Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Good Mornin'!! News of my demise is greatly exaggerated...


  Thanks to those of you that have reached out to check on ye olde Irish.  Lately life has been 

wash, rinse, repeat. Vehicle issues, spring has sprung and everything is growing like weeds, including

the weeds. Work is busy, very busy, but I'm not complaining. I have few days of PTO coming up

so that should help recharge the batteries.

Jeffery had a Way Back Wednesday post but he ran out of runway before he could post it. Stay tuned

for that and FFF.

 In just over four months they have turned the country upside down. Everyday bombardment with

vaccine, social justice, conflicting mask criteria, what little TV I catch is so blatantly skewed as to 

demography it's laughable. One particular show that the other bunker dwellers enjoy is FBI.

Every time they sit to watch is I comment "It's gonna be a white guy that does the shooting". Sure as

shit, it's a white guy. Last night a white guy in military type clothing shot up a black owned restaurant.

I only watched until my prediction came true.

 Stay safe out there, I do lurk, just not too much of interest or time to post lately.



If you want to enjoy some internet time here is a picture of a granite lathe used to turn columns for

building facades.  It is still at REDSTONE QUARRY in Northern NH. I happened across a post on Farcebook entitled forgotten NH. 

There is quite a history with this quarry. All images below were found on the internet.



  Lately blogspot , blogger, whatever you want to call it has been acting weird. 

Removing the reaction buttons, blocking multiple sites with malware warning,

some widgets don't work or take time to fuck with until the post or site looks like I want it, etc.

   It gets to the point of frustration that hasn't been worth it. Kinda like chatting with a Biden supporter.