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"Adventure Is Calling II " Watch It Full Screen...

Adventure Is Calling II from Shane Black on Vimeo.
Take another trip around the U.S. and parts of Canada through my eyes, with Adventure Is Calling II.
I was fortunate enough to spend several months this past summer traveling around the U.S. and parts of Canada, teaching workshops and shooting timelapse along the way. Since the trip was so similar to the year before, I thought it was fitting to dub this video as a sequel to Adventure Is Calling. This trip spanned just shy of 4 months, covered around 14,000 miles and led to this film, composed of nearly 20,000 still images.

It was so great getting so much feedback on the last video about how it inspired so many to get out, travel, and spend more nights under the stars. I hope this video will revamp those desires.

Special thanks to Arn Andersson for making an extended version of his song The Truth Beyond for me to use for this video.

Camera Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 16-35L II
Canon 24L II
Canon 50 f1.4
Canon 70-200L II IS

Motion control thanks to:
eMotimo TB3 Black
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly
Vanguard Tripods

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects

Email for licensing inquiries.
Instagram @shanemichaelblack

Oh Man, More Proof I'm Getting Old...

  I was a wee tot when this album came out BUT I remember my mother loved this music and I sure do remember the Album cover.

Dolores Erikson appeared on the cover of Herb Alpert’s ‘Whipped Cream And Other Delights’ LP in 1965. The former model Erikson is now 76.

Humble beginnings of a "federal police force"?

Birmingham 1 of 6 pilot sites in federal effort to restore police, community relations

Attorney General Eric Holder made the announcement today. The $4.7 million National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice was announced in April and is a partnership between federal officials and criminal justice experts focused on providing training, policy and research to address distrust between citizens and law enforcement.

And The Thuggery Continues

Officer Pulls Elderly Couple Over for Window Tint, Then Things Suddenly Take a Dramatic Turn

A routine traffic stop is now under review after an elderly couple was interrogated about drug smuggling on the side of a Georgia road. Click here for the rest of the story.

H/T to Bob in Kentucky

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Sci Fi Fantasy Art....

Artist's page

Now THAT Is A Security Blanket.....



  Compiled and submitted by AFOI ( A friend of Irish)
** Is the economic house of cards ready to go?
** But... but... but CO2!  Related:
** Quote: "The alleged radiative forcing from all man-made CO2 generated since 1750 is claimed by the IPCC to be 1.68 W/m2. By way of comparison, the
up to 30 W/m2 of "spurious variations" from incorrect calculation of solar zenith angle discovered by the authors is up to 18 times larger than the
total alleged CO2 forcing since 1750."  >> What this means, essentially, is that the models are garbage.  But read it all.  More:
** Walter Williams on climate change.  An interesting - and I assume verified - assertion: "For example,
460 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, CO2 concentrations were 4,400 ppm, and temperatures
then were about the same as they are today. With such high levels of CO2, at least according to the warmers,
the Earth should have been boiling."
** Vile.
** That this woman has even one person who supports her... more:
** Caught in a provable lie, in her own words.  And forget access to the server:
** Laws are for little people.  More:
** It never occurred to Barackus that Shrillary was emailing from a private account?
** Thank heavens for the internet.  THIS is why the Left was pushing net neutrality so
hard... to keep this kind of independent, crowd-based vetting.  Related:
** A pity this didn't come out after Shrillary was coronated as the Dem's candidate.  But then,
I strongly suspect - given that the MSM is actually reporting on this - a coordinated effort
to knock her out early in favor of Liarwatha.  Related and scathing:
** Quote: "Do the math: That's 7,500 emails a year or (divide 7,500 by 365) 20.5 personal emails every day, 7 days a week."
** That's because the Left views the Right as a bigger enemy than a nuclear Iran.
** The racism of the Left: you're not a REAL black unless you think alike (with us).
** Quote: "It's good see the New York Times waking up to our president's besetting character flaw -
he doesn't really give a damn about anyone but himself."  >> Meh.  They will never TRULY grasp what
Barackus is: psychopathically narcissistic.
** Think "Soviet Commissar".
** I do NOT want to see mass terror here in the US, but... maybe a few thousand dead Democrats at
the hands of people on video shouting "Allahu ackbar!" will be enough evidence for them.  Maybe.
** Barackus, against a moderate, for the Muslim Brotherhood.
** Dangerous times.  Putin, and doubtless others, have taken Barackus' measure.
** Romney and Palin being right about Russia... nothing to see here, folks, move along.
** A very... unsettling perspective.
** I still have some doubts about Walker, but... at least he's hitting back.
** In 1996 she said she didn't write anything down to avoid it being subpoenaed.  Can you
imagine the outrage if a Republican admitted this?  Related:
** Seriously?  And more on Shrillary's past:
** Judge by who the Left admires.
** A fascinating deconstruction of the "Israel is gobbling up Palestinian land" myth.  Related:
** Who people hold up as heroes helps define them.
** Raping the 10 year olds Americans won't rape.
** Let me be clear: I give NO respect to racists.  None.  Someone who judges by skin color (etc.)
is on my excrement list from the get-go.  But... my commitment to free speech is absolute, even
for speech I hate.
** He lies.  That's what he does.  That's all he does.
** Am I saying that there should be no premarital sex and that people should be virgins until marriage?
No.  That is, IMHO, unrealistic.  But we have a hook-up culture, a group-sex culture, and there are
staggering costs to this that will, over the next decades, become realized.
** The Left, looking more like the mob every day.
** Some very valid suspicions about all the oil-carrying train wrecks.
** Registration facilitates confiscation.
** Doubtless more than one.
** Embedded quote from a famous lady: "I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're
not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration."
** Ted Kennedy was a letch, an adulterer, a murderer, and a traitor.  And other instances
of the Left doing far, far worse than the recent letter to Iran:
** Fantastic point.  Shrillary said she's already deleted the personal emails.  So why
not hand over the server?
** Quote: "And to think, all of that wailing and gnashing of teeth from Democrats wasted over
a non-binding agreement, one that would have absolutely no legal sway over Iran."  >> Why,
it's enough to think the Left wants Iran to go nuclear and rid them of those meddlesome and
troublesome Jews.  More:
** Non-binding.  Then what's the point?
** Can you imagine the furor if a Republican did this?

Shredz Seems To Work.....

Ferguson Police say shooter was embedded in the crowd of protesters...........................

                      Witnesses say the shot came from 500ft away atop a hill. 

Lots of unanswered questions. Click here for the story from Reuters.

2500 Hundred Students... 82 Languages.... How About Those Stats?

 According to WIKI the student population of Central HS in Manchester NH is 2500

  An article the other day in The Union Leader quoted the Mayor of Manchester stating that

there are 82 languages represented at the school. 

 From the Paper:

 While many immigrants enter the U.S. with dreams for a brighter future, city officials say it's their aim to help with services needed by new arrivals to achieve their goals.

"I think at last check we had something like 82 languages represented at Central High School," said Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas. "I asked a few years ago for a waiver from the federal government to exempt immigrant and refugee children from testing. I'm still waiting on that one."
The U.S. has accepted refugees since the early 1980s. New Hampshire welcomes between 250 and 550 legal immigrants each year. Most take up residence in communities along Interstate 93 from Nashua on up to Concord, with some showing up in Laconia.


 They have been looking for waivers to exempt them from testing. Can I ask how this will help with assimilation? 

You may get high....................

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Epic Barn Find......

Go to youtube for more info and read some comments. None are for sale. Just sitting there.

Clown...... Push Play, If You Dare


Compiled and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish)

Why America Fell Out Of Love With Golf
** So, where are the Leftists screaming about this?  An EIGHT YEAR OLD girl
who died because her 40 year old husband had sex with her.
** Quote: "Obama is in bed with Iran and he's using the Revolutionary Guard as his vanguard
in the Middle East. And with an indispensable ally like that, what's a few H-Bombs between
friends?"  >> And just where is Barackus' consigliere Valarie Jarret from again?  More:
** If Barackus were flipping a coin he'd have come down against Iran more times.
** Let me go conspiracy theorist for a moment.  The Left is saying "global warming" is
THE THREAT.  Could this be a deliberate attempt to blind the LIVs to the real threat
of Jihadists until they're so firmly established they're unstoppable without a
convulsing global war - thus reducing the population of the planet through that
war by half (at a guess)?
** Quote: "In conclusion: Sir Winston Churchill was right in his day about Hitler and Stalin just as Netanyahu is right today about the Ayatollahs
and radical Islam. If history repeats itself then millions of civilian casualties will be the legacy of the appeasers, the collaborators and the
facilitators who refuse to learn the lessons of the past."  >> No.  They Left was wrong about Hitler, they were wrong about Stalin, they will prove
wrong about Jihad.  Three strikes, you're out - the Left, assuming there's civilization left after the dust settles, needs to be dug up root and
** How about we ship every single one of them to Iraq; see how soon they squeal for American troops to save their precious-snowflake asses.
** Quote: "Democrats are now openly pledging their support for Speaker Boehner in the event
Republicans move to remove him as Speaker. Just as I predicted last December, the merger of the
Democrat and Republican Party's has begun."  >> The GOP is dead, and the Elites killed it.
** NOT POLITICAL.  But... amazing.  Another WOW:
** Beter not let ISIS get there.  Wait, it's France.  Too late.

** But... but... but Israel!
** Interesting.
** More neutron bombs, please.  AND WHERE are the Leftists who have the vapors discussing the
acknowledged crimes of the Catholic church when they did the same thing hundreds of years ago?
** Look at the left end of the animted graph.  The temperature shifts by SEVERAL DEGREES; just the sort of thing that creates an apparent rise in
temperature.  Supposedly this shift is done because of the change of time of measurements, but that SHOULD then indicate an adjustment of the same
amount on the data that is being adjusted.  This, clearly, is not the case.
** Now, I don't know any details, but my my my isn't this coincidental?
** OUTRAGEOUS!  When stories like this come out, and "The System" is perceived as
totally untrustworthy, people WILL start taking the law into their own hands.
** Blue helmets = targets.
** Verdict first, trial after.
** Trying to bury the evidence.  Related:
** They're not sorry; they're just sorry they got caught.
** Sanger was a virulent racist and a mover-shaker in the eugenics movement.
** Everything - EVERYTHING - Barackus says comes with an expiration date.  Unless it's
bad for America.  THOSE promises, he keeps.
** Lying, cheating, breaking promises... you can't shame Leftists because all these things
are part-and-parcel of the Left's MO.
** By design.  America and the West are being weakened by design.
** Pretty much.
** File under "Half-past never."
** Truth - this is how a Leftist debates.
** But... but... but GOP war on women!  Birth control!
** But... but... but... GOP war on women!  No free birth control!
** I could make all sorts of comments here, but... what IS it with Leftists and Muslims who,
if given the chance and the power, would slaughter those self-same Leftists?
** Read this letter from a young Muslim, born in America.
** More like a way to launder taxpayer money into Democrat coffers.
** Let me be clear.  I am not opposed to green energy per se.  But let's be honest about the costs,
and not just the monetary ones.
** Embedded quote: "A Michigan couple convicted of filming each other sexually abusing a
1-year-old girl received life prison sentences Thursday."  >> Gag.  Retch.  These are
human-shaped vermin who should be put down.
** Long, from 2008; insights into Shrillary's character.  Now... just imagine a Republican
with this kind of baggage.  The MSM would be on that like wolves on a crippled deer.  I'm
not sure which is more damning; the fact that the Left loves this woman so, or the MSM is
so complicity in covering up things like this.
** Quote: "These are troubling times in the Republic - but what is more troubling, who will stand up
to this absolute lawless tyranny and deception?"  >> Not most people; they're more concerned with making
bill payments and who's on Dancing With the Stars.
** Can't piss off the Muslims, now can we?
** Rule 2 applies: Those who control what information people have control what they believe.  Related:
** Ditto.
** A challenge to BDSers: don't use ANY Israel-developed medical technology.
** She has principles.  And if you don't like those, she can find others.
** Remember, these are the "moderates" holding up as heroes people who killed Jews.  More:
** But, sure, hey, give them the West Bank and put all Israel into their missile range.  What
could go wrong?
** Not done by a cop, thus crickets.
** Another "gentle giant".
** If a Republican said something this stupid, the MSM would be all over it like white
on rice.  Oh, wait, can I say that when talking about Barackus?
** Here's hoping!
** Overly long.  But makes a very good point: that Leftist Jews (American Jews) are mentally
traumatized.  I agree 100%.
** This is Shrillary's great big F U to everyone.  She knows full well that paper documents
are NOT easily searchable, even when scanned in.  And the MSM gets to crow "Well, look at
all the documents she provided" - fodder for the LIVs who are NOT told they're on paper,
or the implications of that.
** Actions speak.  Their actions speak that they will never accept Israel.
** Yet another innocent angel gunned down by a cop.  Oh, wait...

One Of The Private Emails From Biden To Hillary......

At That Moment... All Was Well

Comedy For The Overnight.....

I heard this guy on Blue Collar Radio......

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 Click the mint....

Sleeping With No Worries......


Compiled and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish)
** Quote: "Due to a litany of false promises and outright lies over the issues that
concern them the most, the British public are finally waking up to the fact that their
Prime Minister is nothing more than a media creation who's only skill is delivering
PR choreographed public performances in pursuit of a long planned transformational
agenda."  And on Britain's decline:
** Abused, throat slashed - and forced to write the man who did it under threat of
prison time if she doesn't.  Insane.
** Barackus' goal is, IMHO, clear.  Back Israel into a corner from which it has to act
alone, then use that as a lever to isolate it further.  If, of course, Iran doesn't
get the bomb and destroy it for real.
** America has always had Israel's back, at least from Nixon on.  Israel now understands
that it has an enemy in charge in America, and so do the Arab states who hate the Persians.
Israel is being forced to act, the Arabs will help, and the Middle East will erupt.  Related:
** The New York Times-Traitor does Barackus' bidding - and of course the LIVs will believe.
And more:
** By design.  This is no accident.  Related:
** I suspect this is the real goal: the destruction of a free-market West.
** Democrats crow about it.  More:
** The GOP is dead... and in 2016, with the Right's base so demoralized, so is America.
** Sounding more and more like deliberate - and widespread - attempts to avoid record retention
laws.  Say, you remember how batsh!t crazy the MSM went when a few Bush-admin emails were on
private accounts?  Waiting for the outrage here... 3... 2... 1.. (cue crickets).  More:
** Putting national security at risk.  Not that the Left cares about that.  Related:
** The fact that the MSM is picking this up indicates two things: 1) that they know they
can't whitewash this, and 2) clearing the way for Liarwatha?
** I have NO ISSUE with the racial content.  I have EVERY issue with how the CULTURE and
EXCEPTIONALISM of America is being attacked.
** End birthright citizenship NOW.  More:
** An interesting observation, quote: "There's apparently one group of illegals the Obama
administration doesn't like".  >> Maybe because they're becoming more inclined to vote Right
rather than Left.
** I knew the Democrats were becomg the party of anti-Semitism when they booed Israel
at their convention.
** Beginning steps in federalizing all police.
** Breitbart on Barackus and Netanyahu.  Video.  Just what is on that tape the LA Times
is hiding?
** Quote: "The fact that the casualty numbers are manipulated in every possible way to make
Israel look like it is targeting civilians and journalists is indeed scandalous. And the
fact that when the truth is exposed, the media neglect to report it, is journalistic
malpractice. So, knowing that nearly half of the "journalists" killed were instead
terrorists. Where's the coverage?"  >> Nowhere.  Because Jews.
** Not a question of IF, but WHEN... and WHERE?
** THIS is a leader.  This is why Barackus hates him so (or one reason).
** Again, THIS is a leader.  Why did the Dems pile hate?  The hatred of good held by evil.  More:
** Look for payback.  Barackus is nothing if not someone who holds grudges, and gets even.
** The perfect signal that Iran is going for a bomb.
** I have a feeling nobody REALLY knows who owes what to whom.  And when it unravels I believe
that, at the bottom, there's nothing there holding the whole thing up.
** Thomas Sowell.
** VDH - always a must-read.
** The faith most Leftists have in the "finer, nobler clay" that make up government workers is stunning.
** The mafia has nothing on the Democrats (though not saying the GOP is innocent in this either!).
** Sadly, this attitude is not unique among police officers.
** Iran hangs gays, does this, openly calls for the destruction of America and Israel... but
they're treated as a serious negotiation partner.  Insane.  Related:
** Iran and al Qaeda worked together.  Not always, not without rancor, but... they DID work
together.  And yet we're negotiating with them on nuclear weapons on a path that allows them
to get them.
** READ THIS WHOLE THING, but... embedded quote: "This wasn't what the Obama White House wanted
to hear. So the administration cut off DIA access to the [captured bin Ladin] documents and
instructed DIA officials to stop producing analyses based on them."  >> This is about as close
to "aid and comfort" as it's possible to get.  Preventing our intelligence organs from
examining this treasure trove of captured information in a timely manner.
** Time for neutron bombs.
** This is rich.  Shrillary complaining about secret, off-the-books email accounts.  More:
** Rules are for the plebes.  Related:

** If a Republican did this, it'd be news.  And:
** Break out the popcorn.  And:
** The more they spin "voters don't care" the more desperate they are to bury this.
** Quote: "...the climate change advocates' emissions targets for the U.S. for the year 2050-an
80 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 levels-would require rolling back hydrocarbon
energy use to the level of 1910 (or 1905 by a separate analysis by the Carbon Dioxide
Information Analysis Center, a federal government lab I should point out). On a per capita
basis (since our population has grown so much), this would mean reducing U.S. hydrocarbon
energy use to the per capita level of Somalia today."
** Inconvenient data.

** The REAL question is "Who the hell thought this would be appropriate?"!
** A worrisome perspective about where a trigger point lies.
** Oh come on, it's just a pinch.
** The Leader of the Free World vs. Barackus.  Video.  And related:
** Heh.  Video.

Magic Goodie Jar......


Reagan Header Art...

Blog Buddy , ORBITUP posted THIS IMAGE, which gave me a good chuckle. I decided to do a little digging and found the Reagan in the Mustang header HERE. I also found more cool Presidential art work HERE.

When You Look At This Picture From 1925 You Realize Not Much Has Changed ....

 90 years later and still protesting the same shit.


For Coop...... Father Of Four Gets An Amazing Gift....

Watch This Incredible Moment When A Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time 




language warning

How The Hell Does Obama Watch This Much News In Between Golfing?

Head Stands In Australia, Thanks Gravity!

Happy DST Monday Morning....!

It's damn dark at 6:00am now......

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Again, blacks secure control of the city of Selma, (Alabama) and yet no one wants to be there

 save a few politicians and white journalists every March when the annual pilgrimage to this religious icon commences...

From Stuff Black People Don't Like: An interesting article one will not see via the MSM.

Links From Prgressives Today...

 These links are from Michael Strickland at Progressives Today

Appearing on KATU's "Your Voice, Your Vote" program to discuss the
topic of guns in schools, Brady Campaign representative Erin Thomas
suggests "non violent vocabulary training" as a way to stop school
shooters. This, after she laments the "militarization of the world"
and lack of a "full time psychologist" at her child's school.

Videos & full story at

Cottonwood High School Votes to Have Communist Themed Prom: Prommunism

Woman's Gym Membership Revoked Over Complaints Of Trans Gender In Locker Room

U.C. Irvine Bans American Flag

New Gun Law Hinders LEO Training

"My Rights Are NOT To Be Questioned!" Cuban Refugee To Gun Grabbers

Is It Moving?

From The Inbox... This Is One Of Three Snow Dumps In A Community Near Boston....

That huge dozer on the pile looks like a toy.  Supposidly they were told to knock down the piles or 

add beacons to the tops.

They are over 80 feet tall and located near logan.

( I can't personally vouch for the veracity of the description but still , holy crap)


Yup, Every day, Many People.....