Saturday, February 13, 2021

Another Rabbit Hole.... Pop Watch... Longview Texas


  So, I happened upon a facebook video earlier today and had a good laugh out loud.

From what I can gather, this grandson spends a lot of time with his granddad and films the interactions.

I've watched a few and "Pops" is such a character. 

Here's one for example:

 and here's the link to the site.  There are some really good videos over there.


Irish, Voodoo, Angels, Aging....


  I woke up a couple mornings ago and my shoulder was killing me. Overall I'm active as far as things that need to be done at work like moving materials, bins , raw stock or stuff around the home. Cleaning the paddock, snow blowing, shoveling, clearing old dead trees in the back 2 acres. You get the drift. Even though I don't have a formal exercise routine and I'm not in my "prime" and I'm carrying more than a few extra pounds, I do get random amounts of physical labor almost daily. 

 Back to the other day, I guess my guardian angel

Was asleep when someone decided to let someone stuff a lawn dart into my voodoo doll.

Man, this fucking hurts.  

Never once, during the recent past, did I do anything that felt like a pulled muscle or tear so wtf?

The front and outside of my right shoulder is sore to the touch and range of motion is limited as the pain increases.

Most of my symptoms point to rotator cuff tendonitis:


 The most common cause of shoulder pain is rotator cuff tendinitis — inflammation of key tendons in the shoulder. The earliest symptom is a dull ache around the outside tip of the shoulder that gets worse when you push, pull, reach overhead, or lift your arm up to the side. Lying on the affected shoulder also hurts, and the pain may wake you at night, especially if you roll onto that shoulder. Even getting dressed can be a trial. Eventually, the pain may become more severe and extend over the entire shoulder.

I'm resting it for the weekend and will decide whether or not to call my PC to get a better diagnosis.

Most of the info on line calls for hot/cold therapy and anti inflammatory OTC medication. 

Then you can find exercises to re strengthen the muscle and regain range of motion.

Going the route of orthopedic help and physical therapy could be an option as well.

Has anyone dealt with this?  What worked?



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

When the voice in your head finally takes on a persona.....



 Raise your hand if this guy hits on a lot of your inner voice chatter.





They Grow Up So Fast...


   It's been one year since we needed 2 weeks to flatten the curve..


They keep moving the goal posts......



Home Defense..


via insomnia twit surfing....

Way Back Wednesday

Image result for ursula andress hot sexy


Image result for ursula andress

Monday, February 8, 2021

Suddenly, all those interested in manufacturing and machinery disappeared.... (and header image)

  The rabbit hole was deep with hundreds of branches and paths... (link way down the end.)

 During one of my surfing expeditions I happened upon some images of old planers that led me to the header image today.  I remember being in The United Shoe Machinery Company when they were auctioning off the rest of the equipment in the plant.


* Just now I did a quick search to find info on that and opened up a wormhole to another rabbit hole.

Check this OUT<<<  page down to the images chapter for some historical pictures. 

NOTE.. right click and open image in new tab. For some reason the back button hangs up.



Anyway, when I was in the plant they had an old Rockford planer mill that was pretty damn big.

I bet the skiving tools were 1.5 - 2.0 inches square.

Obviously I was,  A: young and impressionable  and b: was used to bridgeports and early CNC so this  Rockford planer was a time capsule.

Imagine this ( video ) being the size of the one in the header:


Now back to the whole title of this post.  The header image of the Waldrich came from


After scrolling those I made the mistake of clicking on the Machine Tool Archive << link at the top of the page where I found the Waldrich

 And................this is what I found:

I bet you can't just click on a few and then walk away..............

See some of you in the Spring.....

Enjoy the day....