Thursday, March 12, 2015


  Compiled and submitted by AFOI ( A friend of Irish)
** Is the economic house of cards ready to go?
** But... but... but CO2!  Related:
** Quote: "The alleged radiative forcing from all man-made CO2 generated since 1750 is claimed by the IPCC to be 1.68 W/m2. By way of comparison, the
up to 30 W/m2 of "spurious variations" from incorrect calculation of solar zenith angle discovered by the authors is up to 18 times larger than the
total alleged CO2 forcing since 1750."  >> What this means, essentially, is that the models are garbage.  But read it all.  More:
** Walter Williams on climate change.  An interesting - and I assume verified - assertion: "For example,
460 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, CO2 concentrations were 4,400 ppm, and temperatures
then were about the same as they are today. With such high levels of CO2, at least according to the warmers,
the Earth should have been boiling."
** Vile.
** That this woman has even one person who supports her... more:
** Caught in a provable lie, in her own words.  And forget access to the server:
** Laws are for little people.  More:
** It never occurred to Barackus that Shrillary was emailing from a private account?
** Thank heavens for the internet.  THIS is why the Left was pushing net neutrality so
hard... to keep this kind of independent, crowd-based vetting.  Related:
** A pity this didn't come out after Shrillary was coronated as the Dem's candidate.  But then,
I strongly suspect - given that the MSM is actually reporting on this - a coordinated effort
to knock her out early in favor of Liarwatha.  Related and scathing:
** Quote: "Do the math: That's 7,500 emails a year or (divide 7,500 by 365) 20.5 personal emails every day, 7 days a week."
** That's because the Left views the Right as a bigger enemy than a nuclear Iran.
** The racism of the Left: you're not a REAL black unless you think alike (with us).
** Quote: "It's good see the New York Times waking up to our president's besetting character flaw -
he doesn't really give a damn about anyone but himself."  >> Meh.  They will never TRULY grasp what
Barackus is: psychopathically narcissistic.
** Think "Soviet Commissar".
** I do NOT want to see mass terror here in the US, but... maybe a few thousand dead Democrats at
the hands of people on video shouting "Allahu ackbar!" will be enough evidence for them.  Maybe.
** Barackus, against a moderate, for the Muslim Brotherhood.
** Dangerous times.  Putin, and doubtless others, have taken Barackus' measure.
** Romney and Palin being right about Russia... nothing to see here, folks, move along.
** A very... unsettling perspective.
** I still have some doubts about Walker, but... at least he's hitting back.
** In 1996 she said she didn't write anything down to avoid it being subpoenaed.  Can you
imagine the outrage if a Republican admitted this?  Related:
** Seriously?  And more on Shrillary's past:
** Judge by who the Left admires.
** A fascinating deconstruction of the "Israel is gobbling up Palestinian land" myth.  Related:
** Who people hold up as heroes helps define them.
** Raping the 10 year olds Americans won't rape.
** Let me be clear: I give NO respect to racists.  None.  Someone who judges by skin color (etc.)
is on my excrement list from the get-go.  But... my commitment to free speech is absolute, even
for speech I hate.
** He lies.  That's what he does.  That's all he does.
** Am I saying that there should be no premarital sex and that people should be virgins until marriage?
No.  That is, IMHO, unrealistic.  But we have a hook-up culture, a group-sex culture, and there are
staggering costs to this that will, over the next decades, become realized.
** The Left, looking more like the mob every day.
** Some very valid suspicions about all the oil-carrying train wrecks.
** Registration facilitates confiscation.
** Doubtless more than one.
** Embedded quote from a famous lady: "I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're
not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration."
** Ted Kennedy was a letch, an adulterer, a murderer, and a traitor.  And other instances
of the Left doing far, far worse than the recent letter to Iran:
** Fantastic point.  Shrillary said she's already deleted the personal emails.  So why
not hand over the server?
** Quote: "And to think, all of that wailing and gnashing of teeth from Democrats wasted over
a non-binding agreement, one that would have absolutely no legal sway over Iran."  >> Why,
it's enough to think the Left wants Iran to go nuclear and rid them of those meddlesome and
troublesome Jews.  More:
** Non-binding.  Then what's the point?
** Can you imagine the furor if a Republican did this?

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