disclaimer...This is NOT me... :)  Enjoy your breakfast..............