Saturday, April 30, 2022

Geothermal Heating / Cooling?? Does anyone have ideas suggestions?


 A little late to the game, I know.

Oil and propane are outrageous as the spring rolls on here in S. NH.  It's still a bit chilly

at night and I'm trying to keep the heat off as much as possible.  

There are a few geothermal companies in the area and one of peers at work is having it installed

at his house.  I have seen info on open loop systems that use the house hold well water

as the supply.  The forced hot air oil burned covers that main area of the house with propane

fireplaces supplying heat in other areas.

There is also a large tax deduction for the system.

I know, I know, the best time to have done it was during the $1.79 a gallon gas and mean tweet


Just wondering what the thoughts are from those that have experience.



Thursday, April 28, 2022

Lucille Désirée Ball- Updated





 That's her, in the picture below.  


Updated with this portfolio of her at a young age<<<

 The picture below is in this list.



Back In The Day....



   I didn't think this picture should get lost in the FFFF post.  From the information I can find,

She was 26-27 years old when this was taken.





Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Gimme Back My Bullets.....



Noontime Meme Break.....

 With a h/t to Paul.








Happy Wednesday, 




April is in the review mirror and May is around the bend. The buds are on the trees and some of the 

annuals have already bloomed. The weather has been nice, cool enough for no mosquitos but nice

enough to be outside until the street lights come on. 

Part of the daily job at the salt-mine is working on quotes and interviewing sub-contractors for

projects we are working on. It's amazing how a good percentage of them are of similar mind-set

of "us" here on this page.


Once we discuss the project scope or  lead time and availability of hardware / electronics

 the conversation usually will include comments like:

 "What the hell is going on in the world?" 

" We can't get help"

"No one wants to work"

"The chips for the boards aren't do in for 6 months"

"My supplier can't get stock"

"I've downsize my business"

"I can't believe the prices of houses"


I'm sure many of you probably hear a lot of the same thing.


We got a quote for a customer's upgraded generator, 48 weeks, "if you're lucky".

VFD drives, motors, valves, all of it long lead times.

Then you have the corporations that are buying up other smaller corporations and fucking them up.

A couple examples:

One manufacturer, been around for 100 years, moved out of their Shitcago plant after buying another 

competitor's plant on the east coast. All the years of experience were left in Shitcago. The new plant

is having all kinds of issues due to lack of experience.  Duh, no shit MF's.

I talked to someone with 25 years experience working in a company that got taken ove

by a large holding company. They are now having to train a diversity hire

that makes a lot more money with no experience.

You get the drift. 

I have no idea whats coming or what the NWO has planned but I sure as shit know they ain't going

away because musk bought twitter or trump has truth social and some rallies.

I seem to remember, trust the plan, things are in place, blah blah blah.

They, not the current admin, but those behind the scene, are not stupid.

They know time is running out.

They have too much invested to this point, years and years and probably trillions of dollars.

They need to keep those that are aware , placated and docile.

Throw a bone to conservatives, let them think it's gonna be "this time".

Drag out investigations.

"They" will be prosecuted soon.

Arrests coming....

aaaaaaand..... nothing happens.

Like the pig trap, the last gate is being prepared.

I'm glad I've been busy.

It's nice only worrying about shit once in a while when I decide to take a look.

Be safe out there.