Wednesday, April 26, 2023

CME, Aurora Borealis and an uptick in "weird"


  Yesterday, at work, someone made a comment about everyone being a bit crazy lately. At least

more than usual.

 The night before I had read about the solar storm hitting this week so I made mention that it's possible

that it's messing with people's minds, like the full moon does to "lunatics".

I was surprised to see this post from BCE talking about the same thing. It would be interesting

to go back and see if there is any data from previous CME's and the effect on how the public reacts.

Have any of you noticed any slight changes lately?






Somehow that headline does not have the same effect for the MSM (aka Ministry of Propaganda) as "MASS SHOOTING". Most will never see or hear the true story of what happened in Dadeville last week. Living in Alabama, I still doubt the validity of some of some the stories coming out of Dadeville (print and broadcast), but I do not believe anything close to the truth is being reported from the national press (yes, I know the local media propagates the company line and are a part of the propaganda apparatus too). According to what we currently know, based on court records, is two of the kids at the "Sweet Sixteen B'day Party" were armed before the "shooters" arrived and it is reported one of those fired first. As I have stated in a previous post, this story does not fit the bill of a "typical" mass shooting. It was not a situation where a madman or transgender confused woman thought out a plan to walk in and start killing folks because ______________. This killing was a shootout between two rival factions (think OK Corral, but with black kids) where four young people were killed and a LOT of bystanders were wounded. I am not going to use the term innocent bystanders because I cannot say who was innocent or who went to the party prepared to attack/defend or their motives. According to this article, one of the kids who was already at the party fired first. People might say, "who cares? It is just typical black on black crime we have grown numb to seeing night after night in most any American city of any size". While that might be true, most people care for various reasons. Some reasons for concern include moral, economic, or  .gov using an event such as this incident for the purpose of trying to disarm the populace under the guise of promoting public safety (doing it for the kids). I would like the truth, but unfortunately with things like they are with the media, that is rarely going to happen. Such things are twisted and turned to promote an agenda and that is the disarmament of the private sector of this country. Whatever the reasons behind the gun battle, it is sad that there are those who would reshape an event into something it is not in an attempt to achieve the ultimate goal of banning citizens ownership of firearms. Never surrender the guns. We all know the cliché of "look how the government treats the citizenry while we are armed to the teeth. Imagine how we would be treated without guns". It is not gun violence. The guns had not part in this crime. They were tools used by those who had evil in their hearts.

 Read more HERE .

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Monday, April 24, 2023

Southern Fried Rabbit...


Bugs Bunny - Southern Fried Rabbit (1953) [ORIGINAL AUDIO] from Arthur Müller on Vimeo.







"Away down South in Dixie"

I am proud my state still honors the heroes of the Cause. Let the commies and race baiters whine. It is sad that purveyors of hate use the battle flag of a nation's army, destroy our historical monuments, and twist history to further their cause while good and honest people honor their Confederate dead and past deeds of valor.  I do not know how much longer my state will hold out against "woke"/ politically correct culture, but for the time being the men who fought to maintain the core values of the founders and Constitution are remembered. Deo Vindice


Memeday to start off the week...







Sunday, April 23, 2023


 I am still alive and kicking. I know I have hardly been posting lately, but have been busy, plus it is that time of year again when I chase those silly birds in the woods. Hunting has been good this year. Maybe, Irish won't cut my pay. LOL! I killed a bird last week after hunting him two prior mornings. I called him up and dispatched him using some of the heavier #9 TSS 12 gauge shotshell. This season is the first time I have taken the plunge and bought some of these expensive shells. $15 apiece is expensive ammo in my book. A box of five was $60 after taxes. Old Tom was at 28 steps when I put the bead on his head and fired. He never even flopped. The gun kicked like a mule and I've got sore shoulder and a bruise on my cheek. The shell I used was only 2-3/4" too (I have a 3.5" Mossberg 835, but bought the shorter shells to shoot in a Model 12 that is chambered only in that size even though I used a Mossberg 500). Gobbling has been pretty good and I haven't seen a lot of hunters. Hens are plentiful which makes it tougher and they have been vocal too. I didn't get to hunt any last year as I was sick, but am thankful to be hunting  them this year. That is the first turkey I've carried out of the woods in a few years, though I have called up several and didn't shoot them for whatever reason. Getting up and out to my spots before daylight day after day in taxing on my mind and body, not to mention climbing these hills and hollers, but the rewards are high!

You're Terms Are Acceptable Princess....













Today's FAFO Matinee Shorts....


   Watch the volume,  each one is different....


 First , A Short Lesson...

Now onto the show....

"Maestro" - The Story of How a Russian T-90A Got Stranded in a Louisiana Rest-Stop




Today we have the brief but ‘stranger than fiction’ account of how a Russian T-90A tank named ‘Maestro’ ended up briefly ‘abandoned’ at a gas station in Louisiana several weeks ago, after the truck towing it to a U.S. army testing site “broke down”. The tank was left sitting overnight with no security in the parking lot of Peto’s Travel Center and Casino, on I-10 near Roanoke, Lousiana. 


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