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Monday, March 9, 2015


Compiled and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish)

** Quote: "Due to a litany of false promises and outright lies over the issues that
concern them the most, the British public are finally waking up to the fact that their
Prime Minister is nothing more than a media creation who's only skill is delivering
PR choreographed public performances in pursuit of a long planned transformational
agenda."  And on Britain's decline:
** Abused, throat slashed - and forced to write the man who did it under threat of
prison time if she doesn't.  Insane.

** Barackus' goal is, IMHO, clear.  Back Israel into a corner from which it has to act
alone, then use that as a lever to isolate it further.  If, of course, Iran doesn't
get the bomb and destroy it for real.
** America has always had Israel's back, at least from Nixon on.  Israel now understands
that it has an enemy in charge in America, and so do the Arab states who hate the Persians.
Israel is being forced to act, the Arabs will help, and the Middle East will erupt.  Related:
** The New York Times-Traitor does Barackus' bidding - and of course the LIVs will believe.
And more:
** By design.  This is no accident.  Related:
** I suspect this is the real goal: the destruction of a free-market West.

** Democrats crow about it.  More:
** The GOP is dead... and in 2016, with the Right's base so demoralized, so is America.

** Sounding more and more like deliberate - and widespread - attempts to avoid record retention
laws.  Say, you remember how batsh!t crazy the MSM went when a few Bush-admin emails were on
private accounts?  Waiting for the outrage here... 3... 2... 1.. (cue crickets).  More:
** Putting national security at risk.  Not that the Left cares about that.  Related:
** The fact that the MSM is picking this up indicates two things: 1) that they know they
can't whitewash this, and 2) clearing the way for Liarwatha?

** I have NO ISSUE with the racial content.  I have EVERY issue with how the CULTURE and
EXCEPTIONALISM of America is being attacked.

** End birthright citizenship NOW.  More:
** An interesting observation, quote: "There's apparently one group of illegals the Obama
administration doesn't like".  >> Maybe because they're becoming more inclined to vote Right
rather than Left.

** I knew the Democrats were becomg the party of anti-Semitism when they booed Israel
at their convention.

** Beginning steps in federalizing all police.

** Breitbart on Barackus and Netanyahu.  Video.  Just what is on that tape the LA Times
is hiding?

** Quote: "The fact that the casualty numbers are manipulated in every possible way to make
Israel look like it is targeting civilians and journalists is indeed scandalous. And the
fact that when the truth is exposed, the media neglect to report it, is journalistic
malpractice. So, knowing that nearly half of the "journalists" killed were instead
terrorists. Where's the coverage?"  >> Nowhere.  Because Jews.

** Not a question of IF, but WHEN... and WHERE?

** THIS is a leader.  This is why Barackus hates him so (or one reason).
** Again, THIS is a leader.  Why did the Dems pile hate?  The hatred of good held by evil.  More:
** Look for payback.  Barackus is nothing if not someone who holds grudges, and gets even.

** The perfect signal that Iran is going for a bomb.

** I have a feeling nobody REALLY knows who owes what to whom.  And when it unravels I believe
that, at the bottom, there's nothing there holding the whole thing up.

** Thomas Sowell.

** VDH - always a must-read.

** The faith most Leftists have in the "finer, nobler clay" that make up government workers is stunning.

** The mafia has nothing on the Democrats (though not saying the GOP is innocent in this either!).

** Sadly, this attitude is not unique among police officers.

** Iran hangs gays, does this, openly calls for the destruction of America and Israel... but
they're treated as a serious negotiation partner.  Insane.  Related:
** Iran and al Qaeda worked together.  Not always, not without rancor, but... they DID work
together.  And yet we're negotiating with them on nuclear weapons on a path that allows them
to get them.

** READ THIS WHOLE THING, but... embedded quote: "This wasn't what the Obama White House wanted
to hear. So the administration cut off DIA access to the [captured bin Ladin] documents and
instructed DIA officials to stop producing analyses based on them."  >> This is about as close
to "aid and comfort" as it's possible to get.  Preventing our intelligence organs from
examining this treasure trove of captured information in a timely manner.

** Time for neutron bombs.

** This is rich.  Shrillary complaining about secret, off-the-books email accounts.  More:
** Rules are for the plebes.  Related:

** If a Republican did this, it'd be news.  And:
** Break out the popcorn.  And:
** The more they spin "voters don't care" the more desperate they are to bury this.

** Quote: "...the climate change advocates' emissions targets for the U.S. for the year 2050-an
80 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 levels-would require rolling back hydrocarbon
energy use to the level of 1910 (or 1905 by a separate analysis by the Carbon Dioxide
Information Analysis Center, a federal government lab I should point out). On a per capita
basis (since our population has grown so much), this would mean reducing U.S. hydrocarbon
energy use to the per capita level of Somalia today."

** Inconvenient data.


** The REAL question is "Who the hell thought this would be appropriate?"!

** A worrisome perspective about where a trigger point lies.

** Oh come on, it's just a pinch.

** The Leader of the Free World vs. Barackus.  Video.  And related:
** Heh.  Video.

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