Friday, February 10, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Gettin' Your Money's Worth....

















 Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend.. they go by fast.......











  1. Yowza- old Fords and young broads! I have the exact opposite but one tows a lot more and the other could still easily make roll call here, so…no complaints!

  2. #113 - tits look too big, but -- Sigourney Weaver?

    -- Mr. Mayo

    1. Googley Eyes says yes. Nemo

    2. I looked it up. That is a real picture.
      I thought it Photoshopped, as well.

      Whitehall, NY

    3. She had implants before doing that star quest movie with tim allen

  3. What tribe is 2?, nice beam on 28, nice beads on 29, nice under carriage on 44, nice looking older lady on 61, 110, 176, magnificent Roman heart on 91, nice bush on 104, nice pun on 123, nice tush on 137, 180, 186, is 143 Dink?, 157 thanks the girls that got her where she is, nice pillows on 168, nice buttons on 197.

    1. PS Nice Olivia deHavilland on 74, is 116 Maureen?

  4. 113 Signory Weaver?

    123 Melons in the melon field :-)

  5. #175, me too! Great compilation, thanks, Irish!

  6. Unsupervised = Great things for FFF followers! I made a list as I was going through of the ones I wanted to comment on, It's quite long even though I tried to pare it down, twice. So, I'll just try to high light the four or five that really stood out(pun intended) IMHO

    Nice start with #2.
    Those eyes #31, 62, 83, 101, 159 and a couple others
    Nice love melons #123
    China Housing Project #127
    Sadly justice is muzzled #138
    Nice lips #59
    Nice Floats #63
    Perfection #141
    Bartender! Give this lady what ever she wants #165
    My Precious #184
    Flashers, you saved the best for near the end
    Then there's the tree climbing capable dirt wagons. Nothing like Detroit Iron.

    Thanks! I think I was right in my comment on being unsupervised. Have a great weekend.


  7. One other thing. That meme on FFF being out there? Nope, it's right where the bright lights are in the center of the action. ;-)) Thanks again.


  8. Thanks' Irish. I look forward to Friday femme fatale!

  9. 19 degrees in the morning. Damn I hate it when that happens. Well, I guess I can do research though.

  10. Lots of celebrities. Sigourney Weaver, Adrian Barbeau, Jessica Biel, Brooklyn Decker, Raquel Welsh, the list goes on a bit more, but you get the picture. A fantastic Friday night indeed. Many thanks, Irish, well done as always.

  11. #15: Bacon. Yess.
    #30: Bacon and steak; a match made in heaven.
    #67: Once you've had red. . . .
    #70: The sunset's nice, too :)
    #71: Lots of posterior chain in this lot, Irish. Great!
    #90: Great example of "less is more". Stip chess, anyone?
    #141: Another nice one.
    #151: Must. Have. Ribs.
    #175: Hasn't everyone?
    #178: Fantastic pokies.

    Great post this week!

  12. 2 - My fellow prisoners: "So, how did you get lured into the woods and captured?"
    3 - Looks like a 69 grill, but a 70 box. No marker on the front fender - so, I'll say it is a modded 70. Still wicked nice.
    10 - Stainless punkin'chucker. Probably 45-70.
    11 - Well this proves at least one guy in NJ has good taste in equipment.
    12 - My favorite Pony to ride.
    17 - 77 High Boy
    20 - My last 8 track was: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Give Me Back My Bullets.
    21 - Fuck Cuomo and his commie hag replacement, too!
    23 - Oooo, that is an early one. Much nicer wheel than the later models with the big lumpy bump in the center.
    29 - She obviously earned those beads.
    30 - I can honestly say I literally drooled when I saw this. Looks soooooooo good. A ton better than tonight's pizza.
    34 - I'm in luck. A woman with sufficiently low standards. Perfect.
    36 - Nice clean 79 body on that pavement princess.
    37 - You came to pick up my daughter, in that? Yeah - NO! Get the fuck outta here!
    41 - A Mopar I'd actually own. Be my luck, it would have a 225 in it. I'd rather have a flat head six than a slant six.
    42 - A 69 Camper Special, with what looks to be a 71 behind it. I'm jealous.
    43 - DAMN! Dinner and desert, all in one picture. I'd like to have my desert first, please.
    46 - Almost identical to the one in North Granville, over the Mettowee River. They still use it, though limited to 3 ton.
    47 - Sweet little Bronco. Cute little bugger, nicely done.
    48 - Not a snowflake. She could whisper in your ear, at 200 yards, and it would be lights out forever.
    53 - Captain. It appears that the "Photon Torpedoes" are armed and ready.
    55 - POTN 1st Alternate
    56 - When life inspires art, to replicate life, in exact detail so exquisite as to be almost indistinguishable from it.
    59 - MILF of the Night
    61 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    75 - Extremely cute and her eyes are gorgeous.
    76 - Classic Cheesecake.
    86 - How about TAKEN, then?
    97 - Clink, clink, clink...... Come out and plaaaaaaa-aaay!
    99 - My POTN
    105 - That top never stood a chance.
    109 - Legendary hottie - Raquel Welch; from 1970, in Rome.
    110 - I love a Hot Mom.
    113 - Sigourney Weaver, photo by Denis Piel, 1986. I never knew she did any topless stuff. I must find more!
    116 - Maureen O'Hara : Lady Godiva Of Coventry 1955 . Any wonder why John Wayne had her in his movies?
    119 - Twice is just as nice.
    125 - Thrice is even better.
    131 - I'm glad you are as excited as I am.
    140 - Excellent technique, nice form too.
    142 - I'm not eating that. No way in hell. Nope, nope, nope.
    146 - Reserved for Jeffery.
    147 - I never get tired of playing Peek-a-boob.
    149 - POTN 2nd Alternate.
    150 - Even if she gave herself freely, there is no way you could ever afford that.
    153 - Looks like she got Buckwheat in a head-lock.
    154 - 77 Step Side. You rarely see those, especially in original condition.
    158 - Damn Straight!
    159 - That look says it all.
    165 - Cool. What would they like? Preferably, something cold?
    167 - Really in trouble when the parrot starts adding names to that phrase.
    175 - I don't know..... The J6'ers got fucked really hard, non-stop, since then.
    176 - More Hot Moms. Nice.
    177 - Ain't that the truth. Swapping one POS for another.
    178 - Looks very much like my wife in her younger years. It was a good look.
    182 - Tell me you are rich, without saying you are rich.
    185 - The only thing I like more than her enthusiasm, is her body.
    190 - Oh, no. I feel so used..... Somebody call a cop!
    204 - Nothing like taking a $150000+ GT out into the snow like a winter beater. WTF?! Friggin' Heretics!
    206 - Most will though. THAT, is how they get away with it.

    A most excellent display of Blue Oval goodness, this week.
    I much appreciate it.
    Some damn fine women folk, as well.
    Thanks, Boss!

    Whitehall, NY

    1. > 113 - Sigourney Weaver, photo by Denis Piel, 1986. I never knew she did any topless stuff. I must find more!
      If you can find it, watch Half Moon Street. Not a great movie, but ... boobies. I don't recall about Death and the Maiden.
      -- Mr. Mayo

  13. I didn't want that set to end....darn it.

  14. Wow. Maybe the best ever. Thanks for all you do

  15. You've done it again Mr. Irish. Outstanding!

  16. Feral, Thanks! Another very fine assortment. For anyone with lower back problems, the moves done by the young lady in 200 are good for cracking your back. A few months ago da wife showed me a similar video. That video, while it explained the steps, was no where near as nice as #200.

  17. I was offended by one thing in this post. The word Democrat

  18. Irish, you simply outdid yourself this week. Far Far Far too many good pics. I am ashamed that I don't take the time to appreciate as much as Leigh does...

  19. I agree with 200, whatever she wants me to do.

  20. 107-Belt is inserted upside down. I hate when they do that. Stupid troopies make the Sgt mad!

  21. Well alrighty then, very nice!

  22. Caption this on #53: "Spock, Check those environmental controls again, I think we are at the right temperature!!"

  23. Galleries like a spectacular fireworks show, growing in intensity until the grand finale! Awesome and Thank You….keep ‘em coming!

  24. Wow. Just wow!
    The blue-eyed brunette is amazingly beautiful.
    The dating pic had me spitting up my coffee.
    Been a tough week, our 15-year-old dog Ernie passed on Thursday AM.
    He is now running around in heaven with my daughter.
    Be well,
    Spokane, USA
    RIP Ernie ~ 4/2008-2/2023
    Rip Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    1. So sorry for your loss ! Such tragedy....

  25. 103 demonstrates how a woman looks better with a smile.

  26. #2 very alluring; #59 looking like so much fun! So many nice old trucks.

  27. I started to keep track of my favorite but it changed about 99 times… I’ve seen #203 on Reddit, busty nanda or something like that. God bless her showing those huge jugs at every moment.


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