Thursday, February 9, 2023

Old Iron

One of my lifelong friends whose family has owned and operated a garage in the same location since 1970 bought a pretty nice 1962 Ford a few weeks ago It is not a show car, but is a very nice driver. It was a "406" car, but doesn't have the original engine. It does have a 427 CID Ford motor with 3-two barrel carburetors. The transmission is a three speed factory Ford with a steering column mounted shifter. It looks, runs, and rides great for a car of it's age. IMHO (my friends too), these cars are not the most eye-catching vehicle on the road now or even when it was new. My good friends reason for purchasing the car was sentimental. His daddy, who I will call Erskine, had a car just like this back in the day except Erskine's had the original 406 CID engine with a three speed on the column with overdrive that had been added and leaf springs on the rear end from a 3/4 ton truck. One might ask "why the heavy springs"? My friend's father was in the illegal whiskey trade as a moonshiner and hauler in the 1950's, 60's, and early 70's and this early muscle car is one of the vehicles he used. My friend's uncle who was also in the same business once told me "that every state trooper in the State of Alabama new Erskine's name". 

Above is my friends new toy. Below is Erskine's car after being captured in a "trap" atop Wilson Dam in Florence, Alabama circa 1968. He was taken to jail and the car and liquor was confiscated. Erskine had a friend bid and buy the car back for him when it was sold at public auction. Between some "connections" and knowing the right people to pay off, Erskine avoided jail time. In all those years, Erskine never drank and this was the only time he was ever caught (he did serve a year and day in federal prison for being framed by a federal judge on whiskey charges after the judge grew tired of him constantly evading lawmen). I became acquainted with Erskine through his son. He was a good man and good friend too. I never passed up a chance to hear him talk about the old days. He is the kind of man who would give a stranger the shoes off his feet. In a time when most folks around where I live either grew a little cotton, cut timber, hauled logs, or worked at a sawmill as that was about all there was to do, some folks decided to make whiskey. Hardly anyone frowned on the vocation in those days, 

I have no idea as to the name of the Alabama Beverage Control officer seen here pouring out whiskey. Note the 5 gallon cans are plastic. Most whiskey makers used surplus 5 gallon Jerry cans for years before and until the moonshine liquor business no longer was profitable. These plastic cans would have been much lighter and quieter carrying into and out of the woods. Also, the back seat has been removed from the Ford and cans could be stacked from the back of the front seat to the taillights either laying flat or standing. These men living and dead lived the life portrayed in movies then and now. I am sure they were exciting times. R.I.P. "Erskine". Your memory lives.

Engineers Have The "Knack"...









What are they?


I was recently in a Cracker Barrel restaurant having a bite. For any not familiar with the chain, they are decorated with various tools, signage, and other items from days of yore. There are particularly a lot of early "primitive tools" (brace and bits, augers, oxen yokes, funnels, crosscut saws, coal oil lamps, carbide lights, and the like). I was just finishing my meal when a gentleman sitting at the table next to mine asked if I knew what the two "sticks" were hanging on a nearby wall (I guess one cannot hide "country"). I told him I did not. So, I thought I would post them and see if some of the informed audience of TFI would have some input on the stick mystery. They are about 3' long X 1.5" in diameter and the space between the two forks is app. 1*1.5" wide. They are not identical and are definitely handwaved from what appears to be Hickory wood. The ends are not sharp and are more or less squared off flat. I am looking forward to finding out just what these two items are.

A Much More In-Depth Analysis Of The Near Miss In Austin..


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 Those planes almost touched , damn.








Simulation That Will Pucker Your Balloon Knot....

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You Know They Are Probably Working On This....










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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Is Anyone Playing A Drinking Game Tonight?




 SOTU drinking game

 A shot every time you hear “You think I’m kidding” “I’m the guy” “Look, folks…” “Last administration” “Ukraine” “Economic growth” “Food prices are down” “Wages are up” “Lowest unemployment” And drink an entire bottle for every word that is made up.





Another Notch In The.. "These People Are Fucking High".. Belt.




BOSTON (WHDH) - Mayor Michelle Wu is set to announce the members of the city’s

 reparations task force on Tuesday.

Wu says the task force will study the lasting impact of slavery in Boston.

The task force members will represent different backgrounds and expertise. 





Seismic Waves Traveling Across Europe After The Devastating Earthquake


At 01:17 UTC on Feb 6, 2023, an M7.8 earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. These are the seismic waves recorded in Europe. Each dot is a seismic station [source, GMV:]




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It's Been A Long Week.... and It's Only Smonday...












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