Saturday, September 26, 2015

♫♫ From Pandora Earlier....Dark Sanctuary - L'être las - L'envers du miroir ♫♫

  I heard some different music that was in my Pandora playlist and decided to give it
a listen. This played in the background at the bunker today.

Dark Sanctuary is a French Dark Atmospheric, Goth Opera band which was formed in 1996 in Paris.

Hitler Reacts To The VW-EPA Scandal Dieselgate

“Kamikaze? It’ll buff out.” *

* the title I took from the comments on these pictures from HERE

Impression of a Ki-51 “Sonia” kamikaze on the hull of County-class heavy cruiser HMS Sussex. The Sonia (reported as a Val, as often happened), is said to have hit the water before hitting the hull, probably losing its bomb in the process.
On 26 July 1945, her Task Force was attacked by two bombers acting as “Kamikaze” suicide weapons. One made an imprint on the side of the HMS Sussex, from which it could be identified as a Mitsubishi Ki-51 “Sonia”.

Smokey Conditions NO Visablity ✔.. Cars Stopped With Hazards On ✔.. Can't See The Road..✔

Drive on through....

♫♫ Driving Song On The Morning Commute...♫♫

Friday, September 25, 2015

Overnite Fire....

Friday Femme Fatale.... Fitness Fillys

Don't You Wish Your Horn Would Work This Well On Cars With Obama Stickers?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?*


America's first Taco Bell restaurant to serve alcohol opens in Chicago as more set to be open around country 

* other than some new worldstarhiphop vids.




Thoughts On The Morning Commute...


  Has anyone thought through the repercussions of Autonomous Cars?

During the commute I imagined riding in an electric-self driven car that was linked to all the other cars around as well as linked to the "grid" that would maintain the speed limit ( would that be necessary?) and completely safe distances. Lets say you have this car in the driveway, you back out in the morning and then the car and road take over.  It follows at a safe distance. Stops as needed. Brings you to your destination safely.

Sounds great on face value. 

Now think about what the .gov will have to do for missing revenue.

How much money is the "car" industry and all the subsets of things related to it really worth?

What if all that revenue that is generated, as well as all the tax revenue from the people employed 
by industries related to today's cars were gone?

This is just a quick mental list I came up with involving some of the things 

No gas tax. ( huge lost of revenue)

No speeding tickets or other infractions. (huge loss of revenue)

No court costs for accidents. (etc.)

No drunk driving fines.  (etc)

( I wonder what percentage of all law enforcement and court related items are "car" related)

The insurance industry.. ( why would you need car insurance?)( huge loss there) 
How would they make up the numbers that are lost?

Lawyers out of work. ( no accidents no-one to blame)

Autobody repair drops off significantly. ( That industry is gutted)

Car/ mechanic repair ( gutted)

Hospital and ambulance calls for accidents (drastically reduced)

Petroleum industry ( gutted)

There are many more that would be affected by this change.



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

♫♫YEEEEEE ! HAAAAaaaaawwww!! ♫♫


Don Your Helmets! We Ride To Gore's At Dawn!....

Ahmed's Bom... Clock Story Smells Almost As Bad As A Pair Of Hillary's Depends....

The Strange Story of Ahmed Mohamed & His Suspiciously Bomb-Like Clock

Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne made news on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV show Monday night regarding the strange case of “clock-boy” Ahmed Mohammed.
Ahmed is the 14-year-old freshman from Irving, Texas, who ran into trouble with school and police authorities when he brought a clock to school that looked suspiciously like a briefcase bomb. Ahmed claims to have “invented” the clock and brought it to school to show his shop teacher.


When You Die Doing What You Really Love.....

  Leigh sends this in:

I knew this man.
I parked next to him, in the pits, for several years back in my racing days.
He was a fast, smooth, and clean driver - one of the few I truly respected.

   If you like, go read these articles:

Leigh adds:
Leon's trademark was that his right hand was always resting on the cockpit sheet-metal of his Modified. When he first started, one of the old timers said he was too jerky with the wheel and that he should drive with just one hand.
I can still see his two tone blue Modified blasting into turn one at Devil's Bowl. The unique sound of a lone Ford engine in a sea of Chevrolets.

The best story that I can remember about Leon, came from a guy I knew back in the 90's. George was heading down to the track at Malta, when he sees a two tone blue school bus hauling ass in the fast lane. Being Ford engine light-blue and dark-blue, he knew it was Gonyo's hauler. It was almost time for the heat races, and Leon was running late.  As it was running him down, he could hear a strange noise that kept getting louder and louder. As the bus went roaring by him, he could tell what it was - Gonyo had the Modified running inside the bus as it was heading to the track. George said the alcohol fumes from the race car's exhaust was burning his eyes so bad he had to roll up his windows. If I remember correctly, the team had hurt the engine the week before and finally got the remainder of the parts just as they had to leave. On the trip from Chazy to Malta, they finished putting the engine back together. By the time they passed George in Saratoga, they were breaking the cam in and warming up the engine. They just barely made it for qualifying.

God speed, Leon.

It's Dipping Into The 40's At Night Around Here......

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Good Boy, Go Recycle and Get A Fresh One....

Let's Pretend You're On A Plane That Just Pulled Up To The Gate....

  You are in a rush to get off the plane.

Someone is in front of you getting their baggage.

The passenger puts up his hand asking you to wait.

You proceed to punch the passenger and spit on him.

The flight attendant intercedes and you call him a "fucking faggot"

What do you think would happen to "you"??

Go read for the rest............

George Orwell — 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.' 

This is the stuff that pisses off everyday people. 
The ones that get the brunt of the system thrown
at them while others just skate away.



CCCS... ( Concealed Carry Canadien Style)

You never know when you might have to rescue a cat.......

sent in by reader Jonathan


Calming Serenity....

Twosday.. Jordan Carver , Oktoberfest

My New Invention...

  Whenever you are traveling by vehicle you need to wear this. If your vehicle breaks down
you have handy flares to put on the road to protect you and other motorists. Look at all the lives saved!

Sunday, September 20, 2015