Saturday, June 12, 2021

In The Crazy Times We Live In, It's Nice To See True Love...













My Shocked Face Holy Crap Moment...


   We are all aware that over the past decades the leftist's push to drive anything "they" have

 deemed offensive has been a full on push into the waste bin of history.

 Agenda driven TV and entertainment has taken over to brainwash those that choose to

 watch the pablum that's considered entertainment. For those that are paying attention

 it is so obvious and blatant. The talking heads are so out to touch with 

reality and so full of narcissitic personality disordered individuals that they have a segment

like this on the air.  Watch the first minute or so, you'll get the gist. This wasn't the

shocked face moment as it seems to have become the norm and shit like this is

why I have minimal interaction any mainstream TV.


 Back to the dust bin of history. 

It's amazing how much has been removed and how powerful the push to erase it has been.

During last night's entertaining I was scrolling through the 1000 channels of shit with nothing

on when I noticed "The Breakfast Club" was on the IFC channel. Okay, I can watch this

since it came out in the mid 80's and was a great movie from my youth.

I caught the movie right at the start when the gang is getting dropped off at the school for their

detention.  The narration is Anthony Michael Hall reading the essay describing each character.

My shocked face moment was about three minutes in. At that point the scene points to the 

"criminal" played by Judd Nelson. Since so many things have been "deleted" I was 

taken aback when the scene played. So much so that I had to rewind the TV and film it.

The shock was the fact that it made it to the toob and wasn't cut. I'll post it below the fold

so I don't offend any snowflakes.


Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale..... Postus Interruptus*


 * Just had unexpected company that I am required to entertain. 

My posting time was cut short......... 

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.





  It's been a loooooong month this week....



  I'm going for multiple......



Tuesday, June 8, 2021

and it starts..... ETA update


 We have some new staff from corporate at our facility.

Yesterday, one of our machinists returned from medical leave and needed to sign some paperwork.

He returned with said new employee who stated his shirt was offensive.

I thought said employee was kidding.


He had to change it or turn it inside out.

It was an old faded Harley Tee that had silkscreen art of a girl in a bikini on a Harley.

Similar to this but faded almost to the point of being unreadable.

We are doomed.

 ETA.  I can see where it was a bit ambiguous in my description.  Said corporate employee

is new in the office and a female.  For a week or so there was no red flags as to this type of situation

rearing it's ugly head. Needless to say I was a bit flabbergasted.

This shirt would cause an aneurysm no doubt:

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Former Alabama Governor, John Patterson, Dead at 99

Former Alabama Gov. John Patterson checks a law book in his office during an emergency created by race riots, in Montgomery, Alabama, on May 20, 1961.

Gov. John Patterson got his start in politics after his daddy, Albert Patterson who was an attorney in Russell County, Alabama and had just won the states Democratic nomination as Attorney General, was gunned down outside his law office in the town of Phenix City. Young John stepped in, vowed to clean up Phenix City from the vices of organized crime including prostitution and gambling, and was elected as the states AG. Phenix City, AL is located just across the Georgia line from Ft. Benning. GA. It had a reputation for years as being a den of vice often times preying on young soldiers who were in town on leave. In the early days of WW2, the situation was so bad that Gen. George Patton threatened to roll his tanks into the town and clean it up once and for all. Of course, Patton did not and things rocked on "business as usual".  After Albert Patterson was killed, the state demanded justice and justice they got. Albert's son, John, went on to be first elected as the Attorney General of the state and then elected governor of the Alabama running on a segregationist platform. The younger Patterson was a greater proponent of segregation than George Wallace. This was before my time, but most people older than I thought Patterson made a pretty good governor. This is all history  and available for the world to see, but what I find intriguing about all of this is the fact that (a very liberal news outlet down here) hammered Patterson for his racist views, but failed to mention that his predecessor, Gov. Big Jim Folsom and successor, Gov. George Wallace, and John Patterson, who had the support of the Ku Klux Klan, were all Democrats and cut from the same bolt of cloth. You know, it is whatever fits their narrative at that particular time. If you'd like, the rest of the story can be seen HERE.

The Phenix City Story (1955 insert poster).jpg

Trump Speaking at the NC Republican Convetion

 ....................This gets real funny about the 1:13 mark. I bet it sets the interwebz on fire! LOL!