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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

They Grow Up So Fast...


   It's been one year since we needed 2 weeks to flatten the curve..


They keep moving the goal posts......




  1. The problem of the day is What ARE they doing in the background while the public is distracted by the impeachment?
    We know that HoeJoe are not glued to their tv waiting for the next big reveal.

    1. I think you give them more credit than their collective intellects deserve.

      I do think Pelosi Galore is that crazy and I do think they really are that scared. They've admitted they stole the election and they know, at some point, the people, and Trump, are going to want their country back.

      I'm thinking April or so.

    2. Edutcher's point about crediting intellect is valid, but Jerry's point about distraction is even more valid. These "people" ain't bright but they are merely the public face of the evil we face. They have others working in the background to prepare the next steps.

      Think of it this way, Obama is evil but not very bright, ValJar is evil and not stupid at all. So ask yourself, which one of them really called the shots?

  2. I was watching a report last night on Newsmax the jist of which was that even after EVERYONE ON THE PLANET is vaccinated, we'll still need to wear masks and social distance because "the virus" (shudder) will still be out there lurking and mutating which will necessitate a yearly jab, "just like the flu".

    Nothing like keeping the fear level ratcheted up to a million. Nemo

  3. What has really flattened is the sheep's heads.

  4. I thought Hoffa was buried under the visitors end zone.


  5. One year ago here in Communist run Illinois, every day there no shutdowns and finally the big one (a complete lie).
    I said then, "Once you scream panic, what's the safe word?"
    To this day, no one has a path out of this.

  6. i read a technical article slightly over one year ago that said the COVID was gene-spliced with a SARS sequence in a binding site that didn't occur in nature.
    Aha! I says to myself, the Chinks are doing biowar research, and the Wuhan Level 4 facility was KNOWN for its piss-poor security and lax containment procedures, so it was definitely a Bioweapon that got loose...
    (The site got scrubbed Real Quick, it disappeared less than 4 days later!!)
    Then, we get the "Stay at home, the sky is falling" from the Gubmint that couldn't find its way out of a wet paper bag. Wear a facemask, don't wear one, oops, we don't know what the hell we're talking about!
    Then, I found out Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc stopped it cold, but Big Pharma but a stop to that through Dumbass Fauchi because no money could be made.
    Three months later the data was in - a survival rate of 99.7Z% for people under 80 unless you had serious health problems. Later Ivermectin was found to be just as effective as a prophylactic, stopping it cold.
    I actually most likely got The WuFlu about two weeks ago because I had sinus infection, bronchitis, and a kidney stone at the same time, but I'm not sure... I sure as hell ain't going to the doctor, because my immune system can take care of the problem and I ain't giving the statisticians (who are fudging the data bigly) any more data than they can fudge.

    Who the hell needs the Gubmint anyway - we don't trust them as far as we can throw 'em!

  7. Quite a gut punch when you figured out all that gitmo expansion wasn't for the dems.


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