Saturday, December 23, 2023

Been Busy With Electrons....


  One of the "Bosses" Christmas presents was, yours truly, to install LED recessed lights in 

the TV room. Currently there is a floor lamp and a ceiling fan with bulb.

Luckily there is a large crawl space above the room so I can fit my "large frame" above the ceiling

and do the wiring with ease. The only issue was adding a switch with dimmer.

On the wall there is an existing 3-way switch and a single pole for the fan on-off. 

 I was hoping to add a switch next to those and easy-peasy, all done.  

As with any project, the Gods of crappy construction framing were out to get me.

 For the love of me I couldn't get the snake to go from either direction.

Tried from the wall switch opening up to the attic, nope. 

Went up in the attic, into the crawl space and tried feeding down, nope.

So I had to dismantle the original switches and open the hole to see wtf was going on.

   This picture below is what I had after an hour of notes and pictures and wiring diagrams.

I double checked every wire multiple times before I loosened any screws.

2ea 12-3 wires and 2ea 12-2 wires coming into the box. I had to dismantle the switches and 

rip out the old box so I could get a look up the wall to see what I was up against.

There was blocking and strapping in the way so I had to do some oscillator saw and chisel work with

out making a huge mess. I finally got the snake to go from the attic down to the opening.

After pulling the wire, I replaced the two original switches with new ones and a new 2 Gang box.

Wired it up, stood by as the "Boss" switched on the breaker, and , voila! It all worked.

I mounted the new switch next to the original one and completed the connections in the crawl space.

Again, the "Boss" turned on the breaker and they worked. Mission Accomplished.

Working on it as time allowed I bet I had 8-10 hours. Longer than I thought it would take.

Plus some Home Depot runs in between everything else.

The "Boss" is happy so all is good.  ๐Ÿ˜Š


A Little Help In The Paddock Today...


 "Koolie",  decided to offer some help.  He's an older thoroughbred and ain't the sharpest knife in the 

drawer.  His owner has nicknamed him "Joe". So now we call him Joe or Mr President.






Friday, December 22, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.. Finally Finished...





A Very Cool Place

 We took a trip down to L.A. (lower Alabama) last week knowing we were about to be wrapped up with Christmas festivities. We camped the first two nights at Foscue Campground near Demopolis, AL. It is an Army Corps of Engineer campground.  Heading back north, we decided to stay a couple of nights at the Moundville Archaeological Park . When we checked in the attendant told us the gate would be locked from 6pm till 7am. We could come and go but would have to unlock and lock the combination lock/chain passing through the gate. The two nights in park, we were the only people locked inside. I would tell my wife, "it is just you and me Babe, along with 50k+ dead Indians". We slept like tired children. Click here to read the Wikipedia version of the site. It is a very cool place. It was even better in the days of yore when the museum (built atop a mound) had several exposed burials with skeletons and the artifacts buried with the dead. There was a photo of this in my 4th and 9th grade Alabama History books. In the name of what amounts to wokeness, those displays in all of their splendor have been boxed up and stowed away in some musty warehouse or basement somewhere. The display in the museum is nice, but many items were missing only to be replaced by signs which read "item currently on loan"  I may do a follow up later regarding the story of the alleged "alien connection" to Moundville.

                                  I took this photo from atop the highest mound onsite shortly after daylight.

 Notice the mounds directly in front of the picnic table

                                                                                  Our campsite at night

It had to be emptied

 I realize TFI recently posted a "meme dump", but my box had to be cleaned out before Christmas. So, here is another. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Observation ....



  Is everybody sick with some kind of minor ailment. Cough , sniffle , sneeze mucus etc?


Most of the summer I coughed up crap in the morning shower. Have had a random intermittent cough

and or sneeze. I hear cough and sneezing in the office. Last week I was at the Dr's office and it seemed

they, the staff, were all sick. I asked the NP and she said the office was sick off and on for the past

 few months.

A coworker just got back from San Diego and he's down and out with Covid.


Just an observation.

It is amazing what can be done when your state's Supreme Court is stacked with communists who identify as democrats


How In The Hell Do You Pack So Much Hypocrisy In 11 Minutes... ??


  When you're talking about Democrats... It's easy....


 Go enjoy  HERE<<<







That's What You Get.... FAFO









Sunday, December 17, 2023

Guy Firing RPG-7, Catastrophic Failure... "Viewer Warning"







♫♪♫ Relaxing Music and Beautiful Scenery...♫♪♫








Damn, There Still Might Be Hope, Watch It All...










Looks like there was a fatal FAFO episode at a east Jefferson County/Birmingham Waffle House.

 This was the fourth homicide in Jefferson County this weekend. I would not be surprised if there was not another (or two) before midnight tonight.

Adding To The List Of How Fucked Up Things Are...