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Friday, March 13, 2015

"Adventure Is Calling II " Watch It Full Screen...

Adventure Is Calling II from Shane Black on Vimeo.
Take another trip around the U.S. and parts of Canada through my eyes, with Adventure Is Calling II.
I was fortunate enough to spend several months this past summer traveling around the U.S. and parts of Canada, teaching workshops and shooting timelapse along the way. Since the trip was so similar to the year before, I thought it was fitting to dub this video as a sequel to Adventure Is Calling. This trip spanned just shy of 4 months, covered around 14,000 miles and led to this film, composed of nearly 20,000 still images.

It was so great getting so much feedback on the last video about how it inspired so many to get out, travel, and spend more nights under the stars. I hope this video will revamp those desires.

Special thanks to Arn Andersson for making an extended version of his song The Truth Beyond for me to use for this video. www.arnandersson.com

Camera Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 16-35L II
Canon 24L II
Canon 50 f1.4
Canon 70-200L II IS

Motion control thanks to:
eMotimo TB3 Black www.emotimo.com
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly www.dynamicperception.com
Vanguard Tripods

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects
LRTimelapse www.lrtimelapse.com

Email shaneblack300@gmail.com for licensing inquiries.

Instagram @shanemichaelblack


  1. Stunningly beautiful! How can majestic mountains not tug on your heartstrings? Thanks for posting!

  2. I've gotten to meet Shane a few times, a nice guy, great photographer and a damn good bowler. I still show people his starscape he got on natgeo.com. Keep up the great work Shane!

  3. Great pictures,pity But those ugly wind turbines sure look out of place....


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