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This is how "they" do it/ Watch to see Nacy Pelosi explain how the left uses tactics straight from the Communist playbook to smear their opposition

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Boulder, CO residents given 23 days to "certify" assault weapons or face fines and/or jail time.

Residents of Boulder rally to protest the city’s “assault weapons” ban. (Photo: Boulder Daily Camera Youtube)Residents of Boulder, Co., have until December 27 to “certify” their “assault weapons” or remove the firearms from city limits. Those who fail to comply could face fines, jail time, and confiscation and destruction of their firearms, according to the Denver Post.
“My hope is that we will see more bans at the state level and one day at the federal level so these weapons will no longer be available,” Councilman Aaron Brockett said in May.
Boulder police Sgt. Dave Spraggs stressed to the Post that no records or paperwork are kept of these certifications. He claims that police only keep a “handwritten count” of how many rifles residents certify.
It’s difficult to estimate compliance levels, and police and city officials have admitted that they can’t do much about gun owners who refuse to certify their rifles.
“This is a very divisive issue where people have very strong feelings,” City Attorney Tom Carr told the Daily Camera. “The folks who oppose these kinds of bans … some of them suggest they’re not going to cooperate. I can’t predict what people are going to do, but I respect the feelings.”
SEE ALSO: Way Too Lit: Gender Reveal Party Sparks 47,000-Acre WildfireOthers voiced their skepticism more forcefully.
“By definition, effective governing must be practical and enforceable,” Boulder resident John Ramey told the Camera. “When something isn’t enforceable, like the war on drugs, that’s a huge sign that the underlying legal model doesn’t match the actual problems and realities.
“At best, ineffective laws just displace or morph the problem. Mass shootings declined after Australia’s weapons ban, but gun-related crimes doubled in just five years. In countries like the UK and China, they now deal with daily fear of acid, knife, and vehicle attacks.”
The Boulder ordinance defines “assault weapon” to include semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that feature the usual list of terrifying accessories (pistol grips, folding stocks, etc.).
Spraggs says he doesn’t know how many rifles to expect between now and the deadline. Technically, residents have until December 31 to register their firearms, but due to the holidays, the last day an officer will be available to certify firearms is December 27.

Boulder police say they have certified 85 firearms since the city council passed an “assault weapons” ban in May. Residents who already owned prohibited rifles, pistols, and shotguns were given the chance to keep their firearms by certifying prior ownership with police. The council also voted unanimously to ban “high-capacity” magazines and bump stocks.

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Would America Be Better Off Without the Second Amendment? (From Media Bias Monthly)

Dear Readers, Subscriber, and other parties:

Lately there has been a lot of bluster about repealing the 2nd Amendment. 
The Washington Post recently published an article entitled "The terrible 
numbers that grow with each mass shooting" by Bonnie Berkowitz, 
Denise Lu and Chris Alcantara, (Updated Nov. 9, 2018) 

"It looks at the 158 shootings in which four or more people were killed by a 
lone shooter (two shooters in a few cases). It does not include shootings 
tied to gang disputes or robberies that went awry, and it does not include 
domestic shootings that took place exclusively in private homes. A broader 
definition would yield much higher numbers."

"The 1,135 people who were killed came from nearly every imaginable race, 
religion and socioeconomic background. Their ages range from the unborn 
to the elderly; 186 were children and teenagers. In addition, thousands of 
survivors were left with devastating injuries, shattered families and 
psychological scars."

Wow, 1,135 Americans have been killed by other Americans in "mass shootings," 
this is tragic. Indeed, for every person killed in a "mass shooting" there are tragic 
losses. Someone loses a friend or a loved-one and in the words of Joseph Stalin, 
"The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million men is a statistic." 

Perhaps Bonnie Berkowitz, Denise Lu and Chris Alcantara are of the opinion that 
the United States of America should be more like other countries around the world 
which prohibit the private ownership of firearms. The leftist-socialist aristocracy of 
today's America believe only the ruling-intellectual classes should be in possession 
of firearms, and even these will be wielded by "trained professionals" who magically 
understand the complex nature of defensive firearm usage.

The pundit and ruling-intellectual classes pine for America to adopt a  firearms 
ownership policy "more in line with Europe and other countries." How would 
America's mass shooting body-count look by comparison? Here is a list of countries 
where the population did not (does not) have a 2nd Amendment and their death 
totals (+/-). 

Killed by the Japanese: 60,000 Koreans, 6 million Chinese, (not including Filipinos, 
Malaysians, Burmese, and others) 
Killed by the Germans: 6 million Jews, 21 million Russians, (not including Poles, 
Yugoslavians, French, Greeks, and others).
Killed by the Soviets: 10 to 20 million Ukrainians, 2 million Afghans,  
Killed by the Communist Chinese: 30 million Chinese, (and still counting).
Killed by the Rwandans: 800,000 Rwandans
Killed by the Yugoslavians:  585,000 to 2 million (WW1 and WW2, Kosovo, too 
many conflicts and ethnic groups to count, just skip it.)
Killed by the Cambodians: 1.6 to 1.8 million Cambodians

At this point the deaths of people who were never allowed to own their own guns 
could stand from 78 million to 87 million not including how many other wars, conflicts, 
and perpetrated by how many despotic governments around the world? 

Would America be better off without the 2nd Amendment? Let's see, 1,135 killed 
compared to 78 million to 87 million. As the old saying goes, "You do the math."

"Firearms stand next to the constitution itself. They are the 
American peoples' liberty teeth and keystone of independence" 
-- President George Washington

for Media Bias Monthly,

John D. Long, Editor

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