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Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...




A little taste of some sweets...




  1. Let's see....
    #11 - Sweet mother of Pearl! What a way to die.
    #27 - Poncho. Decent.
    #55 - MMMMMmmm '70 BOSS!
    #152 - '79 F series. Very nice.

    Fine selection, as always.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  2. 23 is a nice looking older, as is 70 and 86, lady while 42 must be 50s porn and 69 will be in 10 seconds.

    Nice perky little things on 63, nice plump tush at 92, 137, and 145, with too many nice flotation devices to mention.

    PS What the Hell is going on with 6 and 147?

    1. #23. Darla Crane. Still smoking even as a cougar.

  3. Well that's an unbeatable eclectic collection. Boobs, butts, political commentary, redheads, peekaboobs, food, drink, a nice end to another week of general cussedness from the Usurper in Chief and we're ONLY three weeks in.


  4. Curvas peligrosas!

  5. Many tasty morsel included, as always. Sometimes, is seems like thanks are not enough, but it will have to do.
    So thanks for helping the weekend off right, from here in Michigan, right on the shore of lake Michigan.
    We changed the rules up a bit, and now don't start winter until February. It is a nice and cold 15 degrees, going down to about 10 tonight. Looking forward to spring, and some fishing in our abundant rivers, that the glaciers left. Be well, and stay safe.

  6. Thanks, Irish!
    Long week at work and I'm dealing with a (mild) case of the Wuhan Special.
    This was more effective and entertaining than what the Urgent Care Quacks prescribed!
    Best part of MANY of my weeks! :)

  7. You don't know just how much I appreciate your dedication Irish.
    Toughing it out just to make sure we get our weekly fix is above and beyond dude.
    BTW, that green Firebird?
    My Dad ordered one of those from the factory in '69.
    Same color, 400 Small Block, 4 speed, 4 barrel, dual exhaust with the little tach out on the hood.No power steering though.
    I was sitting behind him when he hit 140 with Mom in front and us 4 boys crammed into the back seat once.
    He told me it would do every bit of 160 but he figured it would do more than that even.
    You have heard the expression telephone poles going by like a picket fence? I saw it when I was ten years old.

  8. Wow!
    Always a great read, but Dawn Wells and Debra Jo Fondren on the same page!
    Two beautiful women from my teens!
    Thank you!

  9. I love how you always toss in the unrehearsed or unposed photos and some natural looking older women too. #23 & #86 are great examples.Sad to say #121 is now my life too. And the hot smoky red headed sultress #169 really wraps things up nice. Thank you sir

  10. Something about #54...Thanks Irish

  11. Your best yet!! Bravo!!


  12. Mr. Irish thank you for another fine display food, flesh and machines. Hope all is well this winter morning.
    Bocephus fan.

  13. Poor memory. Recognized her face but will now have to go back and watch "Owl and the pussycat". Outstanding as usual from one irishman to another.

  14. Another Supreme Snooch Smorgasbord! Saaaaalute!

  15. That was a good selection. Thanks Mr. Irish. I think I will have another look.

  16. where do you find the photo numbers?

    1. You have to be in a desktop browser. Like Firefox. Click the first image then at the bottom it will give you a scroll of all the pictures. Keep you mouse on the first picture at the bottom and when you hover it will show the number. Click there and the images will change in order.

  17. Debra Jo Fondren - the way every long haired naked girl fantasy should begin. Thank you for everything you did for us Mr. Hefner.

  18. #23 and #50 YUM! #42 Smorgasbord!

  19. #25: Didn't we already do that, about 2,000 years ago? I know I'm debt-free. How about you?


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